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-419547-39803300 42481122803888003937262549984700 -699248-68848900OP # #3″THE INEQUALITY OF WOMEN IN AMADOR DAGUIO’S” 405955575692000 Today, many married people wants to separate. Beacause they say that they fall out love. Now you will see that love isn’t perfect. It isn’t a fairytale or storybook and it doesn’t always came easy. Love is work, that you need to work hard to overcome the obstacle you have.

Like what happen in the story of Wedding Dance by Amador Daguio. It is a story where a guy named Awiyao goes to their ex-wife lumnay house. To invite her to the traditional wedding dance. However lumnay refuses to go, then during their conversation.

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It is revealed thet both of them still love each other. But because of their tribe’s custom that a man should have a child to follow after husband name. Therefore they have to separate, as well as Awiyao need to marry another woman named Madulimay. This story looks like compatible inthis quote ” the worst feeling in the world is when you know both love each other but still you just can’t be together”. Its very sad that just because of their tradition they need to separate with each other. It just funny to think that nowdays people just easily get separate/ divorce with each other, not even think think twice, thrice and many more. That the memories they had and the promise they declared in front of the altar is just gonna be wasted .

In this story you will learn that it doesn’t mean you love someone, you will be together. And if you reaaly love someone fight for him/her. Lastly learn to read and see the other person point of view then put yourself in their situation.

Chiara S.Valencia GAS- Achievers1668326-12373400-676275-74612500. OP # 4″FUTURE IN MAY DAY EVE BY NICK JOAQUIN” Today, Do you still believe in the magics? Fortune teller? And superstitious beliefs? Some people say no, because its not real and truth I doesn’t exist. But some say yes, because they believe that supernatural things really happens and its not bad to believe something. Like in the story of May Day Eve happened in the year of 1847. And it has a little blend of horror and fiction because of the supertitious belief of fortune telling a well as the devil and witch that will come out in the mirror if everything in the ritual will go wrong.

Its started when Agueda and Badoy’s bitter marriage all began on that May night. Where the two of them do the ritual of standing infront of mirror holding candle abd say ” Guardia serno o o! Alas doce han da do o o”. then you will see the image of your future husband/wife. Then Agueda see Badoy and BAdoy see Agueda. Eventually they fall in love with each other and they married .sudenly both of them perceived their marriage to be taste of hell.

They claimed that it was the witch and the devil. But many year have passed. Badoy realize that he really love Agueda so much that old love just blinded by the hatred only.

It too sad it really late to say again ” ilove You ” to Agueda because Agueda is already perished long time ago. Life is really cruel, its full of miserable, downfall, hatred and regrets. But all people have a choice, you are not given a good life, a bad life. You are given a life and its up to you to make it good or bad. You are the one who choose your own fate and life. Don’t believe in other saying, just believe in yourself and use your own mind and heart in every decision you make.

Chiara S.Valencia GAS- Achievers-519430-53467000-70940822869100″ MARXISM IN SAD LITTLE HOUSE ” Today, many people experience challenge in life, but one of the most difficult challenge we have to face is the poverty. Poverty is the lack of money, without money we cannot live. Like in the poem of Sad Little House by Amparo Asuncion where it interpret the poverty of life and the Marxism of Karl Marx a philosopher.

-2476515684500 The Marxism is political economic and social theories where capitalist law an order apperances a struggles of two main classes. The Capitalist or the rich, who own the productive resources and the Workers, poor or Proletriat, must work in order to survive. Where there’s an inequality and social stratification happens between rich and poor.

In the marxism they say that the rich people is the most important in the society. That why the poor people is just ignore, they don’t see that poor people having a big problem in the society and that is poverty. Poverty is condition where people’s basic need for food, clothing and shelter are not being met. ” Poverty was not created by God, it is we caused it, You and I through our egotism”- Mother Theresa. This quote is really right that people is the one who caused poverty in the life. Because of their selfishness. Poverty is really difficult challenge in life. But I believe we can solve it.

Because God will not give us challenge, if we can’t solve it. It just that, all you need is be determined, work hard and have a faith in God.Chiara S.Valencia GAS- Achievers-698135-64579500OP # 7DEAD STAR, SYMBOL, LOVE-35019633438001945530528600 Have you heard about third party? In this generation, many people fall in love with someono who already committed with other. Its not wrong to feel that feeling but its wrong if you will having a secret affairs/ third party with each other.

That we all know its not right, however how can you say its not right? If they are just loving each other. Like in the short story of “Dead Star ” by Paz Marquez Benitez.132143562420500 The short story is all about the forbiddden love between Alfredo Salazar, a man who already engaged to Ezperanza and Julia Salas a woman who just in town for vacation. Love is Unpredictable, you don’t know when you will be fall in love and who is the person you will be fall in what happen to Alfredo and Julia, they didn’t expect that they will be fall in love with each other. They had the right love at the wrong time. Its really sad that they just love each other but its not right. Because we all know that Alfredo will be marry soon and engaged to Esperanza.

and its not right to the part of Esperanza that he is cheating. Ezperanza is inlove with him. And the biggest bad thing, he is the one who ask the the hand of Esperanza. But still in the end he choose to marry Esperanza because he think what society will said to him. Even he still in love Julia. Many years passed they met again but things changes their love and magic spark are gone, their love is already dead.

Dead star symbolize a dream for something that not exist. And the dream of Alfredo is to be with Julia. But things change by the time passed, Julia is just already part of his past life. Love is really wonderful thing happens to us but it is also the unfortunate thing for us. You should know the consequence of fall in love with someone. And that is sadness and also hurting.

Once you enter. Love is not like a perfect fairytale book.Chiara S.

Valencia GAS- Achievers-700391-63229800OP # 1 “A GLIMPSE PHILIPPINES LITERATURE IN THE SPANISH COLONIAL PERIOD” Today, many people who don’t know our own literature or the philippine literature. Because of the new trend of material of materials like what we called wattpad. Most of student read a stories in wattpad.-2730596075500But before we talked that, what is literature of the philippines some people say that the epics, legends, songs, riddle and proverbs is written of christianity priest.

Because that time there’s no printing press to do a copy of literature that why the litereture of the philippine is passed by oral. The first book to be printed in philippines is the Doctrines Christiana. It is a prayer book written in spanish with an accompanying tagalog translation this one of the famous book in the philippines.

Next are is the most gifted of these native poet translator was Gaspar Aquino Belen. Were he write the Mahal na Pasion ni Jesus Christo a tagalog poem based on christ passion was published in 1704. This book is one of famous of the philippines because until now people do use that when Simana Santa. When jesus christ died then alive in three day.

Now as filipino we could appriciate and love the literature of the philippines we should acknowledge the people who nade that. Because of them we don’t have liteature.Chiara S.Valencia GAS- AchieversRepublika ng PilipinasKagawaran ng EdukasyonNational Capital RegionSCHOOL DIVISION MALABON CITYNINOY AQUINO SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLMaya- Maya st, kaularan Village Longos Malabon city.ABSTRAKIpinasa nina:Chiara ValenciaLailanie Toledo Sean Andre TropaCjhay VillaTaong Pangpaaralan 2016-2017Ipinasa kay :Ginoong Rogelio BalaisJanuary 2016 -677786-71733100SUMMARY OF O.PChiara S.

Valencia11- Achievers


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