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Last updated: January 28, 2020

1.1 Describe organisational policies, procedures and levels of authority in maintaining supplies  
Policy is something that a company adheres the policy would be in line with organisations objective. The policies in levels of authority in maintaining supplies which is that you have some rules and regulations which you have to follow for example in a business company you can have a lot of policies which is really important to have one of them can be no smoking or no food and drink or no swearing also attendance and time is key your only allowed to have certain time off and you need to make sure that your attendance is really good if it isn’t then you can get fired because missing a lot of days can make you fall behind on the work. The procedures for a business company is health and safety so the staff need to know the procedures if there is a fire they now how to react what to do and how to get out make sure they have all the details of who is in the building and also making sure, that everyone is evacuated. Stake the clear details of the details of the product with the product codes. you can order 2 ways either the order can be done through the order forms or through catalogue. Before ordering anything for your company makes sure that the order form is authorised by the office manager to make sure that no one is ordering extra products or buying anything that is not necessary. 
1.2 Explain how to carry out a stock check of stationery 
The most effective way to carry out a stock  check is to count all the stock. The stock check will then  be recorded on a stock check list and  then it will be typed up onto a computer record. Typing stock takes onto a computer allows you to keep a closer eye on stock movements and to make sure theirs no extra usage. There are different ways that you can carry out a stock check some of the ways are 
Minimum stock level – it’s where you identify minimum stock level I.e. order level. An example of a minimum stock level is when you have 2 people coming in for an assessment but you still need to make sure that you have the minimum products/stock at all times. 
Stock review- you need to make sure that you check the  stock consistently and that you review the products make sure you  have everything in  stock if you don’t then you have to write it down and then write it in the order list and give it to your manager to make sure that you are ordering the right amount of stock. 
Just in time- this aims to reduce stock cost by cutting the stock to minimum items are straight delivered when is  immediate use the company does not keep the stock they rely on deliveries so the delivery has to arrive exactly on time when it’s needed instead of ordering a large order and putting in the warehouse when the products arrive they are taken be used at the factory there  is a lot of benefits with this it’s saves time and money. 
 1.3 Describe the types of problems that may occur with deliveries and stock items  
There are different types of problem that may occur during a delivery one is that it can get delayed and that would cause a lot of problems for the company because if they have finished the stock and they need more products then it will cause a big problem in the business or maybe a big loss. another problem that could occur is that the stock could be damage and that also would cause a lot of problems and it would waste a lot of time sending the stock back and reordering or getting a refund it would waste a lot of time if you needed the stock urgently. Another can be the wrong items have been delivered again you would have to call the delivery company and let them know so they can deal with the situation. 
1.4 Explain how to deal with problems that occur with deliveries and stock items 
The problems that could occur with deliveries and stock items is that the stock can be damaged so you would have to contact the company and return the stock items and that would waste a lot of time for the company. The stock can delay so that could cause a lot of issues with the company like if you ran out of stock and you needed it asap then that would be a big issue for your company you would have to contact the delivery company and it would take time to fix the problem depending on how big the company is. Another problem that could occur is that te items could be   
 1.5 Explain the factors to take into account when ordering stationery 
There are many factors to take into consideration when ordering stationery, those factors includes price, delivery and discount. It is important to check the price when ordering stationery, it’s good to consider whether it’s cheaper elsewhere. Delivery is a key factor when ordering stationery, it’s important to see how quickly they can send out their goods and if they offer a next day service. A lot of companies offer discounted rates when items are ordered in bulk so it’s always worth enquiring about this discount when placing an order.  
 1.6 Explain the benefits and limitations of different potential suppliers, against organisational requirements 
When you looking into new suppliers it is important that you look at the prices being offered and compare them to what is currently being paid also look at the review of the company to make sure it hasn’t got any bad review and make sure that it does everything you need for your company , the prices what will be cheaper and best for the company so you could save money check that the products they sell are original and not replica or fake. 


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