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1 explain the importance of measuring the outcomes of using different Social Media tools and channels Customer feedback is one way to measure the outcome of using social media, by reviewing results you would be able to determine that future marketing / advertising methods are more tailored to fit upcoming new products or campaigns.In the same way take negative comments and criticism to improve and show that customers are being listed to, this is an excellent way to turn around bad exposure that at least a company will learn by their mistakes.By evaluating different social media tools you can determine in one method is more effective than another, this is very helpful when it comes to investment for the future marketing expenditure.3.2 Explain why SMARTER targets should be set for different Social Media tools and channels SMARTER targets help to determine that you are getting the most out of social media and channels.

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You should ensure that targets are measurable, you need to be able to look where improvements can be made, and for example check if the number of followers is growing this will either prove that postings are working or you are not hitting the right audience with the line of marketing you are taking.All targets should be achievable, they should start reasonable and build up to a greater more ambitious goal. Always ensure that whichever method you use that the information is relevant to the business and should always remain professional. Posts on social media should also be uploaded at a good time, it is not SMARTER to post at a time that a good percentage of the public would not be viewing them. 3.

3 describe the methods a business can use to measure and identify success of different Social Media tools and channels Depending on the type of social media being used there are different ways to measure the success or failure. For example with Facebook the number of comments or likes can be measured to determine how the audience like or dislike a product. Twitter can be monitored by the number of re-tweets are being made or the number of times a hashtag was included, if a company is blogging then check the number of new subscribers or the amount of sharing being carried out. These results should be measured over a defined period of time i.

e. monthly or quarterly so that you can make comparisons and plan for future marketing with social media.3.

4 Describe what success could look like when using different Social Media tools and channels for different types and sizes of business 4.1 describe the components of a business’s social media policy and guidelines In a business’s social media policy and guidelines there will be many components. Some of the main components of a business’s Social Media Policy will vary from company to company. Some key factors to always consider would be to educate. All members of staff need to understand the implication of how social media can effect a business in particular creating a bad reputation. It is important to monitor and be aware of what is being said about your Company. Monitoring correctly allows a response to be sent appropriately and in a timely manner.

Lastly a component would be enforcement. Companies must decide how to deal with any violations from their policy and how they will deal with such situations.4.2 explain the importance of having a social media policy and guidelines As social media is an ever growing means of communication, business’s need to ensure they clearly set out to all their employees their policy when it comes to social media from either their job role within the company or in their own personal capacity. Without these policies several problems could arise. Some of these problems could be that the productivity can be reduced and time lost dealing with unsuitable usage of social media and handling any consequences that may occur. A business’s reputation could also be ruined or the wrong sort of exposure could be given.

This would result in lack of customer confidence for the service or goods that the business provides hence a drop in sales.4.3 explain the importance of having a reputation management policy Any business wants to have a good reputation it is crucial to grow and develop any business. A digital reputation is just as important these days as many people go online to research information or find answers if your company is searched and your online reputation is a negative one then this can have a negative effect on a business’s objectives.4.4 describe the benefits of managing perception changes in a business’s reputation Managing perception changes in a business’s reputation has many benefits such as that increased sales. Everyone searches various products, brands or services before they go ahead and place an online order, if the business hasn’t already ran appropriate marketing campaigns to understand exactly what the public are looking for they are not able to offer the right information when people are searching on social media.

Be prepared to know what is current and be ready to supply it.Another benefit would be credibility. People discuss positives and negatives regarding a purchase from a business. Social media allows this discussion to spread fast and to a wide audience. Positive feedback encourages others to go ahead with their purchases so monitor all feedback and deal with appropriately to not allow negativity to hit the company’s reputation.Lastly another benefit would be recruitment. Every company wants the best staff available to them. Business’s need to remember that key personnel will use social media to research industries if they are being head hunted to look at the reputation, turnover, results, products and brands of that company.

4.5 describe how to manage perception changes in a business’s reputationYou can manage perception changes by advertising, maybe a newsletter is sent to all current customers and potential ones.Another way is to sign into a “Word Ad Campaign” like google so that your company is viewed when key words are typed in search engines. Associating your brand is very important, it’s a very visual thing to introduce so try to include your company logo on all business documents, emails and social media.Linking your product to what is “current” is another way to monitor changes, keep in the loop with what is the latest trend or technology, if a celebrity could be linked to your product that is a fantastic way with social media to promote your business.

Feedback from customer should be encouraged as this can only help to improve a service or product, take any criticism as a positive to improve the business.5.1 explain the importance of knowing how similar businesses or industries are using Social Media It is very important to know how similar businesses are using social media. It can be very helpful because you can see how and what channels are working best for them. Therefore you know which is most successful and can save time by not trying the wrong route. For example another business in the 3D printing business may post photos of their products or share other companies on social media and gain positive feedback.

It is also important to know how similar businesses are using social media so that you can keep up with the competition. You can analyse how another business is using social media for their service to keep up to date on what your competitors are offering.Knowing how similar businesses are using social media can also expose influencers who are either discussing a competitor or your own brand. It could bring to light particular influencers who are commentating on your product or a competitor. This gives you an opportunity to make contact with influencers and show why your product is superior to those offered by competitors. 5.

2 explain how to monitor the ways similar businesses or industries are using Social Media 5.3 Monitor how a business is using Social Media When comparing businesses look at the success that they each achieve through social media. Several companies use software to value the results from different social media channels for example Facebook monitor the likes / comments or twitter use the “#” to search and likes to your business.The next step would be to compare which platforms businesses use and understand why they have picked these particular platforms.

Hopefully by using these results you can pick the best social media channel for your business. Compare the audiences that businesses want to target and engage with and try to relate these findings to your own company. Another way to monitor how a business is using social media is by creating a comprehensive list of search terms relevant to your activities. This way you will find relevant posts to your business.Facebook can be a good way to monitor a business as they have Facebook analytics. Facebook analytics has a great tool called Facebook Graph Search which can be used to find out what’s working for other brands on Facebook so that you can take the same route.One way to gather useful information is to search for the interests of people who like a brand’s page. For example if you are searching for Ogle Models, use the search query “interests liked by people who like Ogle Models.

” You can also follow these people or pages to increase chance of engagement.5.4 Identify improvements to a business’s use of Social MediaI believe that any business can have a good social media image. These improvements can be little things such as adding more images or videos to their page. This can make your website or social media channel more appealing and interesting for customers.

Other improvements can be made such as using hashtags on certain channels such as Instagram and Twitter. These allow people to find your posts which increases engagement.It is important to set goals for social media so that you can always make improvements to gain more attention.

A good way of doing this is by adding an interesting bio to your profile. This is because it will interest people and encourage them to follow your profile which helps your social media grow.Other ways to improve social media• Establish a goal • Be committed to social media. • Focus your Efforts • Have a strategy• Follow other Leaders.


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