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Last updated: January 9, 2020

2018 Spring SemesterENG 101 – Task Sheet- Week 8In order to achieve a sustainable society, people should control their consumption patterns.Write an ARGUMENTATIVE essay of 700+ supporting the idea given above. When referring to the text, use proper APA style of in-text citation (direct quotation maximum 3 and paraphrasing).

The consumption of people that has been debated explicitly for recent decades has been nearly justified as the most fundamental matter in people’s lives. The world is frequently changing owing to people’s consumption activities and this change has affected the world in many perspectives. Also, society is influenced because of unreasonable(illogical) movement of people. Some people suppose that the greed of people who cause excessive consumption. Therefore, people should control their consumption model. Conferences are being kept in many locations in order not to harm society and people are aware by these conferences.

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Hence, consumption affects people’s lives in many ways. However, there are two considerable sight, —————————————– and ————————————.


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