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Last updated: March 8, 2019

1.1: The different reasons people communicate are too share and exchange information, experiences, ideas, and show feelings, to offer reassurance, encouragement and to find out answers to questions.1.2 People communicate to express their needs to ensure they can be met, as a carer options will be offered such as, what to have for dinner to the person in need with a number of choices available.1.3 It is important to observe an individual’s reaction when communicating with them to understand if they understood what was being said, during face to face communication looking at someone’s body language and facial expressions will indicate if the information was taken in.

2.1 it is important to understand an individual’s communication and language needs, wishes and preferences as some people may have difficulty communicating because of a cultural differences, learning disability, speech or sensory impairments or a language barrier. In order to be able to support people with communication difficulties it is important to treat each individual as an individual.2.

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2 Non-Verbal, Facial expressions: body language, eye contact and gestures. Verbal, talking, loudly or quietly, tone of voice, sign language.3.1 Barriers to communication maybe down to culture, religion, health issues, other noise.3.

2 Speak clearly, not to loud. Listen properly before responding to someone, do not use informal language when communicating in a work setting.3.3 You can check that communication has been understood by asking the person if the understood everything which was said. You can look at a person facial expression or body language, if there are any looks of confusion or uncertainty then you will be able to see.3.4 sources of information and support or services who enable more effective communication are carers, carers support plan, key workers, other colleagues, and friends and family.Speech services, which will help someone who has problems with their speech Translation Services, people or the internet who can interpret what is being said and change it into another language if necessary.


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