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Last updated: November 8, 2019

4.1 Modifications on Project Planning After I have done the planning I got some feedback from the examiner which help me to implement successful project. In this chapter I will write all the meditation which are needed for this this chapter, I will explain functionality of the system, resources which are needed for this project and I will explain the diagrams after modification.4.1.

1 Software/ hardware resourcesIn the planningI decided to implement system by using visual studio exactly language and MS access, and I decided to make this system available only in the al Malik shop. It still there will be some difficulty faced by the customer and supplier to use this system, because still they needed to visit the shop to complete all procedures. In the implementation After doing the planning, I have taken idea that this system will get more success when I do it website.

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The users will use it easily without needing to visit shop to do the procedures what they want. Now I decided to implement this project using PHP and MySQL to make it website can be used easily. I also decided to use one more hardware to develop the website which is barcode reader.


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