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Last updated: November 19, 2019

5.7. Responses of teachers’/school management team. ? In SMT was very thankful and motivating us in pursuing teaching as a career in order to change the life of up-coming generations, they even highlighted the matter of us “signing check next year”. Well some in a family way they were saying cannot wait for us for us to join the queue, where we will be disrespected by the pupil. In brief SMT was happy to have us on their school and also about the effective teaching and learning experience we have imparted to their learners. 12 | P a g e 6.

Conclusion Section A; Summary and recommendations. The report is about implementation of Assessment for learning in the classroom. It starts with how I planned and prepare the lessons. I planned the lessons from Monday and Friday during weekend, on day to day I was only doing preparation.

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I asked help from various sources in terms of planning and preparation this source includes among other the interest and my mentor. With reference to assessment for learning, I used AFL strategies that were placed in place by AFL techniques e.g. no hands up, read aloud, Mini whiteboard, focused marking.

Etc. When I approached the end of my report I brief reported on my experience on teaching practice session which include the following; Key challenges, lesson learnt, story of change (from me), and responses of SMT. They are few key issues that I want to highlight that I think will improve my teaching include: I must do paper research about the content knowledge when planning; I must not overlook the power of AFL strategies that I have witnessed, I must ensure that I apply it in every lesson ;I must always be objective when teaching, setting test,(Classwork, Exam, Assignment)or any activity that is intended to elicit information about learning: Providing proper and Constructive feedback should be on my veins and finally, effective strategy and technique of managing classes should start with class rules or ground rules. Section B; Recommendations for improving the TUT teaching practice They are few suggestions that I thin will make future students who will be doing teaching practice gain a lot of experience. This suggestion are as follows: the TUT should conduct the SMT of the school where their student is doing teaching practice and ask where are they and how does they behave, because many student teachers they tend to play truancy when they are on TP or only attending at the time (days) of their period. Secondly, TUT must design the learner attendance register so that student teacher when they leave the institution they will know how to fill the attendance register of the learner or TUT can write to the school requesting the mentor to teach student teacher how to fill attendance register of learner say so because it took me time to be able to fill learner attendance register, I think all seven roles of a teacher must be adapted by student when they leave the institution. Then institution must provide space for this roles finally, effectively use of assessment of learning.

Which include strategies of AOL and techniques of AOL must be balanced in the journal of forth year student because we might be fully equipped with AFL but lack AOL we were still useless because AOL is also play a vital role in technique and learning process. Finally, GET lecturers must evaluate the students who are doing GET because it seems like most FET lecturers are not familiar with AFL strategies, therefore, they penalize the GET students who applies AFL strategies accordingly and in a manner that they were taught in class.


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