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Last updated: January 25, 2019

3. 1. Patient and hardworking: Without a doubt, employees who are patient in difficult circumstances such as dealing with a demanding customer and those who are hardworking have a greater chance to be well accepted by the employer and thus are likely to have a better job guarantee. These are the type of employees whom the employer trusts most and would want to be promoted.

2. Team worker: Another important personal quality is to be able to work as part of a team. According to Chris Leitch (2017), working as a team ‘boosts productivity, provides a support network, encourages innovation, improves morale, attracts talent, establishes strong relationship, improves service, allows flexibility, teaches conflict resolution skills and advances your career’.

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3. Interpersonal skills: Those employees who possess these skills would be able to get along with colleagues, promotes positive attitudes and works toward building a stronger relationship in the workplace. Some interpersonal skills are as simple as a warm cheerful smile, which could be enough to break the barrier between colleagues as well as customers.


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