Manukau Institute of Technology
School of Professional Engineering
Assignment 3 – Problem Developments
Semester 2 2018
This assignment weights 15% of the total mark. It marks out of 100 marks. Please check on Canvas for the due date.

Student Name: Ankush Thakur
Student ID: 170011102
Degree: Graduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Course Name: Applied Computational Modelling
Year: 2018
Assessment: 3
By submitting this assessment, I Ankush Thakur, confirm that the work in this assessment is my own work. Any citations are appropriately referenced.

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Date of submission: 31/10/2018
Solution For Problem 1 :
Overview : For this problem we have to find the Turbulence Kinetic Energy, Static Pressure and Flow velocity with the help of CFX . Moreover, we have to find these at three different locations like at an angle of 30 degree, 60 degree and 90 degree of truck.

This problem is related to the assignment 1 so first of all import the geometry from assignment 1. As some of the fixed dimensions are there like
Height = 4m
Width = 3m
Length = 10m
Also the truck is placed inside the tunnel at the centre as show in the figure below having
Width = 4m
Length = 40m
Height = 6m
Creation of 3D Model and Mesh
As first of all geometry from first assignment imported and then converted according to the given condition .

Now open the mesh tab in CFX and create section names as
Select the tunnel and truck and generate mess from the tool bar .

Now , Create boundary conditions in the set up as
To create boundary condition for inlet
Set location as Inlet and choose option as Normal speed which is 120km/hour
To create outlet boundary condition
Set location as the Outlet and option for average static pressure which should be 0
To create boundary condition for walls
Set location as walls , set wall roughness , mass and momentum. Also select option as No slip wall and smooth wall.

To create boundary conditions for car
Set location named as Car and then set boundary details as mass momentum and wall roughness.

Now open the solution tab
To obtain the solution start Run program

Analyze Result and their Comparesion

Problem 2 :
As this problem is also related to the assignment 1 and in this we have to obtained the
Turbulence kinetic energy
Static Pressure
Flow velocity
There is also three different condition in which angle of the door of the garage will change in each condition that 30 degree, 60 degree, 90 degree at a speed of 50 meter per second.

Also the dimension for the car and garage are given as
Length of car = 2m
Height = 4m
Width = 2m
Width of garage = 5m
Height = 6m
Length = 8m

Model Setup and Solution :
First of all import the geometry from assignment and transform it according to the given shape and size. Create the model fluid and delete the solid one.

After that in CFX , open the mesh. Select the section and name them as
Now generate mesh by clicking on the generate

Now create the boundary condition , name boundaries
For inlet Boundary condition
Make a inlet boundary condition and name location Inlet also choose option as normal speed of 50 meter/sec

For Outlet boundary
Set location to Outlet

To create boundary condition for Walls
Set location as walls choose option to No slip wall and smooth wall

Boundary Condition for Car
Set location as Car

Start Run
By closing all the tabs start run program to get the solution

RESULT and their Comparision

Overview :
For this problem we have to find out the turbulent kinetic energy, static pressure and flow velocity inside the tank and velocity (average) for flow coming out of the tank. As the volume of the tank is 3000 m3. Also there are two inlet(Q1,Q2) and one outlet (Q3).

Q1=250 l/m
Q2= 100l/m
At two different given conditions that is
Q2 is opposite to Q1 and Q3 as shown in figure 1
Q2 is 90 degree to Q1 and Q3
At the above given condition we have to find out the
Average velocity of Q3
Minimum and maximum internal pressure
Turbulent Kinetic energy

Figure 1
Creation of model and mess :
To create the tank first of all create the circle of radius 7m and further by using extrude command extrude it to the depth of 19.4805 (on XY Plane)
After that select the ZX plane and construct two different circle of radius 0.1m and 0.08m having distance 1.948m and 12.987meter consecutively . Now by extrude command extrude the whole sketch to 10meter. After that draw a circle on the new sketch of radius 0.06meter on the distance of 9.7403 meter and extrude it to the depth of 10meter. On the completion of the geometry change the solid to fluid.

Open mesh in CFX also create section name as
Inlet 1
Inlet 2
After that generate mess by clicking generate option on the toolbar

Boundary Conditions :
After mess select the set up and make boundary as
Inlet 1
Inlet 2
Run Program:
To get the solution start run program.


At 180 degree :

At 90 degree:

Problem 4
To solve this problem we have to find out the flow velocity of the water on the different mass flow rate
Creation of 3D model and mesh
On XY Plane ,Construct a line AB =80mm
On point B construct another perpendicular line =13mm
Construct another Line of length =5mm
On the last point of line construct another perpendicular = 8mm
Increase the length of line = 50mm
Construct Perpendicular on the last point = 13mm
Increase length by = 5mm
Again construct perpendicular at the end = 29.95mm
Increase the length by =80mm
Revolve 1
On X axis Revolve 360 degree
Revolve 2 90 degree
With the help of extrude command
Radius =25.95mm
Then Extrude
Height = 100mm
Radius =12.5mm
Extrude again
Height = 80mm
Radius = 15mm
After completion of geometry create mesh in CFX as
Inlet 1

Apply Boundary condition



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