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4000302260center11/5/2018330009500011/5/20184200031750001750018707105HURM008W.1 Managing People2131 Words4500005HURM008W.1 Managing People2131 WordsExecutive summaryTable of ContentsIntroduction1Organisational background2Type chapter title (level 3)3Type chapter title (level 1)4Type chapter title (level 2)5Type chapter title (level 3)6 Introduction This report will explore the problems which are similar that are faced by TalkTalk and Company A. Before attempting to tackle the problem, an analysis of TalkTalk and the communications service provider industry will be made, and solutions which can support the company, furthermore, a job role for the future will also be examined to support and resolve the problems. The analysis will show the history of the company and its place in the market along with the skills and potential the company has and may require becoming a successful long term. As a result, the identification of the skills gap will be easier to analyse which will show what Is lacking and causing a problem.

So, a job role will be suggested that will fill the missing skills gap along with a strategy for recruitment. Lastly, a person specification and job description of the new job role will be a part of this report to show the duties and responsibilities in detail and what the individual should possess to do the tasks like experience, qualifications, and other characteristics. Organisational backgroundTalkTalk is a business which provides telecommunications, internet access, pay television, and mobile services to consumers and firms based in the UK. The business was founded in 2004 as a part of Carphone Warehouse, it was on a trial in the beginning for three months in Manchester, but TalkTalk decided to become a separately listed company and offer the cheapest prices in contrary to their competitors.

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TalkTalk began with a new broadband service which they advertised as ‘free forever broadband’ which offered great speed, and generous amount of data whereas, because of the increased numbers of customers they were put on the waiting list TalkTalk faced a lot of criticism and complaints saying that they were ‘the worst network provider ever’ (Morrison, 2018). The chairman of TalkTalk was interviewed on Sunday times which he admitted that they were ‘struggling to deal with customers’ as they had more than 400,000 who wanted to join. After the demerge in 2010, TalkTalk started to offer new services as part of their business like other broadbands and introduced their own mobile network service named TalkTalk mobile, they operate as a virtual network provider on O2 which increased competition, but they wanted to find a way to solve their problems and expand their business (Hanson, 2014). They invested in exchange infrastructure like other broadband providers and became one of the top five quadruple play services offering mobile service, broadband, phone TV. Although, TalkTalk is the second highest in terms of offering quadruple services the telecommunication service provider sector is continuously growing. For example, Internet usage in households in the UK has increased over the years significantly, the statistic above shows from 1998 till 2018 the percentage of households with internet went up from 9% to 90% which is a huge increase this is due to the increase in technology in the 21st century. Many smartphones, tablets, and laptops are being released with affordable prices and it is becoming more advanced as years go forward hence why majority households in the UK have access to the internet at home and outdoors (Statista, 2018).Market position In terms of the market position of internet service providers (ISP), the following four currently control the market along with others which are not mentioned.

TalkTalk is ranked fourth place with a market share of 17.9% in comparison to BT which is ranked the highest with 31.2%. similarly, for landline TalkTalk had the 4th highest market share with only 8%, in contrast to BT which came top again having 40% (Statista, 2018).Trends affecting the sectorOne of the trends in telecommunication is the increase in people using technology. According to Deloitte which is a business advisory firm, 92% of adults in the UK will own a smartphone by 2023 rising from 85% which is believed to be the most used technology globally. They predict that the sales of smartphones will be 1.85 billion per year in 2023 which is increased by 19% in contrast to 2018 (McKeown, 2018).

This shows that many businesses including retailers and service providers will be at an advantage because there will be much more potential customers also as technology is rising there are many things on smartphones, tablets, laptops and other technology which may require internet to function. Another trend which Is linked to increasing in technology users is social media. Over the years the number of social network users worldwide has increased from 0.97 billion to 2.62 billion from the years 2010-2018 which is also expected to rise to 3.02 billion by 2021. This is due to the increase in technology which has opened the chances of having social networks on their devices along with other features which are location-based services like google now.

Some social networks have been enhanced for internet browsing allowing users to have access to blogging sites like Pinterest or Tumblr. There are 1.6 billion users that are active, Facebook being the market leader in social networking Hence the increase in purchasing broadband and mobile networks (Statista, 2017). Skills requirementLarge companies which are in the telecommunication service provider sector have a set sale and satisfaction goals, they work with many customers to fulfill their desires. The key skills which are required for the business to succeed are: Good communication skills – This is one of the key skills as it can help customer needs significantly, it will allow the business to understand the needs of every customer. Leadership and teamwork skills – to be able to delegate and manage individuals when required and take responsibility. Along with working alongside a team to attain goals set by the business.Problem-solving skills- having the ability to take an analytical and logical tactic to resolve issues and solving problems.

Organisational skills – working productively, efficiently and prioritising to manage time well. This allows each employee to complete their set work on time and arrangements can be made in the future.In addition, there is rapidly changing in the telecommunication sector which is related to technology as a result, businesses that are in the telecommunication field must adapt technological skills like basic Microsoft word, excel and other which could be required when working with customers as it will be easier to store on the computer and faster and easier to read when typed up, files are also easily accessible to the employees can work with the files side by side (Laar et al.

, 2018)RationaleThe first scenario is a telecommunication service provider (TSP) which offers multiple services such as mobile, landline and broadband. Similarly, TalkTalk is a part of the TSP sector and offers the same services, however, TalkTalk also offers a service for television which comes with broadband. The advantages of Company A are that the company are making sales to new customers and increasing their sales although their satisfaction rate was not so great however the sales team were very passionate in reaching sale targets every year. Furthermore, the disadvantages of company A was the low level of satisfaction rate at 72%, mainly bad with handling complaints from customers. In contrast to Scenario A, TalkTalk had alike advantages and disadvantages. According to Ofcom, TalkTalk broadband have the worst customer service and the company scored poorly for complaints handing like Scenario A.

the overall satisfaction rate was also 72% however, the company did take immediate action and introduced tools to support and resolve issues efficiently and conveniently along with launching new routers for Wi-Fi to build reliability in network (BBC News, 2018). However, TalkTalk still managed to increase their sales by 4.1% in revenue and they also saw a rise in customers by 80,000 making a total of 4.2 million customers.

TalkTalk’s sales team are currently on track to deliver additional 150,000 customers, meeting their 15% earnings growth (Gates, 2018).The telecommunications sector is high in demand due to more people having technology in their households and outdoors hence why TalkTalk are succeeding with their low prices in comparison to other Telecommunication service providers. This is a trend which will always increase over the years if the businesses deliver their promises and adopt the changes. Due to the position and the sector, TalkTalk’s aim is mainly on sales and building customer loyalty although their customer service is not its best. From the analysis above, the missing skills were easily identified: Problem-solving – resolving customer complaints and handling the problem itself.

Good communication skills – focusing on customer needs and what can be done to solve the issue so customers do not complain. Technological skills – filing any complaints in customer records so, if the customer is known by the company of having an issue more attention can be given. Strategic and leadership skills – good leadership can be effective as designating individuals according to their experience and skill can help with the best results. The recommended new job role for TalkTalk will be customer service manager. The job role will entail the Esurance of good customer satisfaction and the aim of the manager is to satisfy the requirements of customers and go beyond their expectation if achievable. He will be directing the IT and sales section which will emphasise on the relationship of customers and bringing forward decisions on how customer complaints can be handled efficiently and effectively. These decisions will be proceeded by the IT and sales department. Furthermore, the manager will introduce a newly consolidated tracker or a reliable database for customers.

Also, training will be given to employees to ensure that they give the best customer service and enhance their skills which includes communication and problem-solving. Approach to recruitmentEmployment must be cost-effective because when recruiting individuals, it can be costly and may be a risk for the business, therefore, the recruitment of the right person will ensure that the business has a strong team and it will make them advantageous in comparison to their competitors as it will increase their satisfaction rate and sales.A strategy of recruitment should be solely built with a job analysis. Next, it is significant to give a person specification and a job description which is accurate as the first thing a candidate will look at is those documents. So, if the documents do not provide specific requirements and what the job will involve it will be harder to recruit a talented individual. Then, a recruitment strategy will be required but this will require the labour market to be analysed in detail so that it shows current trends and the salary which corresponds to the labour market. Another essential step will be to make applicants want to apply for the job.

Recruitment for this job role will only be external because the job role has no existence in TalkTalk and hiring internally for this job may not be effective because none of the current employees would match all the skills gap or may not have enough experience. Furthermore, there are many ways of advertisement for the job can be made. The most popular and effective advertisement for jobs in the 21st century is online according to research (Adler, 2016), there are many applications on devices which makes applying for jobs very easy, job sites such as indeed, reed, monster and other. Although TalkTalk has their own recruitment page, they can still forward the link to the advertisement websites to attract individuals to apply to the job. On the other hand, if this recruitment strategy does not work then an alternative would be to either apply through agencies or use of social networking like LinkedIn which can be extremely effective. Another suggestion is when TalkTalk advertise this job role, specifying how to apply can give a boost on getting more candidates applying.

The last phase of the process will be TalkTalk choosing candidates suitable for an interview with the use of their application or CV to see if they match the job description and person specification. Conclusion To conclude, this essay analysed the labour problems TalkTalk faced and how the sales performance and satisfaction can increase with the use of a new job role which was chosen. Recruitment of a new job role has been made within the company. the role has been made which will help TalkTalk overcome any problems they are facing. To make sure that TalkTalk hires the right person, a strategic process of recruitment is put into place which will make sure that the company minimises mistakes as recruitment can be cost-effective. From the analysis made, customer service manager would be the perfect person because not only the satisfaction rates will increase but all the identified findings will be resolved. The chosen method for recruitment was external, and the role will be advertised online via application form. References Statista.

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