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Last updated: March 7, 2019

133350-238125 Luxury EvolvedTypeDivisionIndustry AutomotivePredecessor Hyundai Equus (G90)Hyundai Genesis (G80)Founded 4 November 2015; 2 years agoHeadquarters Seoul, South KoreaProducts Luxury vehiclesParentHyundai Motor GroupWebsite genesis.comIntroduction:Genesis Motors is the luxury vehicle division of South Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group.

Initially envisaged with the Hyundai Luxury Sedan Hyundai Genesis plan in 2004, the Genesis brand was officially announced as a standalone brand on 4 November 2015.Senior Group Manager Major Responsibilities:~ Develop product, product refining and pricing, hints to HMA HMC and Genesis Strategy Team.~ Manage Genesis product planning grasp schedule; make certain all work is scheduled and achieved on time.

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~ Collaborate with Vehicle Pricing group to maximize automobile margin while assembly quantity targets.~ Coordinate product lookup with Market Research team.~ Collaborate with Advanced Product Strategy team on development of concepts for new entries.~ Ensure packaging development and pricing development are carefully coordinated.~ Manage improvement of full Genesis line-up product shows and coordinate presentation events.~ Oversee the normal evaluation of sales mixes (and related data) vs. deliberate mixes; work with Sales and Marketing to get to the bottom of inconsistencies and optimize overall resul ~ Develop Genesis choice power train strategy.

~ Effectively coach, assistance and increase staff; efficiently manage staff’s time, materials and finances while focusing on the goals and vision of the company.~ Lead the development of strategic plans for new GMA commercial enterprise . Reason for selecting this job.

I am interested because of serval reasons like salary which seems very satisfied to me. Moreover this position give me a chance to show my abilities and I think that company will definitely get profit with my decisions .Decision Areas Genesis motor use different decision areas like1. Design of goods and services: Company’s main focus on design of product and services which ensure that customer is satisfied eventually, it enhance the reputation of organization.2. location strategy: In this part Genesis built effective opportunities for employers and for purchaser.

3. Human resources: company provide good surrounding ,handsome pay for their contribution to their workers.4.

Supply chain management : company make well relations with suppliers to make efficient goods for maintaining their supply chain.5. Scheduling: Genesis have very strong department in regard of their delivery scheduling.6. Maintenance: They maintain their sources and all other things for well utilization . All these decisions are directly and indirectly in a relation to satisfied consumer , to make a great connection with buyers.

Mission and Strategy. Mission of company is to become best in car manufacturing and providing effective services to their customer. To complete this goal they have their own techniques and strategies such as Genesis at home service. This starts from a test drive .Company work with your schedule and come to you. Buyer have to visit company’s page and select time, date and location after that a worker will come to you shortly for a great test drive moreover he will explain all the things about car. Along with it they also give option to you to do online purchasing which seems very attractive in this fast pace of life . Customization, reservation, schedule pattern and delivery make their strategy more sufficient and 24/7 road side assistance is another big hand to success.

Overall in every step of strategy it is clear that company is allotting good product with immense services which fulfil the requirement of their mission. Globalization: With the help of this strategy company want to reach overseas customers to make worldwide relations.Advertising: Company advertise their product by providing different services such as Genesis at home for promoting commodities.New products: Genesis have wide range of luxury product but to remain in market as a big competitor they always try to make new. Competitive Advantages:Low cost: Genesis have capacity to make good quality of cars at reasonable price to attract customer and also they meet the demands of customers.Innovation: Company has power to make eco-friendly products.Financial Level: Company has a strong financial background to lead in automobiles.Reference and


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