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Last updated: February 16, 2019

?To ensure validity and reliability of the study findings, Creswell, (2007), Hoyle et al. (2002) and Patton (2002) argue for triangulation as a strategy for improving validity and reliability of research. For this study, observation, document search and interviews were used to ensure validity of the findings.

The reliability of interviews for this research was observed through pilot testing. This was done to ensure that no information was missed from the respondents. Questions that were not clear to the respondents were noted and rectified.3.14 Chapter SummaryThis chapter discussed the research design and methodology and explained why the qualitative case study approach was used. The population was explained as well as the sampling techniques.

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The chapter also looked at issues of reliability and validity and ethical issues highlighting how the researcher ensured reliability and validity and took care of ethical considerations in this study. Analysis of data, research process and evaluation of the research methods were also covered in the chapter. The next chapter presents and interprets result of the analysis carried out.?


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