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1508760-11176000MBA SPORT MANAGEMENT05969000MBS 2873 – MEDIA RELATIONS & SPORTS0901700045720106045Title:Relationship between Media and Sports From New PerspectiveDue Date:26 OCTOBER 2017Lecturer:Dr.

Norhaniza binti Abd latiffLecturer: 00Title:Relationship between Media and Sports From New PerspectiveDue Date:26 OCTOBER 2017Lecturer:Dr. Norhaniza binti Abd latiffLecturer: Name:SHAIFUL NIZAM BIN YAAKOBStudent ID:110051865Semester: 3Academic Honesty Policy Statement-114305778500I, hereby attest that contents of this attachment are my own work. Referenced works, articles, art, programs, papers or parts thereof are acknowledged at the end of this paper. This includes data excerpted from CD-ROMs, the Internet, other private networks, and other people’s disk of the computer system.

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Student’s Signature: _____________________________LECTURER’S COMMMENTS/GRADE:for office use onlyDATE : ______________TIME : ________________RECEIVER’S NAME : _______IntroductionSport is one of the well published issues in the Net. Sport issues gain a lot of publicity and discussion in the media. The examples are many like the football issues, tennis issues or any other related sport news issues. Media makes use of our needs to witness the actual thing by serving the mediator between the sporting event, which happen somewhere in the global world.

By understanding the growth of technology sports can now be access through social media and also can bring the closer borderless. This is the new era and challenges that the media and sports need to face in the future. Defining media are likely to make people think of vastly different and distinct occupations, people organization, text and artefact. The word media has come to mean variety of thing, in a similar fashion to sport, but in far greater complexity and breadthTASK 1: SPORT COVERAGEMedia is a major or intermediary factor for the concerned group or community on current issues. The use of media is increasingly widespread because sophisticated technological development now becoming easier for the users to get information quickly and accurately and also its saving the time and energy. Sport is one of the well-published issues in the Net.

Sport issues gain a lot of publicity and discussions in the media nowadays. Sports enthusiasts will get info about sports that they are interested in through media. Sports coverage is now available through mass media and electronics. The media network in sports is getting bigger about sports now different from the past.Media in sports can be divided in by categories.

This categories plays an important role in sports sections. Mass media is any form of communication that reaches very large numbers of people. According to Maxwell, McCombs and Donald (2018) The mass media force attention to certain issues. They build up public images of political figures. While definition by Koivula (1999) mass media is a powerful factor which influence our beliefs, attitudes and the values we have of ourselves and others as well as the world surrounding us. Mass media informs, interpret events, and entertains the public (Coakley, 2007)Television is the main source of media coverage. It has been a central part of our everyday experience, media brings sports coverage to our living room and shows it to us whenever we choose.

People watch television no matter time and place. Television can be said to be the main factor in getting new information and knowledge. Television can be defined as any story within 45 second or more in length (McCombs and Shaw, 2018). Another definition of television that stated by Liu and Chao in their research in 2005, television is one of important component in sports media, television relay of sports affairs, surrounding a series of sports events and generates huge economic benefits when spreading. Television is using for broadcast sporting events, usually live. The popular sport channel is like ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network), NFL (National Football League), and Star Sport, Fox Sports, Astro Arena, BeIN Sports and many more.Press sport coverage is also one of the popular intermediaries in sports.

Even though newspaper was the traditional media that used before but then this media tools still use by the readers. The newspaper industry defines a regular or loyal readers as a person who has a daily habit of newspaper use (Grusin and Stone, 1993). Research by Lee (1992) during the Summer Olympic Games 1984 and 1988 revealed that men received significantly more written coverage in sports “male appropriate” and team sports. While women receive more coverage on “feminine-appropriate” sports that emphasizing aesthetic characteristic. This shows that written press is still one of the intermediaries for the sport enthusiast getting information and knowledge.

A commercial systems that left little room for non-profit broadcasters was established by the national radio conferences, the Radio Act of 1972, and the Federal Communications Act of 1934 which created the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission’s (O’Toole, 2010). In the context in Malaysia, radio also plays a role in broadcasting such as a major sponsor of the sports tournament. Era FM has sponsored as a main radio show in the 2012 Malaysia Football Championship. Others than that, Arena Radio is one of the famous radio broadcast where sports enthusiast can gain new information on local and international sports news. Radio is one of intermediaries of sports fans to get information when there are uncertainty weathers or they cannot go to the sports event. As Griffith deny that how radio reduced the attendance, somehow on rainy games days some sports fan spurned the stadium in favour and engaged to be to “radio parties”.

The internet is a contemporary medium that provides sport organizations the opportunity to communicate with both current and potential fan bases. (Lombardo, 2007). The growing popularity of the Internet has provided sport organizations with the opportunity to deliver their own content to current and potential fans of their teams (Fisher, 2007; Lombardo, 2007). Internet usage is widespread. An example of sport website that well known for the sport fans is ESPN, Sporting News, Sky Sports, and many more. From general review, they are different areas of the media that cover sports.

Sport fans can get information through media they like. Sports media tends to assume that their audience understands certain processes and that they do not need explaining, which is not always the case with mainstream media. (Statman and David, 2018)TASK 2 :THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECT OF MEDIA IN SPORTSMedia coverage has certain positive effect of each other which are as follows: -i)Money – media companies pay the rights to show a sporting event.

ii)Education – people learn the rules of the sports from watching TV.iii)Role Model – Inspiration – media brings sport to people who have no chance to get involved in it.iv)Inspiration – Media brings sport to people who may not normally get to experience it otherwise. This can encourage people to get involvedv)Coaching aid – Watching professionals on the TV can help you see how a technique should be performed which could help your performanceNegative Effecti)Bias – Only the really popular sports get much attention on the tv and in newspapers etc. This doesn’t help encourage people into the less popular sportsii)Lack of Attendance – For matches that are shown on tv, ticket sales often dropiii)Overload – There is a lot of sport on tv nowadays, some say too much!iv)Attention – Sport stars often complain of too much attention being paid to their private livesv)Demands – The media can put pressure on the organizers of sporting competitions to make the viewing experience better for TV audiences. For example, in a previous Olympics, the marathon was run at a time which suited TV companies, even though it was at the hottest time of dayReview on Representation of Disability Sports in MediaThe media can promote disability sports and the abilities of athlete with the disability (Britain, 2004) . Newspaper are an important medium for this because nearly all newspaper have a sports section.

The South Korean national newspaper Chosun Ilbo also had more coverage of Korean athletes than international athletes who took part in the 2004 Paralympic Games (Chang ; Crossman, 2009). There have been mixed findings in terms of gender differences in Paralympic newspaper coverage. Chang and Crossman (2009), Schantz and Gilbert (2001), and Thomas and Smith (2003) found more coverage of male Paralympians.

However, even though the coverage was similar, there was a gender difference in the way Paralympians are portrayed. de Léséleuc et al. did find that female Paralympians were not represented in the same way as female athletes without disability, and male Paralympians were “trivialized” and “infantilized” in many newspapers.Beside the positive effect of participationin sports, there are also several negative impact on sports development that are highlighted in the media.

For example we can look into the organizing of the Commenwealth Games in Malaysia in 1998. The total cost of the games has reached millions and debt that the government need to recover reach almost 10 years to settle. Hence there are certain positive impact ofTASK 3: THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SPORTS AND MEDIADefinition of media normally can be referring to several of medium of communication. The media can be either from the main stream or the alternative stream. The term can also be used as a collective noun for the press or news reporting agencies. In the computer world, “media” is also used as a collective noun, but refers to different types of data storage options.

Media generates profit through sports while sports and its content are transmitted through media. It is clear that sports and media developing in expanding through this symbolic relationship. In Malaysia context, sports media currently are controlled or dominated by public company called Astro.

They have their own sports channel that covers sports activates from Malaysia and through the world.Review from wider perspective.In recent times, it’s fair to say that we have seen the consumptions of sports shift from traditional media towards online media medium. As marketers promote sports through sponsorship, it is important on how to deliver the messages that are intend to reach the audience or target group.

For example as follows: -Give fans an memorable match experiencedThe Biggest opportunity to engage with sports fan is on match day. Game of football for example can last for 90 minutes, with little dwell time before and after. The game itself already has its own follower and fans besides promoting the secondary content which is from the sponsor itself. Sponsor from big company like Samsung or Hyundai already appear on the screen and can be seen by the fans easily through the football game.

Grab People Attention Live Stream, exclusive videos, player’s interviews – these are few examples of ways how media and sports can captive audience through unique content. Fans will look at the sponsor to provide content they can’t find anywhere else, which ultimately should lead to positive brand perception.Encourage the players to get InvolvedThe is the other example on how the sports used media to promote itself. Club are taking advantages of their high profile signing of football players.

For example in 2008, Chelsea Team sign Didier Drogba from France football league which create a massive impact on the social media and sports industry in English Premier League. Bring in two elements that fans would recognize and enjoy allows brand to show of their personality but also build loyal brand ambassadors. Yokohama tires are together with the Chelsea Football Team as their main sponsor since 2013.

Although Yokohama is a tire brand, but the impact that the give to the club makes their marketing team running easily.Move with timesThe generation X, in particular can no longer sit in front of the TV for more than 2hours.Instead, the prefer to use their mobile phones to watch short clips that content sports from the social media, Example like from the You Tube, Twitters or Instagram. These social media can contain message that pop up before the viewers can watch what they intend to watch. These new medium of communication connect the world at one times without limitations. Spotting conversations that are happening in real times provides opportunity for sports brand to grab hold the space and get their message across.Adoption and rejection of sporting heroes by the mediaPepsi and Coke have taken football in different direction. Coke went official route, buying up World Cup, Euro Championship and Football League sponsorship.

Pepsi approach personal football starts like Zinade Zidane, Francesco Totti, Lionel Messi, and David Beckham to be as their covering for their marketing campaign. Beside, as the marketing strategies, they created Heroes using the media in the sporting world. Fans and followers going crazy about their stars which effect the sale product throughout the world.Part of the heroic factors, there are certain rejection sporting heroes that already cause by the media coverage. For example, Tiger Woods personal life conflicts have affected his personal sponsor title like Buick, Gillette, Nike and other sporting goods. In show that how media influence in sporting world create people from zero to hero and vice versa. From Malaysia media perspective, the main stream media already lift up the soccer legend Mokhtar Dahari as the Super Heroes of the Malaysia football. The great Malaysian players have been contributing a lot of success to the Malaysia Football history.

Until 2018, all the main media dominated Super Mokh as Malaysian Greatest Football Players ever has.TASK 4;EVALUATING MEDIA COVERAGE SPORTTechnology is really important to the coverage of sports coverage in media. Not only does it allow all of these forms media to be possible, but also allows features like photo finish , instant replay and the latest is the video assist reply that is used in the latest Fifa World Cup 2018 which create new dimension of football and technology.The media sometimes provide what the readers need to know rather than tell them what they should know. The mainstream media promote the understanding among different races in this pluralism society.

Mainstream media should give a balanced report on the coverage to the minority, especially the indigenous group of people. The different of coverage affect the popularity, reputation or size of the individual or organization.The alternative media for example like the Malaysian Insider in 2008, covers stories from day life, politics, sports and business lifestyle.

They provide information and report that are not highlighted on the mainstream media. In Malaysia, the Government is very strict on issuing license to the media group or provider. They have to undergo certain procedure to be in the media stream. Both main and alternative media should carry out their role to bring out more issues focusing on them minority group voice to the public.

The aspects of ownership has also been identified to see its influence towards the practice of sports journalism in Malaysian media. Studies done by several other researchers, also revealed that the society looked at the media as a dissemination of information and bias existed in the information (ASNE, 1999). Therefore understanding the profile of the sports section in Malaysia, it’s very important to understand to the role of media, the purpose of the purpose of the contents of a column in the media, the main focus of the media, the layout, the images and illustration that published in the media, as well as factors that led to the existence of the elements.Step approach to getting media CoverageTo obtain press coverage isn’t a simple matter of firing off pitches and hoping for the best.

In order to be part of today information technology revolution speed, there are certain approaches that are important to us.Establish Goals Reasonable OnesCreate a checklist of task you need to accomplish weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. It is important to focus on smart goals, not merely vanity metrics. Set objectives carefully with the big picture in mind. Instead of become famous, be specific. Set specific goals in order to achieve higher objectives.

Build Rapport with the journalistWhen pitching to the press, it’s the same thing by pitching the journalist and asking them a favor to cover your company report. It also helps to length the coverage duration of the media on our news and company information. Successful you know them it will help you to pitch news that they’re actually interested in. In order to create potential bias, we must start connecting with the journalist. Such as follow them on twitter, connect with them or in mail them on LinkedIn, connect locally and make their life easier.Closed the DealSuccessful coverage isn’t landing a onetime feature. It’s about finding a way to facilitate continual coverage for your company.

This is where all of those relationships that you’ve been building with the press will come full circle. Since they’ve featured you once, they’ll be more likely to cover you again. Keep up with journalist who featured you.

Follow them on social media, comment on their article and share leads that you think them’ll find interesting.Formative EvaluationSome of the most rigorous (and clever) examples of how formative evaluation shapes projects can be found in the media segment posted on And there are many to learn from. In the children’s programming segment, for example, nearly half of the reports posted were formative (compared with 20% across all of the reports posted to informal science). CONCLUSIONMedia and Sports are two combination elements that related to each other in developing the new world order.

There are several positive and negative relationship between sports and social media. Both sports and social media rely on each other to success. Team, athletes and individual who participate in sport need media to highlight their performance and to attract sponsor. As a result they will get more followers which lead to more fame and ultimately more money.

From my personal view and recommendation, media can be the catalyst for success by empowering people and organization towards sports achievement. They way of the media has impact on the Sports Industry has seen a vast improvement in the overall sports performance of a team and individual itself. A young football player that live in sub-urban are can be scouted easily by using the media coverage and will help to boost he to become a future star and millionaire.REFERENCE: 2857507620000219075554037500247650259080000


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