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Last updated: July 2, 2019

;; Combination lock box assembler.asm;; Created: 6/10/2018 3:24:23 PM; Author : James Coghlan;.INCLUDE “M32ADEF.INC” ;ADD Atmega32 definition.

ORG 0x00 ; code segment area.EQU LCD_PORT = PORTB //Label PORTB with LCD_PORT title, any instance of LCD_PORT used with be replaced with PORTB value.EQU LCD_DDR = DDRB //Label DDRB with LCD_DDR title.EQU LCD_PIN = PINB //Label PINB with LCD_PIN title.EQU LCD_RS = 0 //Label LCD_RS with 0 for PB0.EQU LCD_RW = 1 //Label LCD_RW with 1 for PB1.

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EQU LCD_EN = 2 //Label LCD_EN with 2 for PB2.EQU KEY_PORT = PORTC //Label PORTC with KEY_PORT title.EQU KEY_PIN = PINC //Label PINC with KEY_PIN title.EQU KEY_DDR = DDRC //Label DDRC with KEY_DDR title//Setting up stack pointer registerLDI R21, HIGH(RAMEND) //Load immediate HIGH(RAMEND) to R21 OUT SPH, R21 //Store register R21 to SPHLDI R21, LOW(RAMEND) //Load immediate LOW (RAMEND) to R21OUT SPL, R21 //Store register R21 to SPLLDI R20, 0xF0 //Load immediate F0 to R20OUT KEY_DDR, R20 //Setting KEY DDR to R20 which = 0xF0 4 bits output and 4 bits inputCALL LCD_Init //Call the initialise LCDCALL MSGDISPLAY //Call the message display, which prints a stringHERE: CALL KEYPADSCAN //call the Keypad scanningCALL LCDWRITE //call the lcdwriteRJMP HERE //Loops back to Keypad press checkingMSG: .DB “INPUT CODE:”, 0 //Stored message string in z registers;*******************************************************LCD_Init: LDI R21, 0xFF OUT LCD_DDR, R21 ; LCD Data port is output LDI R16, 0x33 ; init. LCD for 4 bit data CALL COMMWRITE: CALL DELAY_2ms LDI R16, 0x32 ; init. LCD for 4 bit data CALL COMMWRITE: CALL DELAY_2ms LDI R16, 0x28 ;init.

LCD 2 lines, 5×7 matrix CALL COMMWRITE: CALL DELAY_2ms LDI R16, 0x0E ; display on curser on CALL COMMWRITE: CALL DELAY_2ms LDI R16, 0x01 ; clear lcd CALL COMMWRITE: CALL DELAY_2ms LDI R16, 0x06 ; shift curser right CALL COMMWRITE: RET;********************************************************MSGDISPLAY:LDI R31, HIGH(MSG


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