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Last updated: December 23, 2019

4.5 Power consumption
Wireless networks face the problem of power consumption because the efficiency of sensors depends on the battery life. For this reason power consumption is considered as a challenge of IoT.
IoT is the development and extension of the tradition internet to provide many possibilities for communicating between things. With the continuous progress of IoT it is expected to affect everyday lifestyles but the way it will change and to what extent is unpredictable. So it will face many challenges. As well as its importance in our lives; it is an open area for hot topics in different research fields.

4.6 Fault Tolerance
The connected things in IoT are changed rapidly in unexpected ways, which requires a way to enable the related things to adapt to all changes. If one of the devices is fault, the system must serve the intended purpose.
4.7 Data management
The number of things connected to IoT produces a huge amount of data and reach each other from different resources that need to be analyzed, ingested, stored and processed which is one of the challenges facing the producers of this technology

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A Wireless Sensor network (WSN) consists of a number of devices and interconnected objects connected to the Internet using sensors to exchange data between them .Wireless sensor networks are one of the most important elements in IoT in addition to that the remarkable development of wireless communication has led to the availability of small, low cost and energy efficient devices. The combination of these factors improved the viability of utilizing of wireless sensor networks made up of a large number of smart devices, allowing better data collection, analysis and processing


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