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Last updated: February 24, 2019

.1 JAVA Java is a high-level programming language which is rapidly growing advanced techn0l0gies in the field 0f computer and information fields. With the 0ther programming, languages we can either compile or interpret a program to run the program on the computer, but the benefit of using Java is that it can be both compiled and interpreted.

In Java the program is divide into intermediate code called the byte codes. This is platform independent code and is interpreted by the interpreter 0n the Java platform. Java has the following buzzwords:- • Simplicity• Object-oriented• Platfrorm independence• Robust• Secure• Dynamic• Portable• Multithreaded• High performance• Architectural neutral 2.4.2 . JAVA PLATF0RM Generally, platform is defined as the hardware or software environment on which our programs run.

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S0me of the reputed ones are windows 2000, Linx, Solaris and MacOS. Platform may be considered as a combination of the operating system and hardware. The Java platform is a software platform that runs on the top of the other hardware based platform. The Java platform has two components namely:• The Java Virtual Machine(JVM)• The Java Programming Application Interface(Java API)Java Virtual Machine is the base platform for the Java platf0rm and it is ported into various hardware-based platforms. Java API is generally grouped into libraries of classes and interfaces.

This classes is also kn0wn as packages. The following diagram sh0ws the uses of Java platform and h0w the Java virtual and the Java API insulate the program fr0m the hardware


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