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1714500000College of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Architectural Engineering (Summer_2018_CVEN399_30193_L02) Practical Training L02Final Technical ReportSummer 2018Name: Taha Ahmad AfanehID: 201307023Instructor: Mohammed Hussein & Mohammed Elshafie Date of submission: 05-08-2018Table of Contents TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc521972413 h 3Project short descriptions: PAGEREF _Toc521972414 h 4Explain assigned duties: PAGEREF _Toc521972415 h 5Problems we faced in the project: PAGEREF _Toc521972416 h 5Problem 1: PAGEREF _Toc521972417 h 6Problem 2: PAGEREF _Toc521972418 h 6Problem 3: PAGEREF _Toc521972419 h 6Daily work development/progress: PAGEREF _Toc521972420 h 7Link between practical experience with theories learnt at university PAGEREF _Toc521972421 h 9Slump test: PAGEREF _Toc521972422 h 9Quantity take-off PAGEREF _Toc521972423 h 10Multidisciplinary Experience: PAGEREF _Toc521972424 h 10Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc521972425 h 11Table of figures TOC h z c “Figure” Figure 1: overall project while constructed PAGEREF _Toc521972385 h 4Figure 2: structural plan for the substation and oil tank PAGEREF _Toc521972386 h 5Figure 3 : checking the reinforcement PAGEREF _Toc521972387 h 5Figure 4: curing the roof concrete PAGEREF _Toc521972388 h 5Figure 5: Shuttering works PAGEREF _Toc521972389 h 5Figure 6: poor concrete bonding PAGEREF _Toc521972390 h 6Figure 7 : getting ready for the layer 1&3 compaction test PAGEREF _Toc521972391 h 6Figure 8: compacted soil PAGEREF _Toc521972392 h 6Figure 9: during pour the concrete. PAGEREF _Toc521972393 h 7Figure 10: Number of jacks before pouring the concrete.

PAGEREF _Toc521972394 h 7Figure 11: Number of jacks after the shutter moves. PAGEREF _Toc521972395 h 7Figure 12: Company ID PAGEREF _Toc521972396 h 7Figure 13: Safety Stickers PAGEREF _Toc521972397 h 7Figure 14: concreting the fire walls PAGEREF _Toc521972398 h 8Figure 15: lifting the shunt reactor from the truck PAGEREF _Toc521972399 h 8Figure 16: transferring the shunt reactor to the foundation PAGEREF _Toc521972400 h 8Figure 17: place the shunt reactor on the foundation PAGEREF _Toc521972401 h 8Figure 18: Install the water proofing rolls at the oil tank PAGEREF _Toc521972402 h 8Figure 19: Steel and shuttering work PAGEREF _Toc521972403 h 8Figure 20: Slump test in the university PAGEREF _Toc521972404 h 9Figure 21: Slump test cone PAGEREF _Toc521972405 h 9Figure 22: Slump test in BS EN PAGEREF _Toc521972406 h 10Figure 23: measuring the sample results PAGEREF _Toc521972407 h 10Figure 24: installing shunt reactor accessories PAGEREF _Toc521972408 h 11Figure 25: Transferring oil to the shunt reactor PAGEREF _Toc521972409 h 11Figure 26:excavate for the earth cables PAGEREF _Toc521972410 h 11Introduction: On summer 2018, I started the practical training in Qatar construction and engineering (QCON) as a site engineer. I Started from 28-06-2018 till 09-08-2018.Qatar Engineering & Construction Company (QCON) is the leading National EPC & Maintenance Contractor in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Power industries.QCON is a multi-discipline industrial Engineering & Construction Company, capable of delivering total solutions to its clients in the Oil & Gas industries.To focus on the specific needs of its clients, QCON operates through its three divisions:Industrial Projects.Maintenance Services.

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Mechanical Fabrication.In this report I will present all things that I have done during my summer training at (QCON) in one of their projects in Doha as a subcontractor ” REF _Ref521845197 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 1″7073079580Figure 1: overall project while constructedProject short descriptions:The project name: METRO PHASE 1 SYSTEMS ROLLING STOCK AND TRACK WORK Location: Lusail Client: Qatar Railways Company Main contractor: MMHKT consortium Sub-Contractor 1: ABB Sub-Contractor 2: QCON (Qatar construction and engineering) Project Budget: 2,000,000 QR Project Area: 500 m2 Project duration: 3 Months from 28-5-2018 to 22-8-2018 -143124403529Project description: Construct a substation and an underground oil tank ” REF _Ref521845173 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 2″.Figure 2: structural plan for the substation and oil tankExplain assigned duties:When I started my training, the main task for me was asking questions about anything that I don’t know in the project.

If I didn’t ask daily, the engineer will ask me about several things, that he knows that I don’t know anything about them. He will let me search and explain them to him as a punishment, all this to make sure that I am learning everyday new things. In addition, looking after workers and make sure that they are doing the work in a good and neat way. Furthermore, calculate the quantity of concrete and reinforcement for the oil tank ” REF _Ref521845158 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 4 & REF _Ref521845160 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 5″.

Moreover, before pouring the concrete I should check the reinforcement and make sure that is exactly same as shop drawing ” REF _Ref521845140 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 3″. In last 2 weeks I was the only site engineer in the project. This is because other engineers started to work in a new project so, the project manager let me act as a site engineer starting from July 28, 2018 till now. The assigned tasks in those 2 weeks is to make sure that all activities are going as scheduled, solving any problems happen and report everything to the project manager. 0386400407902014522002122997657100095251Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3 : checking the reinforcement00Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 3 : checking the reinforcement213804592489Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4: curing the roof concrete00Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 4: curing the roof concrete422943193152Figure 5: Shuttering works 00Figure 5: Shuttering works Problems we faced in the project:Problems usually happens in any project, dealing with it and solve it is the engineer work “engineer solves problems” There were a lot of problems that we face it in this project.Problem 1: Poor bonding between the old and new concrete ” REF _Ref521845121 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 6″. According to what we took in testing materials course, this happens due to bad shipping and bad cleaning. So, we solved it by repair the concrete (applying cement at the poor bonding spaces) and make sure to make a good shipping and clean it well for other concrete works next time.

770973114300033498741016000 Figure 6: poor concrete bondingProblem 2: I ask to the quality control (QC) to request for the compaction inspection for the compacted soil (layer 1 ; 3) ” REF _Ref521845094 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 7 & REF _Ref521845096 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 8″. He asks the site admin to request but he didn’t, so the backfilling was delayed for one day because of this silly mistake, the QC should arrange for the compaction test by himself.3116911792400458746778600424180359714Figure 7 : getting ready for the layer 1&3 compaction test00Figure 7 : getting ready for the layer 1&3 compaction test35219318255Figure 8: compacted soil00Figure 8: compacted soil Problem 3: On August 2, 2018 we have prepared ourselves to pour the manhole neck with concrete, shuttering and supports are already fixed. We didn’t request for a pump we will do it manually because its small area and no need for it also to save money. We started to pour the concrete suddenly the shutter started to move. So, we stopped pouring and bring more jacks to support the shutter and then we continue.

” REF _Ref521845078 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 9″ This problem happens because of 2 reasons:Number of the jacks installed were small and the load was higher. ” REF _Ref521845012 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 11″39223955949950060325000194310057340500Because we did it manually, we can’t distribute the concrete same as we done with pump, so the load will be concentrated in one place. ” REF _Ref521844998 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 10″419163582550Figure 11: Number of jacks after the shutter moves.0Figure 11: Number of jacks after the shutter moves.14287571755Figure 9: during pour the concrete.0Figure 9: during pour the concrete.212471043815Figure 10: Number of jacks before pouring the concrete.0Figure 10: Number of jacks before pouring the concrete.

Daily work development/progress:37909503111500Before I started my training, I went to the admin office, they gave me safety and quality induction. They gave me also the company ID ” REF _Ref521844959 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 12″ and the Personal protective equipment (PPE).40055806985Figure 12: Company IDFigure 12: Company ID31402695772150046413058577300On the next day, I went to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) for another safety induction and I got two stickers on my helmet. ” REF _Ref521844943 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 13″333375024257000Figure 13: Safety Stickers37858701744980Figure 14: concreting the fire walls0Figure 14: concreting the fire wallsThen I went to the project, when I arrived I saw them preparing to pour concrete for the fire walls ” REF _Ref521844913 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 14″ and I stayed their till 12 AM. This was the first time that I saw how they did pour the concrete, but I still didn’t know what happens around me.132397531134050040309802191385Figure 15: lifting the shunt reactor from the truck0Figure 15: lifting the shunt reactor from the truck360045024657050035242508445500On the next days I started to know what happens around me when the engineer told me to read the drawing, it took maybe a 1 week to read and understand all the drawings, also the engineer was very helpful. Then I started to work as site engineering see what happens around me and asking questions if I don’t know what’s going on.

The very critical activity was lifting the shunt reactors ” REF _Ref521844789 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 15 & REF _Ref521844804 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 17″, the weight of each on is 40 tons, so we made a celebration after we lift them safely and nothing happens to the shunt reactors foundations ” REF _Ref521844851 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 16″.3829050532765Figure 16: transferring the shunt reactor to the foundation0Figure 16: transferring the shunt reactor to the foundation1733550257810Figure 17: place the shunt reactor on the foundation00Figure 17: place the shunt reactor on the foundation37528504508500Also, Water proofing ” REF _Ref521844686 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 18″ is considered as important activity. water proofing is used in any underground and tanks, to make sure nothing touch the concrete either underground water from outside or inside.3810000533400Figure 18: Install the water proofing rolls at the oil tank0Figure 18: Install the water proofing rolls at the oil tankAfter the water proofing finished we pour a screed layer to protect the water proof layer from any scratch or damage.

39808151886585Figure 19: Steel and shuttering work0Figure 19: Steel and shuttering work37528501397000Then we started to fix the steel bars and the form work as the drawing before pouring the concrete ” REF _Ref521848369 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure19″. Now we are ready to pour the concrete we can pour the concrete in two ways either by a pump or manually, it depends on the work we have. During pouring of the concrete we must make sure that the shutter is not moving. Also, distribute the concrete in all the structure equally with continuous vibrating.Link between practical experience with theories learnt at university36671253746500Slump test:37903151495425Figure 20: Slump test in the university00Figure 20: Slump test in the university39243003571875Figure 21: Slump test cone00Figure 21: Slump test cone364807517614900Slump test used to determine the hardness and harmonious of concrete paste before curing.

The main purpose of the test is to measure the consistency of concrete, also in some construction fields some companies uses some admixtures to satisfy the required results for the slump. The change in slump height will set the change in the ratio of the concrete components. The percentages of used materials in the concrete paste determine the quality, slump ration and strength of the concrete. In testing of materials course in Qatar University we took how to make the slump test (ASTM C 143) ” REF _Ref521971978 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 20 & REF _Ref521971980 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 21″ and how get the results of the tested concrete. -45720080454500In the field, before pouring the concrete we should make the slump test and check its workability. According to QCS 2014 slump test shall be conducted as the following: ” REF _Ref521972046 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 22″2162175607695Figure 22: Slump test in BS EN0Figure 22: Slump test in BS EN42195751490980Figure 23: measuring the sample results0Figure 23: measuring the sample results4114800825500Then after we did all the above procedures, we got a shear concrete type.

Then we measure difference between the highest point of the sample and the rod. The reading was 180mm ” REF _Ref521972080 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 23″ which is within the range that are mentioned in the contract (120mm – 200mm).Quantity take-offIn Construction management course in Qatar university, we learned how to know how much quantity of a material we need. In the field I did a calculation to know how many drums of painting material we need to finish all the project.PaintsName Total ordered Usage Balance 1 Drum (liter) Total used liters Total Balance liter liter used in 1 m2 Liter needed in 1 m2Tank Guard (Epoxy) 20 8 12 10 80 120 0.25 4.05Penguard texo (Filler) 10 5 5 16 80 80 0.25 4.

05Hard Top (Top colour 5 3 2 20 60 40 0.19 5.4Primer 5 4 1 13 52 13 0.16 6.230769Total 40 20 20 59 272 253 1 20Area of usage paint on Cable trench and oil dike Area of TC ; OTCable Trench 140 m2 Trench cover 35 m2Oil dike 184 m2 oil Tank 105 m2 Total 324 m2 Total Area 140 m2Needed paints for trench cover in liter Tank Guard Penguard texo Hard Top Primer 8.75 liter 8.75 liter 6.65 liter 5.

6 literNeeded paints for oil tank in liter Tank Guard Penguard texo Hard Top Primer 27 liter 27 liter 20 liter 16.8 literTotal Tank Guard Penguard texo Hard Top Primer 35.75 liter 35.75 liter 26.

65 liter 22.4 literMultidisciplinary Experience:There are other disciplines in the site, such as electrical and mechanical engineering. In this Project they are dealing with both electrical and mechanical engineering because of the shunt reactor.Electrical engineers are responsible for arrange cables found under the ground before excavation and installing the shunt reactors ” REF _Ref521972245 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 24 & REF _Ref521972296 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 26″ . I have already contacted with an electrical engineer to know what is the good spacing to excavate to let them install the earth cables to connect it with the shunt reactor there were an issue that they want to pass the cables through the cable trench while the painters are working there so we agreed but without touching the walls. 43688002512695002002790252349000-21463025133300Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, installing of pipes and transfer oil to the shunt reactor ” REF _Ref521972247 h * MERGEFORMAT Figure 25″. I have already contacted with a mechanical engineer to move the oil transferring machine to another place to start excavation for the earth cables that the electrical engineer needs. There is no issue happening during the work of electrical and mechanical engineering except that the safety guy told us that while the electricians working in the shunt reactor it is not allowed to work under it, in this case the project will be delayed for 1 week at least because of activities delaying.

After discussing we agreed with him to work while the electricians work on the shunt reactor because this will not affect any one’s safety.-77470186055Figure 24: installing shunt reactor accessories0Figure 24: installing shunt reactor accessories2344420224790Figure 25: Transferring oil to the shunt reactor0Figure 25: Transferring oil to the shunt reactor4555490183515Figure 26:excavate for the earth cables00Figure 26:excavate for the earth cables235394531686500 ConclusionIn summary, the training was more than I expected, I learned a lot of things such as, pouring the concrete, shuttering work (formwork), curing, slump test, compaction test, compactors, the finishes in general (primer, filler, epoxy, painting and sanding), steel inspection, and look after the workers and make sure the work is going as scheduled. I feel how do they responsible for the all site and any mistake happen or problem how they can deal with it. Taking courses in the university and link it in the field it is such a good idea and I requested to make summer or winter training course yearly to help the students to link, summarize and stick every single information they took it every year.


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