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The stories behind OFW or OFW Families emotions in airport
Submitted by:
Jillian Constantino
Jedidiah Lanceta
The goal of the current study is to know the different stories of OFW or OFW families and to identify the factors on why OFW work abroad and to determine how do OFW handle their emotions when going back abroad and its implication to their families or how do OFW families handle their emotions when they are accompanying their love ones in the airport to go back abroad or in welcoming back their love ones from abroad. Since most of the researchers regarding airport services, this research aims to fill its gap and will focus on the people in the airport more specifically the OFW or the OFW families.
Various Definitions? on Emotions
An emotion is part of everyone’s life for it gives us the ability to process various amounts of feelings such as joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, etc. According to Michael Davis and Peter J. Lang (1985, 1994), an emotion is best defined not a single reaction but as process: Emotions involves multiple responses, organized according to temporal a spatial parameters. Emotions dictate one’s feelings and behaviors; thus, it affects the mind and body. The expression of emotions is powerful. A person who entertains positive emotions have positive outlook in life seems to live longer and have a more fulfilling life compared to a person who dwells on negative emotions and has a cynical outlook in life. All negative emotions are closely related to stress that may become an unhealthy lifestyle of an individual (Rathus, 2014). However, it can be influenced when an intense mental state arises which can be caused by a situation that an individual were involved.
Several researchers gave emphasis on emotions that emotions are usually defined as what we feel, when I see or think about something, the way we react to something (Solomon 2008). also, it is hard to control the emotions we sometimes get carried away with our emotional experiences and know what it is to be joyful, happy anxious, and depressed. However, these situations that we agree in mental states can basically change our wellbeing. Therefore, when we think about emotion we realize that it is more mental experiences. It is something biological that an individual mistakenly have but do not consider. And emotion is something we feel that we encounter in our daily lives.

Wherein, emotions shade our life. Positive emotion like love and desire may fill our days with happiness. Negative emotions like fear, depressions and anger can also fill us with fright and make everyday a duty. Emotions may be a reaction to a situation such as fear might be a respond to a threat. An emotion can motivate behavior like anger can motivate a person to be aggressive. An emotion can also be goal itself. We might behave in ways that will head us in experiencing happiness or love. Emotions are defined a feeling states with psychosocial, cognitive and behavioral components (Solomon 2008). Cognitive specifically interpretations of meaning of occasion are important aspects of emotions (Rathus 2014)
Emotions and Stories in the Airport
Airport is the places were mostly happiness and sadness occurs because of the departure or arrival of love ones. That is why based on Brelyn Gibson (2016) you can feel almost everything in the airport. You can encounter the reunions of a love ones that fills them happiness and the sadness of the goodbyes, the anxiety of anxious travelers and the excitement of those who will have a great and small adventures. Almost all imaginable emotions are flying around like aircraft on an overpopulated flight route and it’s all happening and trapped in this very special place and there is no way out. Instead of texting to make the time pass, just sit down and take a deep breath and take a moment to observe the entire atmosphere that is around you.

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Based on Brelyn Gibson (2016) every person has a specific place that virtually takes them to another area of their mind. It is a place where everything feels to disappear in the background. For him it is the place called airport. His article show’s how he observed the people inside the airport noticing the sadness, happiness, anxiety and excitement of different people, he also once said in his article that instead of us buying time in our mobiles while texting why don’t we take a moment to feel and observe the emotions around us. This article gave us the researchers to be inspired to do a research about the emotions involved among the adults inside airport., not just by observing the emotions they might feel but taking a deeper one by having a face to face interview with them so that we the researchers could also know their experiences that might affect their emotions that they are encountering.

In the diary of an OFW that is published by a news article namely GMA news, one OFW shows how a person can get emotional at the airport, to the point that this person wants to stop the clock to have more time that he will spend with his family. From his narration it is clear that leaving his family behind makes him very emotional and has a heavy heart that he stated an x ray machine cannot see and scan, through his narration the researchers observed that many people like him hide his true emotions when saying his goodbyes, “I asked my wife to board the taxi waiting at bay and to her hesitation, I reasoned that they have to go before heavy rain pours, not from above but from my eyes.”- G Marcelo. In comparison to the observation in the other country and in the Philippines, we can have concluded that airport is really an emotional place but what we wanted to dig in is the reasons why they have this kind of emotion are they like this OFW whose hiding his real emotion in front of his family because of his sadness that he is feeling because of leaving his family behind due to work or they are some other kind of people who experience happiness and excitement.

Another article entitled as NAIA Filled with Different Emotions As OFWs Arrived and Depart During Christmas Season describes the scenario in the NAIA terminal during Christmas season, in the Philippines Christmas time is a family time, this is the time were family gatherings in which joy, the spirit of giving, sharing and expressions of love for the family is present. Many OFW were happy to go home in this time however many OFW aren’t that lucky to go home to celebrate Christmas with their families which brought them into longing for their families and sadness. According to this article Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) airport has been a witness to many happy and lonely moments of an OFW passengers when the leave and arrive in the country. From the report made by the GMA news it is said that airport is filled with different emotions such as happiness, loneliness, joy and sorrow.

NAIA Filled with Different Emotions as OFWs Arrived and Depart During Christmas Season Article show four OFW’s, the first two OFW’s were the lucky and happy persons one of them is Imelda who works abroad for 16 years, for her that year was the happiest Christmas since after a long year she has been working abroad she had a chance to celebrate and spend Christmas and New Year with her family. But one sad news is that her mother was already blind and will not see her again but for Imelda as she celebrates Christmas and New Year with her family it would be also a perfect timing for her to take care of her mother. On the other hand two OFW’s were unlucky not to celebrate the Christmas in the Philippines, one of them is Feliciana she will be leaving the country to work and will be spending 15 years apart from her family, she said that it is hard to leave the country during Christmas season. However, leaving the country means providing for their family and giving their family a better life therefore she just accepted the fact that she needs to go back abroad to work.

OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers)
An Overseas Filipino Worker or also known as OFW are the Filipinos who are living and working outside the Philippines. There are some people or Filipinos who are living permanently in abroad but still considers themselves as an OFW because their salary was also send in the Philippines to support their family. There are large number of OFW in different parts of the world and because of that there are large numbers of Filipino communities abroad. Millions of OFW are counted as a “national heroes in the Philippines because they don’t just provide for their families they also have contributions to the gross domestic product and the economic growth of the country. (Megacities, 2015)
OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers are the Filipinos who sacrifices in overseas and to provide a better life for their families that were left in the Philippines. Because of the sacrifices of the OFW they were entitled as the nation’s bagong bayani (new heroes). According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA, the total o OFW workers in the year of 2015 is 1,844,406 – 1,437,875 land-based while 406,531 are sea-based. (Gavilan, 2015)
Philippine Airport
According to Colin Law &Mary Doerflein, (2014) an airport is the established place where the aircraft take off and lands. Airport is also one of the major parts of the air transport system nowadays. They provide the entire structures to be able to transfer the passengers from surface modes of transport to the air mode of the transport and carry freight by air. In terms corporate aviation, airports may be classified into two, the domestic airport which carries the departure and arrival flights within the country and the international airport which comes from the world itself that carries the departure and arrival flights.

According to NAIA’s website “Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA (IATA: MNL, ICAO: RPLL), also known as Manila International Airport, is one of the two international airports serving the Metro Manila Area, being the main international gateway to the Philippines.”
The name Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport is from the name of Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., he was murdered at the airport in the year 1983. On the record, in the Manila Area NAIA is the only serving airport. But in practice NAIA and Clack International Airport as well, also serves in the Manila area. The Clark International airport usually has the low-cost carriers that avail themselves of the lower landing fees compared to NAIA’s charges. In 2017 record the airport have served 42 million passengers. These records placed the airport in the 50 world’s busiest airports by passenger traffic. As a matter of fact, since the year of 2010 Manila’s airport has already held in this position (NAIA).

The researchers will be using a Qualitative Research Design in a Narrative Analysis. Qualitative research was established in the social sciences to allow researchers to study social and cultural phenomena. Action research, case study and ethnography are just some of the examples of qualitative research methods. Data’s from a qualitative research can be found in observation, interviews and questionnaires, documents and text, and the researchers impressions and reactions (Myers 2013)
According to Ravitch & Carl (2016), Qualitative research is based on the methodological pursuit of understanding the how people see, view and encounter the world and create sense of their encounters as well as precise phenomena in it. While According Erikson (2011) Qualitative inquiry pursues in discovering and describing the narrative report of what a particular people perform in their everyday lives and what their actions means to them.

Narrative research design is describing the lives of a person, gather and tell stories about people’s lives and write descriptions of a person experiences (Connelly & Clandinin, 1990). It also appears in both personal conditions and to social conditions. In personal conditions it is all about the feelings, hopes, desires, aesthetic reactios and moral dispositions” (Connelly ; Clandinin, 2006). Most narrative inquires starts with telling stories, in wich the researchers are interviewing or conversing with the participants who is telling stories about their experiences. Narrative inquiry is about life and living (Connelly ; Clandinin, 2006, p. 478).

According to Schwandt (2015) Narrative inquiry or research is a wide term surrounding the interdisciplinary study of the events involved in creating and examining stories of life experiences (e.g Life histories, journals, biographies, diaries etc.) and reporting that kind of research. Narrative inquiry or research also contains the examining of methodology and aim of research in for of individual narrative and autoethnography.

The researchers will use a qualitative narrative research design because one of the researchers goal is to know the narrative stories of the OFW or OFW families, through this narrative stories the researchers aim to identify the possible factors on why an OFW work’s abroad and to determine how do they handle their emotions when they are working abroad or saying goodbye to their families as they go back abroad at the same time we also want to know the narrative stories of the OFW families on how do they also manage their emotions when accompanying their love ones to the airport at the same time how do they manage their emotions when they misses their love ones. With this approach, the researchers will have a clearer perspective regarding the emotions within the individual and a clearer understanding on their opinion, ideas, especially their personal experiences.

The respondents of this study are OFW or OFW families in the airport. According to Lavrakas (2008) A Purposive Random Sampling also denoted a judgmental or expert sample. The goal of a purposive sample is to create a sample that can be logically expected to be the representative of the population.
Purposive Random Sampling adds authority to qualitative study when those who will use the results have a strong preference, for small samples; it can have perceived to lessen the bias. Purposeful Random Sampling is most appropriate when the possible number of cases within the purposeful category is more than what can be studied with the available time and resources (Ravitch S.M & Carl N.M 2016)
The respondents in this study will be given an Informed consent letter to give knowledge about the details regarding the study. Also, this is for them to know that they can have their own judgment about their participation and they can withdraw at any moment. As for their privacy, there will be an assignment of numbers to ensure that the participant’s identity and other information to be gathered will be kept confidential and anonymous. The researchers will make sure that the respondents were not forced to participate in this study. There are no foreseeable risks in participating in the study and the researchers will make sure that the participants will not experience any type of discomfort. After the interview, there will be a debriefing for the researchers to disclose the objectives and the nature of the study.

•The researchers will go to airport to conduct a narrative timeline questions.
•The researchers will approach different OFW or OFW families in the airport
•The researchers will ask them if they want to be part of the study.

•Before the narrative timeline questions starts the researcher will an informed consent to the subjects
•Researchers will conduct narrative timeline question with an open-ended question
•Observation within the subjects will be also be used
•To conclude subjects will be given a small token of appreciation, were thanked, and debrief with the details taking place in the study.
Data Analysis
The researchers will be using a thematic analysis. According to Braun and Clarke (2006) a thematic analysis is a method used to identify, analyze and report patterns within the data. A thematic analysis is a usually used method of analysis in a qualitative research. Braun and Clarke (2006) stated that a thematic analysis is a foundational method in analyzing that needs to be defined and describe to set its place in qualitative research.

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Assent Form
Good Day! We are students from De Lasalle University Dasmarinas of Psychology Department and we are doing an ongoing research study about the reasons behind OFW or OFW families emotions in the airport. It is a research study that will help us and others to know more about OFW. If you have decided to be part of the study, we will be asking some question and will be ask for your time.

There are some things about this study you should know. The research might take long, we will assure that there will be no harm and discomfort that will happen. You are allowed also allowed to not answer the questions you don’t want to answer. Don’t worry because your identity will be anonymous.

Not everyone who takes part in this study will benefit. We think that your participation will help the other people understand and know more about the OFW or OFW families.

When we are finished with this study we will write a report about what was learned. This report will NOT include your name or that you were in the study.

You do not have to be in this study if you do not want to be. If you decide to stop after we begin, that’s okay too.
If you decide you want to be in this study, please sign your name.

I, _________________________________, want to be in this research study.

___________________________________ _______________
(Signature over Printed Name) (Date)


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