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4171951530350Research DetailsResearch Topic : Impact of HOT Tourist Agency’s websites on promoting Eco -tourismResearch Area: Websites of HOT Tourist Agency The Study Period: One YearInstructor: Dr.Sugath Mahinda Senarath ,Colombo University ,SriPalee Campus ,Wewala,Horana.3165232428630Personal DetailsStudent No: SC/MM/2013/2014/50Index No: MDS 838Adress: SriPalee Campus , Wewala , Horana .Contact No: 0776359015Email No: [email protected].

comApproval AcquisitionThe impact of HOT Tourist Agency’s Websites on Promoting Eco-tourism202223329418Approval of the ResearchResearcher’s Signature………………………………………..Time…………………………………………Seal…………………………………………ContentPageTittle …………………………………………………………………… 4Introduction………………………………………………………….. 4Aims……………………………………………………………………. 13Objectives………………………………………………………………. 13Research Problem………………………………………………………..

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14Hypothesis……………………………………………………………….14Limitation of the Study …………………………………………………15Research Sources…………………………………………………………15-16Research Mythology…………………………………………………….

.16-17Sample……………………………………………………………………17Techniques Of Data Collection ………………………………………….18Data Specification………………………………………………………..19Data Analysis…………………………………………………………….19Data Testing ; Empirical Generalization………………………………..

.19Utilization of Findings……………………………………………………19The draft plan of the Research……………………………………………19-20Budget……………………………………………………………………22Time Frame……………………………………………………………….23References…………………………………………………………………24-25TitleThe impact of HOT Tourist Agency’s websites on promoting eco-tourismIntroductionThe word Tourism was first introduced by the English sports magazine in 1811(Smith,1993).

A number of definitions have come forward in this regard. Tourism is definied as “The commercial organization of holidays and services for tourists”(Oxford English Mini Dictionary Sri Lankan edition ,2013,p.588).Over the last 50 years emerging countries have developed tourism industry as a panacea for all economic problems the countries are facing.

Tourism is considered as an economic development strategy because it is encouraging the growth of government incomes and regional incentives that generate short-term foreign exchange, jobs and earnings (Calter,1987; Gunawardana&Saldin,2008,p.69). Historically, the tourism industry is a rapidly growing economic process(Jenkins,1997; Gunawardana&Saldin,2008,p.70).International Tourism industry is becoming the world’s largest industry. National tourism industry is showing a growth rate of more than twice the growth rate of the world’s output of the world (Gunawardana&Saldin,2008,p.70). This is not the largest industry in the world , but it is the third largest in the international trade services sector (Gunawardana&Saldin,2008,p.

70-71). “Representing 5% of the world’s GDP and 30% of the global exports of services at over US$ 1 trillion, tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economic sectors”(UNWTO, 2010, P.11). Tourism is a primary supplier of economic improvement for growing nations (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005; Telfer & Sharpley, 2008).Sustainable tourism normally plans to have negligible negative effects, to limit damages, and to upgrade economic increasment. Sustainable Tourism is defined as “Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities” (UNWTO, 2005, p.11-12). Sustainable tourism is that looks to limit biological and sociocultural effects while giving economic advantages to nearby people and host regions(Mohonk Agreement, 2000).

It is embraces the following specific principles which distinguish it from the wider concept of sustainable tourismContributes actively to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage,Includes local and indigenous communities in its planning, development and operation, and contributing to their well-being, Interprets the natural and cultural heritage of the destination to visitors, Lends itself better to independent travelers, as well as to organized tours for small sizegroups(Quebec declaration on ecotourism-…PDF>uem>ecotour).

Tourism is a very complex activity and therefore calls for tools to help decision making powers to reconcile with the competing needs of economic, social and environmentally sustainable development (Kiper, 2013).Medina (2005) explains that a criterion for sustainable tourism desires to include indicators of social and economic sustainability along with as lots as signs of environmental sustainability (Medina,2005). Similarly, Wall (1997) has argued that for tourism to make contributions to sustainable development it have to be economically feasible, environmentally sensitive and culturally suitable, and the forms that this can take are likely to vary with vicinity.The modern discussion of sustainable development has been heavily associated with a definition defined by the Brundtland Commission(Barkemeyer,2011).

Sustainable Tourism is defined in the Brundtland Report, “Our Common Future”, as advancement which addresses the issues of the present without trading off the capacity of future ages to address their own particular issues(UNWCED, 1987). Sustainable development is a program to exchange the system of economic development so in order that a fundamental lifestyle for all communities and at the same time protects ecosystems and community structures that make life possible and useful (Van der Merwe & Van der Marwe,1999).”Sustainable development may be a bridge thought connecting economic science, ecology and ethics. In Sainabdevelopment the challenge is to attach and integrate varied policies, like agriscience, velocity, commerce or investment. To get actual action, the endowment of the thought of sustainable development should extend to all sectorial figures and agencies most purposeful to main private sector stakeholders”.(Framing Sustainable Development The Brundland Report- 20 Years On ,2007,P.2)It was the dominant predicament dispatched through the Brundtland commission, which indicated that sustainable Development need to, at a minimum, cowl the following elements Maintenance of ecological integrity and varietyMeet primary human desiresMaintain alternatives open for destiny generationsReduce injustice; and Increase self-dedicationIn addition, it’s become counseled, in order that to take vicinity, it might be crucial Revive financial growthChange the first rate of increaseMeet crucial desires which include for jobs, food, strength , water, and sanitationHold and enhance the useful resource baseReorient technology and manages chance and Fusion the environment and economy in the usual resource base (Wall, 2007).

According to Hall (2008) ,tourism and sustainable development have trade , which refers back to the motion of one state or condition to some other. If such a transition is positive or negative depends on the unique standards by using which trade is measured. Sustainable tourism requires the knowledgeable participation of all stakeholders, in addition to strong political management to ensure a large participation and consensus constructing. Achieve requires tracking of impacts, Sustainable tourism must also hold an excessive stage of vacationer pride and to make certain a significant revel in for tourists, their recognition of sustainable improvement problems and the advertising of tourism practices sustainable among them (World Tourism Organization, 2001).

Two general classes of tourism have been recognized: Mass tourism and alternative tourism(Wood,2002). Throughout the years, altertive tourism has been additionally portioned into nature, country network based and social occasions arranged tourism. The idea of ‘ecotourism’ was conceived out of nature tourism (Srinakharinwirot University 1992;Lumsdon and Jonathan 1998; Wood 2002).One of the sub-component of the field of sustainable tourism is Ecotourism. International Union for Conservation of Nature define Eco-tourism as ecologically dependable travel and appearance to generally undisturbed common zones, to appreciate and acknowledge nature (and any going with social highlights – over a significant time span) that advance protection, has low negative guest affect, and accommodates valuably dynamic financial inclusion of neighborhood populaces(IUCN, 1996). ” Ecotourism’s perceived potential as an effective tool for sustainable development is the main reason why developing countries are now embracing it and including it in their economic development and conservation strategies”(Kiper,2013.P.773).

Ecotourism is a type of tourism that is progressively comprehended to be based primarily on nature-based attractions, learning-focused and directed in a way that makes each sensible endeavor to be naturally, socio-socially and monetarily maintainable(Weaver,2001).The origins of the term Ecotourism are uncertain, but numerous sources which advise that it became first coined through Dr. Nicholas Hetzer in 1965.

As a concept and marketplace segment, it advanced through the 1970s and 1980s with the environmental movement and the primary formal definition of eco-tourism is said to have been from Ceballos-Lascurain in 1987. Within the 90s using the term eco-tourism multiplied dramatically. It was before everything used often through American conservation NGOs (WWF,1990) however gained extensive recognition throughout the globe, through the development of corporations, including The global Ecotourism Society (1991) and some of the conventions which includes The Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 or the Berlin announcement on biological diversity and Sustainable Tourism in 1997.

Perhaps the event, which proved just how vital eco-tourism has emerged as became the announcement of 2002 because the global 12 months of Ecotourism.Ecotourism relies on three equally important dimensions “the environmental, both natural and built, the economic life of communities and companies and the social aspects of tourism, in terms of its impacts on host cultures and tourists, and the way in which those employed in tourism are treated” (Swarbrooke, 1999, p. 47).

Eco-tourism is a tourism niche that has emerged to assist with sustainable Development (Cole, 2006; Donohoe ; Needham, 2006). It is one of the fastest-growing niches of the sector of tourism (OMT, 2012). The concept of the Eco-tourism is closely linked to sustainable tourism and adapt to principles of sustainable tourism and development (UNWTO,2012). Although Ecotourism mainly focuses on the experiences of nature, the concept has been promoted and is as a way for developing countries to combine economic and social growth and Environmental concerns (Beaumont, 2011; Duffy, 2006).

Eco-tourism’s role in the world of tourism has ended up increasingly obligatory over the past twenty years, especially where sustainable tourism is worried. Thru following the equal standards as and being intently connected to sustainable tourism, it plays a main role within the reputation of the ideas of sustainability via the advent of sustainability practices into the tourism quarter and thru converting people’s behavior in regard to environmental conservation. To allow sustainable   development in  international locations, the United Nations countries inspire developing international locations with  excessive eco-tourism potential to promote the creation of small and medium-sized commons ; organizations running ; working  with tourism sustainable (United Nations,2012).Eco-tourism is a sustainable form of tourism, mainly focused on natural prosperities.

It focuses primarily on the experience and intelligence of nature, landscapes, trees and creepers, fauna and their habitation, as well as artifacts of the commune (Dowling, 1997; Fennell, 1999). In eco-tourism scheduling, the first query that emerges is the surroundings and its preservation (Munn, 1992; Ceballos-Lascurain, 1996; Gossling, 1999; Tisdell ; Wilson, 2002; Lopez-Espinosa de Los Monteros, 2002; Fung ; Wong, 2007).Eco-tourism has the ability of a serious impact on local communities, in huge detail due to the tendency of eco-travelers to have an extra interest in the lifestyle and the person of the areas they go to, in comparison to the mass travelers (McMinn, 1997).

Its cause is to maintain property, especially organic range, and maintain the sustainable use of resources, that could supply ecological experience to guests, keep the ecological surroundings and benefit(Bansal ; Kumar, 2011; Tewodros, 2010).Eco-tourism entails a mixture of conservation and economic aspects related to tourism for the benefit of neighborhood communities, specially by means of specialized in sustainable improvement (Myburgh ; Saidi, 2002). Though it’s miles limited academically supported sustainable tourism insure geographic areas of the sector. In many methods, sustainable tourism exemplifies the connection between eco-tourism and sustainable development ( Buchsbaum , 2004).Eco-tourism is one technique for helping conservation and imputing income for organizations in and spherical protected areas (Rome,1999). It is able to contribute to economical development by using Manner of producing sales that can be used to sustainably manipulate protected areas, Imparting closer employment and Inculcating a revel in of community ownership. without careful planning and manipulate that balance ecological, social, and financial goals, it is able to result in environmental damage. Furthermore, anticipated as a first-rate technique towards the sustainable development, unorganized or poorly revolving and executed tourism might also additionally have essential awful consequences, offsetting the advantages it modified into designed to offer.

Even the capability close by the blessings of eco-tourism can motive environmental harm to a contained region.Develops Sustainability desires of eco-tourism. Accomplishing sustainable tourism defined right here as tourism that is ecologically benign, economically viable and socially proper is therefore contingent on environmental protection and reconciling tourism activities with community socioeconomic merit (Brown, 1997).Eco-tourism is often perceived as a tool for promoting economic development in growing nations. Eco-tourism facilitates in community development with the assistance of providing the provision of support for neighborhood community that’s plenty of property. Eco-tourism is regularly perceived as a tool for promoting asset development in developing countries. Eco-tourism enables in community development with the assistance of imparting the provision of help for neighborhood community that plenty of property.Sustainable development thru eco-tourism is a crucial idea inside the world these days.

Many countries have confident their regional improvement on this idea. In this concept, sustainable development may be produced via eco-tourism and local development ; development on the equal time in an area. Ecotourism as a sustainable model of tourism in natural areas, consisting of at the identical time elements of rural and cultural tourism, besides subscribing to the principles of sustainable tourism, ecotourism has unique principles , it contributes actively to the conservation of natural and cultural historical past, it consists of local communities in making plans, development and operation activities, and it contributes to their welfare, it entails whole and thrilling reasons for visiting regarding the natural and cultural resources, it is intended specifically for individual visitors and also to small organized groups (Sambot?n ,2011, Kiper, 2013).The nature-based tourism industry is evaluated to develop at roughly the rate of 10-30 percent for every annum (Wight 1996). The nature-based tourism industry is evaluated to develop at roughly the rate of 10-30 percent for every annum (Wight 1996). Figure1.Sustainable development through eco-tourism (Kiper,2013;http://sustainableecotourism.,2018). Tour operators negotiates with lodges, transportation corporations, and alternative providers, and combines the one excursion parts into a bundle excursion, presented to the very last client (Sheldon, 1986) as it is a key partner in the tourism industry .Tour operators function as intermediaries inside the commercial enterprise distribution gizmo linking makers and clients to every extraordinary (Moutinho,2000; Merve ,2003). Tour operators having a significant position in growing business commercial enterprise (Budeanu, 2005). Telpher and Sharpley talk that tour operators, handling with the supply aspect of commercial enterprise, have a chance to boost clients’ property attention, and might create a contribution to near local destination development thru influencing the community surroundings and interesting with neighborhood people stakeholders (Telpher and Sharpley,2008).

While multinational tour operators have the strength to influence the occasion of the entire enterprise, commercial enterprise (Budeanu, 2005). Native tour operators rather have the chance to contribute to the community property improvement (Seales & Stien, 2011). Native operators may want to promote native commercial enterprise property, encouraging their patronage to admire the mental object, financial and environmental desires of playground regions native commercial enterprise assets, encouraging their patronage to respect the mental object, economic and environmental wants of destination areas (Mbaiwa, 2005). But, these Tour enterprises should be supported with the help of applicable huge suggestions and policies to facilitate their add the direction of creating a bigger asset in a commercial enterprise corporation (UN, 2012).Tourism and information and communique technologies are two of the most dynamic motivators of the developing worldwide economic system (Buhalis, 2003). Online marketing is that the usage of understand how generation within the technique of human movement and handing over worth to the consumer, and for controlling with consumer relationships in techniques in which profit the corporation and its stakeholders (Strauss, El-Ansary, Frost, 2006). This variable nature of selling brings a number of possibilities to increase new items, new trade, and new media to talk with customers and in addition new route to acquire enterprise associate (Strauss, El-Ansary, Frost, 2006, 50).

It’s a traditional norme that the intrnet can increase the interactivity among customers and providers which the world wide web WWW allows the distribution of multimedia gadget information collectively with information , snapshots, video, and sounds (Buhalis, 1998).After the discovery of worldwide web WWW technologically web is widely used as a way of marketing and promoting likewise. WWW may be a critical pool of knowledge ; data to get statistics in concerning destinations, economic industy’s corporation product, carrier & services (Jamnia, 2009).

Consistent with the reference work on internet & web site marketing and marketing for business locations discovered by means of the global business organization(WTO, 2008), a pleasant website is essential for a vacation spot’s effectiveness and for the fulfillment of the success. Official websites area unit a crucial tool for image dissemination, while promoting and advertising in locations (Choi, Lehto ; Morrison, 2007; Choi, Lehto ;Oleary, 2007; Lee ; Gretzel, 2012; Li ; Wang, 2010; Luna-Nevarez ; Hyman, 2012). Kim and Lim (2001) brought up that the importance of the standard of the data can increase while the shoppers confirm to get business product because of records provided to the web site.To consequently say in the tourism industry it is need to looks at the needs of the tourists and for that using websites, tourism professionals use website to provide information for tourist. Throguh that tourist can keep communication ; relationship with tourism professionals.The destinations that may higher represent themselves on their web site can win the unsure traveler Who has not determined wherever to tour (WTOBC, 1999).

O’Connor has cautioned five large dimensions to website design: language, layout, statistical design of how a website content and functions are a unit arranged, person interface of how navigation through the content material is facilitated and most famous troubles on fashion and safety (O’Connor,2004).Tourism is an intangible carrier sector, however, after the development of the tourism internet site, tourism services and products one way or the other become tangible due to the fact consumers can see images and videos of services and products before buying and the use of them. The use of multimedia increases the confidence to buy the tourism products and as a result, will increase the quality of the website. All users have their very own criteria with which to charge the excellence of a website. Raveendran (2006) indexed the information needs in tourism as comprising of geographical statistics, attraction functions, sports and entertainment features, seasons of go to and different particular features, best of facilities and their standard prices which include exchange quotes, and access and go out formalities and restrictions.Shankar (2003) believed that in order that you’ll be able to acquire client satisfaction and loyalty Tourism industry websites should decide the correct facts needs of their shoppers and lay out an internet site in order that the consumer can get admission to no longer simplest the relevant information however additionally once they have it. National business organization agencies Operators vicinity unit privy to the necessity to make, maintain and replace a political candidate’s web site to have interaction with fashionable, elegant and potential visitors (Han ; turbines, 2006).

Gosh (1997) and Nell (1998) every believed that Tourism industy websites supply correct content material in each record and offerings that cater to travelers’ needs (Gosh, 1997; Nell, 1998).Tourism is a companion intangible service sector, but once the occasion of the commercial organization online websites, commercial organization services and produce a technique or the opposite become tangible thanks to the actual fact customers will see pictures and videos of services and product before shopping for and also the use of them. The usage of transmission will increase the boldness to shop for the commercial enterprise product and as a result, can increase the standard of the website. All users have their terribly own criteria with that to charge the wonderful of an internet site. Raveendran (2006) indexed the data wants in commercial enterprise as comprising of geographical statistics, attraction functions, sports and amusement options, seasons of visit and completely different specific options, better of facilities and their normal costs that embrace exchange quotes, and access and withdraw formalities and restrictions.The commercial enterprise web site ought to comprise all of the industries which could be related to the business enterprise of commercial enterprise. Kingdom and destination themselves, motels, airlines, tour agencies and completely different tiny and medium associated institutions use websites to deliver records to their clients and this technique is obtaining higher and a lot of reinforced by means that on the day. The first purpose of the websites should be the identity that’s the shipping of the proper and correct facts to the flexibility consumer so as that they sense comfortable before getting the product or offerings.

AimsTourism is incorporates with financial, political, cultural arena because it is superior to be one in every of the fastest developing industries. Website always As a communication method try to develop eco-tourism as a alternative type of tourism in the Tourism Industry. Anderson (2012) mentions in a Cornell Hospitality Report that , hotel operators Lodging administrators have associated that the impact with internet based life and client produced content on inn execution has been reinforcing. Therefore, measuring these effects is vital for the eco – tourism industry.Aims of the research are as followsTo study the quality of information on the official tourism website through the case study of the Hot Tourist Agencies website.

To study about issues that arising while carrying out communication activities with foreigners on the eco-tourism industry , To Study the issues that arising to Web Operators while carrying out with webbings about the eco-tourism Industry ,To study what strategies can be used to overcome those problems which are arrising while communicating about eco tourism with tourists ,To discover what kind of information potential tourists look for on a website , To find out what information tourists can find in the case destination website , To investigate how tourists perceive technology while travelling and looking for information through . To inform the local tourism companies about the ecotourism prospects To inform the tourism industry’s responsibility to increase the eco efficiency in order for the companies to react according to the demand and hopefully realise the potential in ecotourism. ObjectiveThe objectives of this research are as follows.

For distinguished web communication Methods and Factors that could promote or obstruct eco-tourism .For obtaining an understanding of the current state of using of Web communication to promote eco-tourism in Sri Lanka .For propose recommendations for the development of using of web communication methods to promote eco-tourism in Sri Lanka .For analys and discuss the relation between eco-tourism and local sustainable development.Research ProblemIt is perceived that websites return on investments in the eco-tourism cannot be measured the same way, because of the perishable and intangible character of the tourism product, additionally because the return on investment is not always considered a concrete aspect.

Nevertheless, the most essential underlying research questions encountered of this thesis are What kind of information do tourists look for when visiting the official website of destinations?How does HOT tourism Agency’s stakeholders measure the success of using website communication in their business to promote eco-tourism and hospitality industry?What are the issues which Tourists ; Networking agents are facing while using websites as a communicating technology to promote Eco tourism in the Country .How  to engage  in  website communication in promoting eco-tourism in the HOT Tourist agency ?Is the website a suitable Communication Method to promote eco-tourism in the HOT Tourism agency ? If not , why is that? , Are HOT Tourist Agencies Websites are profitable methods to promote eco-tourism or not? If websites not a profitable method why is that ? Then what are the profitable methods ? .What are the new technologies using in website communication of the HOT Tourist Agency? Are these technologies are suitable to promote Eco-tourism ? If not ,why ? How one determines the business value of websites as a method of promoting eco-tourism ? How one makes use of websites of HOT tourist agency in order to be accepted by the community whilst enhancing the Eco-tourism How one measures the value of the accomplished efforts?.HypothesisEcotourism web communication in Sri Lanka has a strong potential to attract European and Asian tourists. Eco-tourism in Sri Lanka has never been promoted by web communication .Limitation of the studyIn this research , the Study limits are limited as subject Limitation and geographical Limitation .Subject LimitationIn the research it mainly focuses on the Tourism industry , Eco-tourism industry and in the Sustainable Development Concept as the subject Limitation .Geographical LimitationAs the geographical Limitation European and Asian foreigners(50) are selected using the Random Sampling Method.

Tourism students(20) among Uva Wellassa University ; Hotel Schools around Sri Lanka are selected using the Random Sampling Method . Tourist Guides are selected using Random sampling Method in HOT Tourist Agency and in Tangerine Tours . Tourism Studies Academic professionals are selecting among Uva Wellassa University , Kelaniya Univrsity.Research SourcesData should be coordinated with the required information when doing research .

To coordinate data sources are using as a prominent concept .Various sources are used to find out the impact of HOT Tourist Agency’s Websites on Promoting eco-tourism .Both Primary and Secondary data are required for the study. Primary are mainly related to find out The impact of HOT Tourist agency’s websites on eco-tourism and also to know how much those eco-tourism steps exactly reached to individual tourists.

Primary Sources Interviews : We decided to employ the interviews (analysis) to deeply understand the subjects as well as gather richer insight data, which may be dropped out in the survey questionnaire processOnline Questioner : The online survey questionnaire of this study used to investigate Tourist website Participant Tourism Professionals job vice and Academic Vice and Tourist Guides and Tourism Students perspectives and opinions about the impact of websites on promoting Eco tourism activities,which would lead to impacts on the local environment.Secondary SourcesBooksMagazinesWeb sitesBlogsResearch MethodologyA mixed-methods approach (McIntosh 1998) was adopted to achieve the objectives of the research project.Both qualitative and quantitative research methods hold an important role in this research process . The data collected from interviews encompasses a qualitative analysis whereas the number of participants and their effects in interview and online questioner represent the quantitative approach . The quantitative data uncovers the depth of knowledge and understanding of the research of the research questions and quantitative data brings validity and reliability to the result.

So overall its can be said that a mixed research method has been applied to get the core outcome.The mixed-method is a new approach to collect both quantitative and qualitative data, which are extremely essential for research findings. With the mixed-method, the researchers would able to use all possible the data collection tools to answer the research questions rather than being restricted with typical data collection tools associated with qualitative or quantitative methods.

The online survey questionnaire of this study used to investigate Tourist website Participant Tourism Professionals job vice and Academic Vice and Tourist Guides and Tourism Students perspectives and opinions about the impact of websites on promoting Eco tourism activities,which would lead to impacts on the local environment. The online survey was conducted primarily on the Facebook social media website and via emails. In the social media network survey, the number of respondents is essential for generating the findings for the whole population.

The more responses we received the more relevant the information would suit all the population. In contrast, the number of replying email is not really vital because of its rich information. The survey is used to have a pilot’s view of how the websites impacted to choose eco- tourism activities within tourists .The 2nd main source of data collection for this research was interviews . As I perceived the data collected from the survey questionnaire would be insufficient for answering the research problem. Hence, I decided to employ the interviews to understand deeply about the subjects as well as gather richer insight data, which may be dropped out in the survey questionnaire process.2363821136187Mixed Method0Mixed Method48971747665261186774770363118677477036303131766311785 17801622894792529191153292Expert Interview0Expert Interview37642662789681780148278968002529191162236Online Questioner00Online Questioner434403513335Quantitative Analysis00Quantitative Analysis65151018415Qualitative Analysis00Qualitative Analysis2529191171180Tourist Interview00Tourist Interview11861801219200489795713779531226592386791186774238490002360227-635Results0ResultsSampleThe sample is randomly chosen to represent the whole population for the purpose of research. Concerning to the nature of the study, the right population is the European and Asian tourists who directly use the tourism website services in HOT Tourist Agency’s website, the tour operators/organizations that are responsible for the services and researches, Tourism Students, Tourism Professionals Job vice and Academic Vice , Other Professionals ( Lawyers , Professors, Professionals at Manegerial Staff of the tourist board) .

Instead of that, planned a survey questionnaire on social media website and electronic mails which allows us to easily reach the participants even if they are in the far distance.Area Category SampleTourist European 25Asian 25Tourism Students Uva Wellassa University 15Hotels Schools around Sri Lanka 20Tourist Guides HOT Tourist Agency 10Tangerine Tourist Agency 10Tourism Professionals Academic Vice ( Hotel Schools) 10Tourism Professionals Job Vice 10Other Professionals Lawyers 3Academics 5Managerial Staff of Tourist Board 2Techniques of Data CollectionRegarding to the aims of this study as well as the research problem, two main data collecting strategies namely survey questionnaire and interview methods were employed for the empirical data collection. QuestionerThe questioner is one method of collecting Data . The online survey questionnaire of this study used to investigate TouristTourism StudentsTourist GuidesAcademic vice Tourism Professionals at Hotel SchoolsTourism Professionals Job ViceOnline Questioners are using in the research . This Online questioner is conducting through social media and via emails . 25 questioners for European Tourists 25 questioners for Asian tourists35 questioners are for tourism students ( 15 questioners for Uva wellassa University and 20 students of Hotels Schools around Sri Lanka )20 questioners for questioners for Tourist Guides ( 10 for HOT Tourist agencies guides and 10 for Tangerine Tourist Agency’s Guides ),10 questioners for tourism professionals Academic vice 10 questioners for tourism professionals Job vice InterviewingInterviewing is also one method of Data Collecting method .In this thesis decided to do 3 types of interviews . Some small interviews are decided to do with HOT Tourist Agency’s tourist website participants , with the Management Staff at Tourist Board .

One interview is conducting with a lawyer about the environmental law facts of Environmental Law which is connected to eco-tourism.Interviews with tourist are conducting to discover what kind of information tourists look for when exploring the official website of a destination before venturing out on a holiday and to investigate how tourists perceive technology while travelling and looking for information.Data SpecificationData Specification means dividing of collected correspondent Data to sub categories and to Subclass of the Subcategories .

The data to be obtained from the primary and secondary sources will be sorted by the data planned according to a numeric method. Data from Interviews and Questioners are used in this research. Data AnalyzingUnder this topic the collected data is analyzed using the best possible method to yield the best findings and results. The objective of this research is to examine the cause relationship between research problems and the hypothesis. This is done by using two Data Analyzing methods.Quantitative Data AnalysisQualitative Data AnalysisIt simply integrates data from different sources.

They will analyze the data and identify the contents of the data .Accordingly, recommendations, conclusions and suggestions will be presented in this topic. I intend to use the SPSS software to the Data AnalysisData Testing and Empirical Generalization The Data obtained here will be accomplished with the empirical generalization. Using the appropriate statistic methods field data is correctly set up. Data is generated by presenting the data generated by a he group or a social group of people similar to that mentioned in the sample , and if there are problems with the accuracy of the data , hope to recollect the data or correct the error occurred. Utilization of FindingsPlanning to utilize the facts and data collected in the field to utilize the world society for its own benefit without restricting itself to research .Not only the government sector, but also non-governmental organizations are already working to build relationships with responsible institutions in society, and it is currently planned to utilize data collected here.

The draft plan of the ResearchTitle – The Impact of the HOT Tourist Agency’s Websites on promoting eco-tourism.To present the core information of the research to the readers, the thesis had to be structured properly and systematically. In this thesis the author has structured the thesis in such a way that readers should find it easy to read and to find the core information of the whole research clearly.First Chapter The first chapter in the research involves an analysis of research history, research problems, research aims and objective and provides an analysis of the research method used to collect data. A detailed description of the content in question in the next chapters is discussed.Second Chapter In the second chapter the relevant literature around tourism, eco-tourism, Sustainable development and web communication is reviewed, while the theoretical framework upon which the analysis is completed is provided.

Every research reaches its aims and meets its objectives with justified findings when researchers have enough information on the subject.Third Chapter The third chapter of this thesis is on research methodology. Adopting correct and proper research methods gives concrete data which when further analyzed properly and scientifically yields valid and reliable results. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods hold an important role in this research process .

In this chapter as the research methodology the mixed-method is used .As it is a new approach to collect both quantitative and qualitative data.Forth Chapter This chapter is sub classified into two more sub-chapters data collection and data analysis. These two sub chapters are further sub-divided in to two sub-sections: Interviews and online questionnaire .The data which collected from questioners and Interviews are analyzed in this chapter.Fifth ChapterThe main purpose of this chapter is to recapitulating of the details discussed in above chapters, submitting of the opinions suggestions and Recommendations about the research problems by recapitulating of the details discussed in above chapters.

When data is analyzed properly conclusions can be drawn on the whole research and in results one can see if the objectives of the research were met or not.ReferencesAppendicesIndexResearch Out Line339383118527300Research Problem34026231606550Hypothesis34290001536210Aims & Objectives343779215538000Data Collecting591629519113501169035173355011693771768720540726916065501371258160655Primary DataSecondary Data3144520106045005786755111125003147060109220005032815112786004153291112395006959606731000224917064135006945926569804741936157871014243541553800QuestionersInterviews BooksMagazines Web sites Blogs31481492932790142435429302803147646176579Data Analysis474281541275001437005501650014274805715004744573158603014357351644650Qualitative MethodQuantitative Method31413451663700144462516637003138854174820Testing of Hypothesis4737735698500014376406667500142684573660004760301156845014382751568450OpinionsSuggestion3190240160655014446251638300 Research Bug jetItem CashResearch Preparedness Rupees RupeesStationeryPrinted CopiesPhone ChargesTraveling ChargesPhotocopiesOthers 2000.00 2000.00 2000.00 3000.00 1000.

00 2000.00 Total 12000.00 12000.

00Field Activities StationeryPhone ChargesPhotocopiesTraveling ChargesOthers 3000.00 3000.00 1000.00 3000.

00 2000.00 Total 12000.00 12000.

00Editing StationeryPrintingBinding 1500.0012500.00 5000.00 Total 19000.00 19000.00Overall Whole Total 43000.

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