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Last updated: April 25, 2019

3D organ bio printing is a technology invented to formulate biological constructs of different organs of the human body. Its aim is to allow scientists and medical researchers to build an organ layer by layer to form a cell scaffold using scanners and printers reserved for auto design, model building and product prototyping. This process of forming a cell scaffold is followed by a procedure called cell seeding in which cells of interest are pipetted directly onto the scaffold structure. Modified inkjets printers are used to produce these 3 Dimensional biological tissue, the printer cartridges are filled with suspension of living cells and smart gel used to form the structure , Alternating patterns of the smart gel and living cells are printed using a standard print nozzle with leads to cells eventually fusing together to form tissues.

Some of the benefits of 3D organ printing include its ability to replicate complex organs, ability to produce personalised medical solutions, production of well-organized diverse cell types that allow enhancement of tissue-specific functions, but also it helped to decrease animal testing.Although the 3d technology has been beneficial it has raised ethical issues some of them being : justice in access to health care, which is basically that these technology cannot be accessed by people who are not financially stable thus cannot receive effective treatment as the wealthy, testing for safety and efficiency is also an issue that should be considered to determine whether these technologies should be used on humans to enhance the capacity of individuals and if they are absolutely safe for human purposes . Also this technology results to emission of ultra fine particles from the printers , these particles then settle in the lungs and blood stream and can result to health effects like cancer.

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These issues can be minimized by making this resourceful technology available for all social classes such that even the poor can be treated evenly as the rich . As for if its safety for human purposes it is required to use the patient’s own stem cells, the point of using a patient’s stem cell is to tailor the treatment to that patient and not to develop treatment to be tested on anybody else . In addition using materials like Titanium which have been used for a long time and is considered safe for the human body, eg in organ replacements like bones furthermore protective gear like masks should be worn while carrying this procedure of bio printing so as prevent any health effects.


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