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Last updated: August 15, 2019

1.Aging and frailty has a huge challenge within Canadian population and with public health, geriatric cases increases, with this, health worker needs to expand their knowledge to gain more understanding in health issues regarding older people and to have opportunity to improve the frailty needs in rural or urban areas. (Clegg, Young, Iliffe, Rikkert, & Rockwood, 2013; Lacas & Rockwood, 2012; McCracken et al., 2004).2.The percentage rate of geriatric people in Canada regarding morbidity and health, the older the age the highest chance to experience having multiple chronic conditions and because of this, the level of needs of older people become dependent when they grow older. McCracken and Phillips, (2004)3.

The health policy of healthcare system in Canada increase in regards to how they provide a home place where older people to live in that will maintain old age people improve long term health care to lessen multiple chronic conditions. Golant, (2016, 2011, 2008)4.Public Health facility for frailty age adult is a multi-issue dealing with fragmentation service delivery with treating and diagnosing acute and severe diseases in a condition when client, family, and caregiver transition from hospital to home and how to avoid accident to provide continuous care. (Challis, Stewart, Donnelly, Weiner, & Hughes, 2006; Clarfield, 2001; Manderson, McMurray, Piraino, & Stolee, 2012). 5.The government focused geriatric age client that has no longer needed acute care and this people has no family to live with, and that will not provide care that the facility provide.

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The lack of unity and communication between caregivers was a barrier to continuous client safety. (Brown, Mclafferty, & Moon, 2010; OECD, 2014; World Health Organization, 1978).


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