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1996. A team by a guy named Brock Lovett is searching for the RMS Titanic for a rare diamond necklace, The Heart of the Ocean. They found a drawing of a young beautiful lady wearing only that necklace. The drawing dated back to April 14th, 1912, the day the ship had wrecked into pieces. The lady in the drawing, Rose Dawson Calvert, was brought with the team as she tells Lovett all about her Titanic experience.

It all started with Jack Dawson, a busty artist who won a ticket to the Titanic in a poker game. As soon as he gets on the ship, he fells in love with Rose. A seventeen-year-old beautiful young lady, and a first-class passenger. Ruth, the mother of Rose, asserts that the marriage of Rose to her narcissistic fiancé Cal Hockley will solve all their problems financially and make them a high-class people. When finally Rose couldn’t take it anymore, she attempted suicide overboard by throwing herself from the ship above. But fortunately, she was saved by the handsome Jack Dawson, as he suddenly was forbidding her from letting herself fall.

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And, that’s how they first met. The other day, she got up and she lied about her committing suicide. She told her fiancé that she was bending over the edge and Jack saved her from falling, she suggested that Jack should receive a reward for what he had done. Cal, Rose’s fiancé, indeed invited Jack to a first-class dinner the following day. The relationship then between Rose and Jack developed, as she secretly sneaked out to join Jack a third class party.As the story between those two lovebirds goes on, the director, James Cameron, puts the lights on the message of the whole movie. Actually, there were more than just one message of the movie.

Cameron was obsessed with shipwrecks, he didn’t want to just write a movie about a ship in the ocean. Instead, he focused on how his movie is not just a typical romantic or a drama story. It’s an event that happened to real people who really died. Therefore, he focused on the juxtaposition of the rich and poor at the time, and how the high-class sector didn’t socialize with those below them even though the leading actors broke these rules. And also, how the future is unpredictable and no one will ever know what would happen in it. Cameron searched about the Titanic for six months before writing the script.

When he finally began to write the script, he wanted people to live the history, and maintain a balance with the fictional love story at the same time. Hence, his movie included real people who existed in the event of the Titanic, just like the shipbuilder Thomas Andrews, the leader of the ship Captain Edward John Smith, and the richest man on the ship at the time John Jacob Astor IV.Despite the fact that the movie was intended to be shooting for 138 days, it lasted for 160 days instead. During this time, the cast and movie members had a lot of health problems shooting, as they were spending hours in cold water. About the music and the soundtrack, the main musician for the movie was James Horner. He also wrote the lovely song “My Heart Will Go On”. No surprise, all this made it the first movie in history to be nominated for 14 Academy Awards, and won 11 Oscar Nominations for Best Director and Best Picture, Titanic was the most expensive film ever made at the time with a budget of 200$ million.

The movie was then made to be a 3D in 2012, and it broke the record again with $343.6 million worldwide. The movie held that success for the followed 12 years, that’s when the genius James Cameron came up with another successful movie named Avatar.Personally, I think the movie was amazingly directed, strongly acted, and incredibly touching. Even though it’s a 3 hour movie, I didn’t get bored or skipped a scene.

Every actor played the role at its best. My favorite scene was probably when the musicians were playing violin while the ship is sinking. It was totally another whole thing! How can something feels so real when you are only watching it on a displaying screen? The love story, the suffering of the low-class sector, not only that, even the lighting makes the audience living in the past, and the clothes were so classy! I think Titanic will always be one of my favorite movies of all time. This movie will never get old I guess.

I do believe it will be your favorite too, oh, and the end will blow your mind away!!


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