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Last updated: March 1, 2019

3. Looking at the UN indicators there are several differences between the different forms of indicators among different countries.

Sri Lanka seems to be the highest in South Asia from HDI and seems to be the 73rd out of the world and the lowest in South Asia seems to be Afghanistan with 169 in the world rank for HDI. Sri Lanka again performs the highest number of expected years of schooling (14 years) as it has compulsory schooling for children and public education is free till the college levels and, they offer free textbooks. Today Sri Lanka’s youth literacy rate is 97%. Whereas Afghanistan expected years of schooling is just 10 years where many students drop out as they have a higher economic cost the government does not offer quality education and private schools are only limited among richer people. Another major reason is war as students take guns into their hands to join war instead of schooling and this is done forcefully where children have no option rather joining the army.

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Health also seems to be poor in Afghanistan where the number of death due to tuberculosis is higher (44.1) than Sri Lanka (6.1) as it shows Sri Lanka offers better standards of health services and facilities that allow people to be cure from these types of diseases. This maybe a result of low life expectancy in Afghanistan where it is just 60 years and Sri Lanka its 75 years. In Modern technology Sri Lanka seems to have many internet users (30% of population) compared with Afghanistan (8% of population) facing difficulties with countries religion, Islam and also corrupt government and war conflicts that made their access to modern technology or Internet lately. By observing these indicators, we could clearly see that as to why the countries are ranked as such under the HDI under UN indicators.


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