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Last updated: February 26, 2019

1A creation myth is a symbolic narrative of how the world began and how people first came to inhabit it. There are many different creation myths from various religions and cultures.

Two of the many creation myths are the creation myth of “Genesis” and the creation “Myth of India”. Although these are each creation myths, there are some similarities and some differences between the two. The similarities between the Genesis and Indian creation myths are that the creators are equally benign, and mutually supreme Gods, while the differences between them are how man was created, and the creations the world are accomplished in different ways as well.The two-creation myths of Genesis and India are similar because both of the Gods are benign. In the creation myth of Genesis, God gave everything that was needed for survival and places it on the earth. In the myth God says, “behold I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is up on the face of all the earth and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed, to you it shall be for meat” (Puchner, 151). In the creation “Myth of India”, Brahma is also benign. He is benign because he knows what the humans need in order to prosper and give it to them, similar to the Genesis God.

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In the myth, it says now Brahma knows that the first people would need fire to prosper, so he created fire out of his own mouth (Sproul, 179). This gift is what makes Brahma benign.Another similarity between the creation myth of Genesis and the creation myth of India is that both of the Gods are supreme. In the Myth of India, it says that in the beginning there was nothing but the great Brahman. That is to say, nothing but Brahman existed. When you sacrifice to other Hindu gods or goddesses, it is really one Brahman that you are worshipping; he is behind all things. In the myth of Genesis god is Supreme because God created everything that is 2living and that is not living- he created everything that is in existence.

What makes God Supreme is his power. This is because he has the power to do anything and everything in which he pleases.The myths differ a lot besides the type of god they have in the beginning.

According to Genesis myth, there is only one god who created the whole universe but according to Hindu creation myth, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are the Hindu gods. In the Hindu Creation myth, we have studied that this earth was merely non-being in the beginning, it turned into two eggshells, in which the silver egg became the Earth and the gold became the sky. In Indian cosmology,there is more than one creation myth. The earliest Vedic text, and the Rig Veda tell us about the gigantic being, Parusha, the god who possesses so many eyes, heads and feet, that he makes the earth, extending beyond the space of his ten fingers. His whole body structure is transformed intothe world’s elements and the gods Agni, Vayu and Indra.

People believe that the four castes of Hindu society were created from his body: priests, warriors, merchants and servants. In the Genesis creation myth, there is only one creation myth and we have studied that the Supreme benign God made the man in his own image. According to the Genesis Creation myth, the first humans created on the earth were Adam and Eve, and they were the ones who first disobeyed god.Hence it is concluded that each myth has a benign god which is also supreme, and they each tell a story on how things were created. We have studied that Genesis creation myth and Myth of India look completely unique from the outside, but the primary significance for both of the myths is that creators are benign. Both of the myths have different perspectives for how the world and humans were created but the benign God and the love he has for his kids is the same in each of the myths.

In both of the myths, god gave everything for the humans to live their livees. 3REFERNCESPuchner, Martin, et al, eds. The Norton Anthology of World Literature, 4th ed. Norton, 2018.Sproul, Barbara C., ed.

Primal Myths: Creation Myths Around the World, (HarperOne 1979).


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