Human Diversity and Cultural Background

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Rachel White

RADR 1201 -012
Raul Puga
November 28, 2018


America has always been a nation of immigrants from the very beginning. It first
started out with Native American tribes, in which they all interacted with settlers
differently. It was so immensely diverse that many people of different countries and
cultur es from more than one European country of origin. They all raided the new
continent, helping to shape America in many different ways. Many of it was orchestrated
by the French, British, Spanish, and Dutch. According to
www.studyhumandiversity.com , The German, Irish, Scottish, and Scandinavian were
also amoung some of the many groups that came here next. The article also states that,
“W ith the opening of the West to the relentless march of American expans ion, these
people would be the backbone of settling the Western frontier, as well as providing
cheap labor on the eastern seaboard. They also were frequently the ones starting new
settlements and states out on the Western frontier.” Eastern Europeans, Ital ians,
Chinese and the Japanese came next. Around this time, as the industrial revolution
came into full effect. These groups would be the ones who transformed American
society. The Chinese would make a very considerable contribution to the growth of the
co untry, as they were mainly responsible for much of the backbreaking work of building
the railroads that would connect the East and West for the first time. This was an
amazing contribution to the United States.
Lastly, since World War II, Mexican, Latin Am erican, Middle Eastern, and South
Eastern Asians have immigrated in large numbers. Today, many of these people open
businesses and have been, in large part, responsible for the construction boom in
America’s ever -growing economy.


So when you think about cultural diversity what is your first thought? Do you think
of religion? What language do they speak? What is their culture like? W hat is their racial
identification? Or W hat is traditional in their country? All of these questions mak e up
what cultural diversity is all about. Culture is what shapes us in this country. It influences
our behavior, identity, and how we live. More specifically, culture can also be known as
our “way of living”. Kind of like our shared language, beliefs, val ues, norms, and
materialistic objects that are passsed down from generation to generation. Many
different cultures have different traditions as well. For example, in Mexico, it is common
for a girl to have a big celebration for her 15 th birthday, also know n as a Quinceañera. It
is a very traditional party in their country. Different kinds of races have such interesting
traditions and beliefs that’s why I find human diversity so fun to learn about. I believe
this is what The United States of America is built on. Its built on human diversity and
their cultural backgrounds along with religion as well. W hen other cultures bring their
beliefs and religions here it gives us all an opportunity to explore their country and learn
about their life and why they believe and do what they do.

All races encompass a multitude of different ethnic groups. Characteristics such as
culture, language, and religion refer to an ethnic group. There are many upon many
ethnic groups in the United States, this contributes greatl y to America’s cultural hertige.
From African Americans to Mexican Americans, the United States is one of the most
culturally diverse countries in the terms of culture. Although the the term “culturally
diverse” is often used with the concept of “multicult urism.” Multiculturalism is reffered to
as beliefs and behaviors that recognizes the presence of all diverse groups in an
organization or society, acknowledges and values their socio -cultural differences, and


encourages and enables their continued contribu tion within an inclusive cultural context
which empowers all within the organization or society.

While talking about human diversity, it is also interesting to know about your
cultural background as well. Many of our ancestors came to this country hundre ds of
years back, so many people may not know much about their cultural background but it
doesn’t hurt to look into it. It can help you explore your place of upbringing, religion,
ethnicity, and socio -economic status along with other factors that created y our identity
as a person. But you must first understand your culture before you can respect anyone
elses. This understanding starts off with recognizing the customs, values and views of
the world passed down from grandparents to parents or acquire your own experiences
as you grow up. So if you are aware of your cultural background, it is definitely
something to be proud of!


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