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1- Argentina occupies the eighth place in the world in terms of area it covers 2. 78 million km2.
2- The name of the country comes from the word argentum (silver), because once there found deposits of this precious metal.
3- Argentina declared its independence from Spain in 1816.
4- Argentina occupies simultaneously three climatic zones- there is a warm ocean, mountain glaciers and quiet forest lakes.
5- Argentina occupies the second place after the United States in terms of the number of gunshot murders.
6- Football for residents is not just a game, but a national passion.
7- The main meal of Argentines is meat. Its consumption is approximately 50 kg per year for a person.
8- Political parties in Argentina have their own beers brands.
9- In Argentina during excavations, some of the largest and most ancient fossils of dinosaur were discovered.
10- At the turn of the 20th century, Argentina was the 10th richest country in the world.
11- Argentina is now 54th richest countries in the world.
12- Argentina ranks first in the world in terms of the number of psychiatrists.
13- Starting in 2010, the country has been legalized same-sex marriages.
14- The Metropolitan opened in Buenos Aires back in 1913, was the first in Latin America.
15- The most popular topics for discussion are politics and football.
16- Despite the fact that from June to August in Argentina, the temperature drops to 11 ° C but residents do not want to wear warm clothes and prefer to freeze.
17- Between 1974 and 1983, more than 30,000 people disappeared in Argentina because of military dictatorship.
18- Argentina is the third largest producer of beef in the world.
19- Unlike many other Latin American states, Argentina has independent media.
20- About 70% of all Argentines do not have their own homes.
21- In 2001, in just 12 days 5 presidents were elected.
22- Argentines are not very punctual. For them, a delay of half an hour is considered normal.
23- The real icon of football – Diego Maradona – was born and lives in Argentina.
24- Diego Maradona is the only sportsman in the world who has his own religion made by his fans.
25- It was in Argentina that there appeared an elegant and sensual kind of dance – tango, which managed to find its passionate fans around the world.
26- Not only in offices, but also in apartments it is customary to walk in shoes.
27- Argentines spend 20 hours a week listening to the radio.
28- Argentinian government in 1977 sent a pregnant woman to the Antarctica to claim a part of the continent. The boy was the first human born on the continent.
29- Argentina is on the second place in the world for anorexia after Japan.
30- Che Guevara was a medical student in Argentina.
31- Argentina is the most popular tourist destination in South America. In 2013, it was visited by 5.57 million tourists.
32- Together with Chile and Uruguay, Argentina is one of the three most developed countries in the Latin American region.
33- The national game of Argentina is Pato- it is a combination of polo and basketball.
34- In Argentina, everyone loves children. They are allowed almost everything, but screaming at children is not accepted under any circumstances.
35- The “9th July Avenue” in Buenos Aires is the widest avenue in the world (110 meters wide) with 14 lanes and 4 parallel streets.
36- In case of divorce, children tend to remain with their fathers. Even if the kids are with mother, the father spends all the holidays and weekends with the kids.
37- Argentina is a country of museums . There are more than hundreds of them in the capital, Buenos Aires.
38- Argentina is famous for its carnivals, held mainly in February.
39- The company that produces toothpaste “Colgate”, had difficulties in Argentina, as “Colgate” is translated from Spanish as “go, hang yourself.”
40- Reading literature is not popular among the Argentines. For them, such leisure is a waste of time.
41- In Argentina, life expectancy is rather high- 75-80 years.
42- Argentina is the most popular tourist destination in South America. In 2013, it was visited by 5.57 million tourists.
43- School education is very low in Argentina.
44- Argentina has the second largest population of Italians outside Italy.
45- Quirino Cristiani was the Argentinian movie director and animator created the world’s first full length animate movie with sound.
46- Argentina does not deport illegal immigrants.
47- Argentina still has outbreaks of dengue and malaria.
48- Argentina was the first country in which fingerprints was used to find the guilty person.
49- Mate tea is rather a ritual than just a drink, and its offer is a sign of sympathy. The drink is drunk from a common vessel through a tube (bombilla) and starts in a circle.
50- Argentina is among the top ten countries in terms of uranium reserves.
51- Many Chinese reliably settled in Argentina, owning many shops, saunas and laundries.
52- Iguazu Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984, is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Argentina.
53- In Argentina, abortions are still officially prohibited, except in cases of rape and if the life of a pregnant woman is in danger.
54- Ushuaia has long been described as the most southerly city on the planet.
55- Mount Aconcagua (its height is about 6960 meters) is the highest point in South America and Argentina.
56- In the hometown of Lionel Messi, government have forbidden parents to call name their children as Messi.
57- Since the 16th century, Argentina has been one of the world’s leading wine producers.
58- Opened in 1913, the subway of Buenos Aires became the first and largest metro in Latin America and the southern hemisphere.
59- Argentines are very attached to families, maintain very strong relations even with distant relatives.
60- The spirit of patriotism is very strong in the country. Argentines, even the poorest, are very proud of their country.


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