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Last updated: February 11, 2019

2.8 million years ago, the genus of homo were the first humans to emerge. When homo sapiens sapiens were first introduced into existence 200,00 years ago, there were already six other human species in existence. Homo erectus were most successful living around 2 million years, which is ten times longer that modern humans have existed. The last of the other human species died off around 10,000 years ago, but no one has figured out what caused them to die out.

We don’t know if it was the lack of resources or something else that could have cause this. The early humans started building and using tools 2.8 million years ago, but nothing worked for 2 million years, which is when fire came into their lives. Fire helped them cook the food they had which helped stay away from disease and helped make the food more nutritious. It also provided light and warmth which helped during the winters. Fire also helped to keep predators away and also helped with hunting.

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Around 50,000 years ago human were survival specialists, which meant they knew everything about their surroundings, for example the smell of different plants and animals, any noises and more. Later on came farming, which soon created what we call a civilization. It gave them a reliable and predictable food source. Then came livestock and a more inclosed space.

And things kept growing and growing, villages started appearing, cites, kingdoms, empires, everything was growing bigger and bigger. 500 years ago is when scientific Revolution. this is when mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Biology, and Chemistry started to take place and changed everything. Those things helped get to where we are today and helped create what we have today.


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