Topic: BusinessManagement

Last updated: March 8, 2019

3. THE QUALITY SYSTEM OF SQAThe quality system should be flexible leads naturally on to a description of how quality system work. The Heart of the quality assurance is called as quality system or as it is increasingly known as a quality management system. This consists of the management structure, responsibilities, activities, capabilities and resources that ensure that software products produces by projects will have the desired quality factors that both the customer and the developer decide will be built into them. This means that a quality system encompasses activities such as? The auditing of projects to ensure that quality controls are being adhered to.? The review of the quality system in order to improve it.? Staff development of personnel employed within the quality assurance area.? The negotiation of resources which enables staff who carry our quality assurance activities to function properly.? Providing input into development-oriented improvement activities; for example the adoption of a new notation for requirements specification.? The development of standards, procedure and guidelines.


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