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? This section to be completed by student – you can type into this form If you are submitting your assessment online via Turnitin you do not need to complete this form. Student name: KUMAR KHATRI Student number: 805424672 Course name/code: Diploma of applied commerce Subject name/code: academic foundation Semester/Year: 2nd Teacher’s name: Vesna Krstic Campus (TAFE College you are attending): Granville Class /day/ time: 10:15 to 3:45 Assessment title: group work Number of words or number of assessment items submitted: 1400 Submission Due date: By signing below, I declare that: others are specifically acknowledged; Student signature: This section to be completed by TAFE staff at the same time as completing the receipt slip below Date assessment submitted: Signature: This section to be completed by the teacher Mark/grade awarded: Teacher signature: Receipt slip – the TAFE staff member whom you submit your assessment to will complete this section and tear it off and return it to you.

The student must keep this slip as evidence of submission. Student’s Name (to be completed by student): Kumar khatri Assessment Title (to be completed by student): group work Name of TAFE staff member: Signature of TAFE staff member: Date assessment submitted: Report: Group Work Table of contentsExecutive summary………………………………………………………………………….3Introduction……………………………………………………………………………………

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4Factors for good group work…………………………………………………………………5Interpersonal skillsIntercultural awarenessTeam developmentTeam communicationRoles within a teamTime managementAnalysis………………………………………………………………………………………….8References………………………………………………………………………………………9Executive summaryThe report below shows the various problems that are faced by the groups and the solution and recommendation subsequent to the problems. This report will point out the problems that are being faced by the group and solution to the problems. Firstly, this reports outlines the importance of teamwork and then the problems faced by the group as per the case study various issues are shown the report that results in effective and unproductive work. The factors to better group work such as Interpersonal skills, team development, team communication, allocation of roles and time management are discussed. The above mention is the factor that the team members are unable to adjust with.

So this report deals with various problems regarding the group members followed by solutions and recommendations. The report also outlines the swot analysis on the case before drawing a conclusion.IntroductionThis case study is all about the teamwork. Here people are working in a team and the team consists of six members. They are Daniel, Anna, Lani, Nathaniel, Mohammad, and Renne. They are given a certain project in week two of their semester.

However, the project was due in week 9. This report consists of the essence of working in a team, various problems that may arise in a team and solutions to the problems. We know that different members in a group face different problems which may result in ineffectiveness and delay in the work.

So this report is going to point out various problems in the team, their effects, and solution to them. Interpersonal skillsOne of the main problem faced by the team member is interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skills are known as skills used by the person to interpret with others. Interpersonal skills are all about communication. We can also say that interpersonal communication is the process of exchanging ideas and views among the people or between the people. Interpersonal skills are also the use of various forms of communication such as language, nonverbal behavior, personal resources, and skills and exchange the meaning with the people (Burton & Dimbleby 2006, p. 150).

The case study tells us that the member in the group didn’t have many interpersonal skills because they are not communicating with the others member in a group. Anna, one of the member even call upon a work for week five sine announcement of the project. The main problem was not even a single member tried to make an effort to know each other in the group, which result in no bonding among the team members. Interpersonal skills are known as the key to success. Without interpersonal skill, members can’t know about each other’s in a group which may result in the failure of the project as shown in the case study. The way members communicate in a team may bring various problems to the team. The problems that were seen in the case study is that they are not communicating with each other more which result in the failure of the project.

So as a mentor my advice would be to use the different forms of interpersonal skills such as the use of gestures and showing respect for the team members. These types of interpersonal skills used to develop a good relationship among the members which result in bonding among the team members. As per the case study the team members didn’t use such skills to communicate with each other. as a mentor I would like to suggest them to use best ways to connect with one another in a team because it’s not worth what you say but worth how you say. While working in team members may from different backgrounds, therefore, one should always try to use different modes of gestures to avoid the disconnection among the members of a team. Similarly, the members of a team also need to listen to each other properly which maintain respect in among the team members. Listening carefully also tells that you care about what the member is going to say which maintain good relationships among the membersIntercultural awarenessIn a team, there are different members from different culture and backgrounds. Knowing about member’s backgrounds and culture is known as intercultural awareness.

According to the case study, the main problem of the team is that no one is aware of each other’s life and culture. If the members of a team are culturally aware of each other then there will be a success in the teamwork. In this case study, the members of the team have come from different backgrounds. Some of them are international students and they speak English as a secondary language.

The main problem was a language which mean they are not culturally connected which lead to less communication and confidence between the members. In a team, there should have a group discussion so that team member may get more opportunities to know about each other. The activities held in group discussion develop the trust and bonding among the team members.

An ideal team member performs modesty and respects the member’s norms and beliefs which shows the cultural bonding among the team members. So as a mentor I would like to suggest them to be initiative, culturally competent by valuing diversity, comprehending your own culturally specific attitudes, values and assumptions, understanding how your actions impacts on individuals from other cultures and using effective interpersonal communication skills ( Turner, Krenus, Ireland & Pointon 2011, p.207).Team developmentTeam development is composed of two words team and development.

Here team means a group of people and development means expansion. Combining these two words we can say that team development is the expansion or growth of the team members. The main reason for working in a team is for the development of the team. So members of the team should contribute something to the development of the team. We all know that teamwork includes team performance rather than individual performance. The members of a team should be able to contribute something to the development of the team. The members of a team should be able to work effectively and efficiently in a team.

The members of a team should be flexible. They may be able to cope with the situation. The members also are able to negotiate and compromise. You are expected to work hard, creating a culture of celebration and reducing and diffusing conflicts. We know that teamwork is more effective than individual work. The teamwork helps in the development of an individual’s skills. The teamwork also helps to solve the various problems of individuals.

The team compromise of individuals with different skills and the team member’s contribution resulted in the development of the team as a whole. The case study shows that there is a delay in decision making because no one takes initiative. As there is no initiative the team is unable to work together which result in ineffective productivity. For the expansion of the team, team members should observe and learn from one another. Team development is only possible if team members work hard and contribute according to their skills for the achievement of goals. While working in the team some member may be good at multi-tasking whereas some member may be good at organizing so, they can observe each other’s, learn from one another’s and learn to do for both tasks.

The one member who is good for doing organizing can help another member to learn his work and plan work for new ways to learn from each other and sensibly contribute their skills.Team communicationsCommunication is a process of exchanging news, views, and ideas among the people or between the people in written form or verbal form. We know that communication is one of the important aspects of the teamwork because without communication we can understand what the member is trying to say. Communication in a team is very important for a member of the group because it allows people to understand one another and be familiar. Communication has three dimensions and they are energy, engagement, and exploration (Harvard Business Review 2013, pp 6-7). Team communication is also known as the discussion that occurs within the group of the member.

It helps to share ideas and views of a member which result in innovation. As per the case study, the members are not communicating with each other properly which results in the disillusionment of team members. The members are also unable to take the decision and perform effectively. My suggestion for the team members would be to use the various means of communication. I also suggest them to talk to each other in a group, which is the effective means of communicationRoles within a teamWe know that allocating roles to team increase responsibility towards the team. Every member should give responsibility as a team. A group operates more effectively if you allocate roles including chairman timekeeper and task manager (Brick 2011, p.223).

Roles within a team mean allocating task to different members. Allocating task includes allocation of responsibility. The allocation of the task helps to maintain balance in the group. This helps in the reduction of pressure which results in smooth operation in the group. The allocation of roles and responsibility help to direct the work.

The allocation of roles helps the member to understand the work they are allocated and they contribute accordingly. The allocation of roles also helps in quick decision making. The division of work helps to reduce workload which results in smooth operation of planning and direction. For example, the role of leadership should be provided to that person who is good at directing the team and who has the best quality of leading. We all know that roles come with responsibility, so roles should be given to that person who knows their responsibility for the task allocated. As per the case study, there was no allocation of roles and responsibility. The member of the group is not taking the task seriously which result in ineffective group work Anna provided the ways of doing the task but none of the members take it seriously which delay in the decision as well. The members were not prepared for their roles and responsibility because they are not allocated task properly.

Therefore, as a mentor, I would advise the group to conduct the meetings, allocate the task to each member according to the meetings they conducted. If they do this-this will leads to effective operation and reduce the pressure and workload.Time managementTime management refers to doing anything thing without wasting any time. It is an important factor for any work. To do anything on time we need to manage the time.

Without proper management of time, we can’t achieve the goals and objectives. For the proper time management, we need to do the planning and organizing first. Without planning and organizing, we can’t do time management. The proper organization and planning are the main factors to maintain time management. The case study tells us that members of the team are unable to maintain time management due to their jobs. One of the member Renee who is single mother needs to look after the children as well which is also the problem for time management.

The member of the group are students with different jobs. Some of them were top of their own lives as well and some are busy with personal and college life which made their job even more difficult because they all have different time availabilities. The poor management of time leads to an inability to create a coherent report and presentation. The poor management of time also creates a problem in the allocation of the task. So as a mentor I will advise the team to make a time schedule for the work need to be done first.

I will also advise them to do proper planning as well which also help in time management. The member of the group should not be mixed their personal life with college life. AnalysisThe analysis of the case study shows that working in the group helps to achieve the better result than working individually. The reason for choosing a group is so that we can do work with various skills and knowledge. The working in the group also helps in the achievement of goals and objectives quickly. Group work helps in the reduction of waste, development of skills and innovation and increase the output. However, there are some advantages to working individually as well. The work done by individually leads to prompt decision.

Working individually increase creativity as well. Therefore, the case study provides evident causes of unproductivity in teams. There is involvement of SWOT analysis in this report analysis. Communication is one of the main keys for effective work in a team. Without communication, we can’t know about others people ideas and views which leads to interpersonal skills. The analysis also shows that members need to do proper time management to complete the task in time.

The analysis of the report shows that there should be some rules and regulation to carry out the task promptly. The member should have strong bonding and also need to respect each other. the members should pay more attention to their work as a group and only look for positive benefits. ReferencesBurton, G ; Dimbleby, R, 2006, ‘Between ourselves: An Introduction to Interpersonal C Dwyer J, 2015, communication for business and the profession, 6th Edn, Pearson, MelbournePARKER, G. M. Team Communication?: 20 Essential Aids.

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