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Last updated: December 5, 2019

4.2) Target StrategyFrom the segments that were identified, it was decided that clients, both existing and potential, would be targeted and retained using most, if not all the online marketing tools that are above and beyond our competitors’.In terms of intensifying E;M Property Solutions’ brand, increasing traffic to its website, accelerating lead generation, with the resultant being a good Return On Investment, the following marketing channels will be employed:? Social Media Marketing? Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Paid Advertisements, referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC)? Email Marketing? Blogging and Content Marketing (Online Public Relations)? Online Display advertising (Display Ads)In brief, the following could be explained as follows;Social Media MarketingThe platform of Social Media offers brands a unique way to get more personal with their audience. It is through this platform that leads and sales will be pursued on. The advantages of using of Social Media are so huge to populate them here. All that one would do at this stage, could be to mention the platforms themselves, by name.

Facebook Pinterest Twitter G+ LinkedIn Youtube Pinterest Adwords Search Engine OptimisationSearch engine optimisation (SEO) is a name that refers to a large number of different techniques that are designed to make one’s website get more exposure with the result that it would achieve a higher ranking in Google and other search engines like yahoo and bing. This results in potential customers gaining trust in one’s website. Though it might be a cost factor for E&M Property Solutions to configure this initially, in the long it will bring good gains especially because through its use, it cost nothing to direct traffic to their website.

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