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Last updated: April 6, 2019

1. EXISTING SYSTEM”In the existing system more and more devices provide biometric sensors such as fingerprints or drawing on screen as alternative authentication options to unlock the devices, but still require passwords as the last help resource in case that biometric solutions fail to work with repeated tries. Even though, these new options cannot avoid the usability issue. A device still requires its user to repeatedly enter their passwords or pins, touch the screen with drawing, or place a finger on the fingerprint sensor.

Therefore, how to minimize the usability issue of inconvenience is significant, essential but challenging”2. PROPOSED SYSTEM”In our proposed system we propose a multi-sensor-based authentication framework for smartphone users. The framework leverages accelerometer, orientation, and touch size data which are gathered from an Android smartphone, and then, it uses Hidden Markov Model to train a user’s figure gesture and handholding pattern, which is dynamically authenticate the legitimate user of the device and distinguish the user from other unauthorized users.

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We introduce built-in sensors which are supported by the Android platform, summarize the past wok on sensor-based authentication. We present our proposed approach to authenticate user from various sensors, including sensor data collection, data preprocessing, modeling, and authentication”


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