4.5 Power consumption
Wireless networks face the problem of power consumption because the efficiency of sensors depends on the battery life. For this reason power consumption is considered as a challenge of IoT.
IoT is the development and extension of the tradition internet to provide many possibilities for communicating between things. With the continuous progress of IoT it is expected to affect everyday lifestyles but the way it will change and to what extent is unpredictable. So it will face many challenges. As well as its importance in our lives; it is an open area for hot topics in different research fields.

4.6 Fault Tolerance
The connected things in IoT are changed rapidly in unexpected ways, which requires a way to enable the related things to adapt to all changes. If one of the devices is fault, the system must serve the intended purpose.
4.7 Data management
The number of things connected to IoT produces a huge amount of data and reach each other from different resources that need to be analyzed, ingested, stored and processed which is one of the challenges facing the producers of this technology

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A Wireless Sensor network (WSN) consists of a number of devices and interconnected objects connected to the Internet using sensors to exchange data between them .Wireless sensor networks are one of the most important elements in IoT in addition to that the remarkable development of wireless communication has led to the availability of small, low cost and energy efficient devices. The combination of these factors improved the viability of utilizing of wireless sensor networks made up of a large number of smart devices, allowing better data collection, analysis and processing

There are 8 Principles of the Data Protection Act of 1998 governing the use of personal information which we must comply with, unless an exemption applies, Everyone responsible for using data has to follow strict rules called ‘data protection principles’. These are like our policies and procedures codes of practice for holding data on someone.
1. It must be collected and used fairly and inside the law.
2. It must only be held and used for the reasons given to the Information Commissioner.
3. It can only be used for those registered purposes and only be disclosed to those people mentioned in the register entry. You cannot give it away or sell it unless you said you would to begin with.
4. The information held must be adequate, relevant and not excessive when compared with the purpose stated in the register. So you must have enough detail but not too much for the job that you are doing with the data.
5. It must be accurate and be kept up to date. There is a duty to keep it up to date, for example to change an address when people move.
6. It must not be kept longer than is necessary for the registered purpose. It is alright to keep information for certain lengths of time but not indefinitely. This rule means that it would be wrong to keep information about past customers longer than a few years at most.
7. The information must be kept safe and secure. This includes keeping the information backed up and away from any unauthorised access. It would be wrong to leave personal data open to be viewed by just anyone.
8. The files may not be transferred outside of the European Economic Area (that’s the EU plus some small European countries) unless the country that the data is being sent to has a suitable data protection law. This part of the DPA has led to some countries passing similar laws to allow computer data centres to be located in their area.
The centre manager within my work setting is the data controller, he decides what information is required how it is obtained and stored. A Data Protection Policy has been implemented so that I and other work colleagues are fully aware of procedures for handling data. The management team are responsible for ensuring that all staff and volunteers act in accordance with this policy. The purpose and remit of this policy
• Data collection
• Data storage/security
• Data updates
• Data discloser
• Data access
• Data disposal/destruction
The board of Directors within my setting will review this policy annually to ensure that we are following the 8 principles of the Date Protection Act 1998. If there is a request for a discloser from a parent then they must put their request in writing to management.
In cases of child protection, the law requires discloser of information, without consent to the relevant Health and Social Care Trust and also PSNI. However if a request for information relating to child protection is received by telephone, then as part of our policy no information should be given until verification of identity. Only those known to be involved in child protection should be given information.
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has brought out a new set of data protection rules the implementation date is the 25th May 2018 they have 12 steps which organisations should take in order to be GDPR ready by 25 May 2018.

4.6.1 Existing Condition Of Insulation in Plant:

The steam distribution system of plan is very badly insulated. Its insulation was done 2 years ago and at present the condition of steam pipe insulation is very poor.

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The figure 4.9 shows a photograph part of steam distribution system. It is clearly visible that insulation is badly needs repairing and also at some places no insulation is provided, causing great heat loss. The insulation provided on the steam pipe lines is glass wool and thickness of insulation is also not sufficient. So we have collected the data about different insulation material. Also we have given list of local insulation carrying consultancy. Here are some insulation material properties

Fig 4.9 Photograph of part of steam distribution system

Function of insulation are:

• To conserve energy to avoid heat loss or heat gain
• To control and maintain surface temperature of vessel
• To maintain and control temperature of industrial processes
• To reduce condensation of surfaces
• Improve efficiency of processes like ventilation, plumbing, heating, steam and power system.
• To avoid corrosion or exposure to corrosive atmosphere as well as fire
• To absorb noise from the mechanical equipment.

Selection of insulation material is very critical and following points should be considered.

Very important. The following design and installation considerations must be noted:
• Type of insulation that is rigid, flexible, ease of handling, installation, and adjustment.
• Ease to modify, repair, and alter.
• Requirement of skilled and unskilled labor.
• Safety & environment considerations.
• Weight of insulation material and density of same
• Replacement and removal should be easy
• Type of vapor retarder and insulation finishes.
• Performance of material.

4.6.2 Heat Gain / Loss from Cylindrical Surfaces like Pipes

To evaluate the heat gain or loss from the cylindrical surfaces it has different equation from than the equation for the flat surfaces. The heat will be transferred to pipe wall through the flowing material and after that heat will be absorbed by the atmosphere. In case of insulation the heat dissipation will be less in atmosphere.
It is not possible to calculate exact amount of heat dissipated since it is affected by:

• Color, texture, and shape of the casing.
• Vertical or horizontal orientation of the casing.
• Air movement or wind speed over the casing.
• Exposure to thermal radiation, e.g. sunlight – all of these in addition to the temperature
• Parameters, etc.

Because of the number of complicating factors, generalizations must be utilized. The theoretical methods for calculating heat transfer for pipe or any other cylindrical objects like tanks, is depends on the equivalent insulation thickness and the area of outer surface.

4. Order management: After confirming the order, a message will be sent to both the customer and the service provider to provide them with the order number that will inform them with all the details about the order: list of the requested services, user information, details of the address, date and time and payment information. The team will send a notification reminder a day before the requested day to ensure that the customer is available, and they can delay it within 24 hours before the chosen time.

5. Our way to thank our customers: To make our customers satisfied and happy, serveME will allow customers to provide a feedback after being served by our service provider partners and it will appear for all the users. As serveME team, we will provide our customers with the option to schedule the needed services daily, weekly or monthly. hence, to ease the process and to save their time. After each order, a magnet with our logo and application name will be given to the customers by our partners instead of a business card. Moreover, discounted coupons will be available for our effective users.

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6. Customer care centre: a 24/7 chat will be available to help users and to answer all their questions.


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