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Last updated: February 21, 2019

3. Ask whether your maxim is conceivable in a world ruled by the universal law

I personally think this maxim will not be conceivable in a world ruled by universal law because everyone will be rich, this will affect the economy and the markets as there will be no trade and there will be lack of resources. No one will be willing to work for one another. There will also be no communication, no time for one another; everyone will be focusing on themselves which can result in greed and selfishness.

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4. Ask whether you would rationally act on your maxim in such a world
I will definitely not act taking into consideration the impact that it would have to the society and the world at large. Life will be so dull and full of people with no morality at all. There will be no social engagements, people will not value anything. I cannot even imagine living in a world where everyone is for themselves.
Step 2: Form an opinion
• What would Kant probably have said about Whitey Basson (or you ) earning ZAR 620 000 000.00
Kant would not be pleased with anyone earning such an amount of money and disapprove as this act fails on the third step of the four steps of categorical imperative. In a world ruled by universal law people should act on a maxim that is conceivable and moral
• What do you think about Whitey Basson (or you) earning ZAR 620 000 000.00?
I think this is huge amount to be earned by a single individual for doing a year`s work but taking into consideration and researching on what type of work would he have done for him to earn this amount and whether he received it in good faith.


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