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.’Wings of Fire’ is an autobiography about a typical man turning into a technologist, written by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, respectable President of India. A well written novel which spins around the life of Mr. Kalam a great researcher as he shares his encounters and the minutest of points of interest of his life. I like the manner in which the book has been assembled alongside the sensitive certainties of his own life. His family foundation, the torment and enduring he experienced and remembered himself is appraisable. The day I finished this book, such a persuasive identity affected me profoundly and it gave me a look at how the intensity of positive thoughts can help accomplish all dreams.
This book of memoirs includes a parity of points of interest of the innovative and political difficulties looked to flourish in its aeronautical and space program. It is additionally an example of overcoming adversity of Dr. Kalam’s participative administration hones.
Additionally, this book gives an understanding into the lives of Hindus and Muslims of India and their connections among one another and among multi religious people in India.
The story underlines the significance of family, relatives and companions in accomplishing each other’s objectives and swinging dreams to the real world.
This book is an account of India’s leader Abdul Kalam which has been co-composed with Arun Tiwari, who once had worked with Dr.Kalam’s in the field of military defense research. This book is additionally the account of free India’s battle for mechanical self-sufficiency.”
This book is divided into four segments:
First Segment: The section illustrates with the childhood of Kalam. His memories of the good old days are extremely interesting to read. He recollects his family, relatives and educators his most powerful characters in the book. Adding shading to the area are photos of that time. This part covers all his initial learning and ventures.

Second Segment: The second part talks about Kalam’s further studies and work tenure and his inclusion with ventures of military defense and space, basically the SLV3. This part has numerous scientific subtle elements and is a prologue to defense and space research associations. Kalam is an ‘aam aadmi’ on the most fundamental level.

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Third Segment: The third section covers the years from 80-91 when Kalam is transfered from ISRO to military defense labs. Loaded up with numerous photos, this segment too keeps us engaged. What’s more, to envision he worked for the most part in government offices where administration and red tapes are the orders of the day.

Fourth Segment: The last fragment is associated with the later years where Dr.Kalam is offered with lots of honors, his idea and his dreams for India. It is relatively incomprehensible not to be enlightened by the life of Mr.Kalam. This section alongside the end additionally notices of Kalams dream for the year 2020.

The book itself is composed in basic English and it appears as though the writer is talking to the readers specifically. One must peruse this for the accompanying reasons – India’s most prominent researcher Abdul Kalam’s story, military and defense research about, rocket innovation, India’s crucial space projects and general information. All through the book there are ethics that are for the preparing purposes for everybody, notwithstanding for the managers. Abdul Kalam reveals to us how the best of individuals can be brought out.
From childhood days, Abdul Kalam was curious and quick to take in more and more about science. Kalam’s guides induced him to contemplate onto the incredible open door into space science and by accomplishing this India will end up independent in aeronautical and rocket science. He was the first with a dream that India has incredible potential in its space and satellite improvement of dispatch vehicles. SLV’s give as the establishment to a scope of best in class rocket innovation in India’s military.

Abdul Kalam, a hopeful person, helped India turned out to be independent in its space and rocket innovation. The book additionally motivated people of India living broadly and globally that they welcome the one wonder accomplished by their countries legend, Kalam tried to be excellent in each field and influence India to flourish for forever.
Abdul Kalam, the man with numerous names. He is most believed man in India as indicated by review, He is otherwise called ‘the rocket man’ of India. Abdul Kalam will be loved long after he is gone, the man whom India cherishes.

The book is an adventure into Dr. Kalams life; the book anyway does not cover his presidency days that were launched before he turned into the leader of India. Abdul Kalam remained in ‘Ramesh Varam’ which is well known for its ‘Shiv’ sanctuary. The celebrated sanctuary was couple of kilometers away from Abdul Kalam’s home, a Muslim commanded zone.
Abdul Kalam use to distribute daily papers to encourage his sibling, was great companion of the cleric of the temple and his dad was decent man whom individuals used to turn for counsel. Abdul Kalam tells about his school days, his brother in law’s motivation on him and his instructors in the underlying parts. He additionally expounds on his money related difficulties he looked while he was studying.

Taking into account that this book originates from a scientist, this book has minimal scientific portrayal. SLV, Geo satellite, composite material, mechanical building and such things. Entire story itself dependably has scientific mistakes particularly when it’s technical in nature. Abdul Kalam, similar to the man himself constrained his will to triumph over disappointments, fears and dissatisfactions.
At the center, the book is about the incomparable Indian dream. A desire that all the establishing fathers of a nation have, a desire satisfied by Abdul Kalam.
A nation which is isolated by religion and station. A nation which has a currupt political framework and where cash rules, Abdul Kalam still made a great many nationals of India a pleased country.

Leadership lessons from Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam
Pioneers Ignite the minds of Others: Dr Kalam was the gift of destiny. A man with nothing aside from interest and energy for flying, with wings of flame, flew as high as he could in the sky. What’s more, similar to an uncommon satellite that circles the Universe, he approached his main goal, touching off a huge number of youthful personalities and numerous countries.

Leaders care, share and look after straight forwardness
Dr.Kalam flaunted only learnt as much as he can till his final gasp. He didn’t hush up about anything however imparted to straightforwardness and earnestness to every last one, all that he realized, who crossed his life till his final gasp at IIM, Shillong.
Pioneers humble themself
Such was his leadership way that Dr. Kalam’s increase to power and position was simply events to additionally lower himself as much conceivable as he can, with the goal that the general population who met him can feel more grounded and taller in their heart and life.

Pioneers Inspire others and make them dream instead of influencing them to put stock in their very own dream
Dr. Kalam motivated a great many youthful hearts to dream; And, made them to put stock in their dream. He needed individuals to dream, to change their goals into considerations that can result into activities. Dr.Kalam imagined a developed India that is especially a reality through solid vision.
Pioneers are genuinely Visionary
Dr. Kalam emphatically trusted that future India’s prosperity rest over PURA(Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas). Furthermore, that is the path forward, to make a developed India. He is really a visionary.

Great leaders search for solution for issues with Innovative attitude
What can a rocket researcher do with his learnings to ease India’s issues? He cross-pollinated utilizing the high-review steel utilized in rockets that can murder individuals and planned and created, what is broadly known as Kalam-Raju Stent-that presently spares individuals… at portion of the cost contrasted with those costly ones, making it more reasonable. In him I saw a respectable personality.
Likely the main Missile researcher in this Universe who could utilize the materials made to fly rockets presently make little children around the globe stroll with certainty. Dr. Kalam’s concept of utilizing the composite materials utilized in rocket casings to make lightweight calipers, made me see an empathetic pioneer, as well as somewhere inside him, an adorable mother too.

Pioneers make foundation
According me, Dr. Kalam is a foundation. Favored are the individuals who are into educating profession. He likes instructing is known to the World. For me, Kalam Iyya Institution embodies different offices, Department of Humanity, Department of Igniting Minds… et cetera…
What’s more, so it’s quite obvious that individuals from rural areas with nothing aside from their goals can achieve statures far more prominent than one can even envision amid their lifetime. What’s more, the entire of this Universe meet up to guarantee such spirits go after their dreams, regardless of their difficulties.
A dream that Dr. Kalam changed into activities. As they dream and approach accomplishing their goals for reestablishing humankind, the predetermination deals with the rest.
What’s more, leadership characters that are most critical and crucial for any Organization in this day and age to stay fruitful.


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