Topic: BusinessManagement

Last updated: February 1, 2020

1. Attendance Management

Monitoring and keeping the record of attendance of each employee helps management in identifying the early & late comers, also identify who has the most absences without management approval.
The management can save itself from extra cost by identifying the root problems and providing solution in time for late comers. Also the management can have information which employee is working full time completing their goals and objectives in given deadlines. This information will help organization in performing succession planning and lots of other organizational objectives.

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2. To Meet Legal Requirements

As per UAE labor law article 10 it is mandatory to keep a record of Employee documents such as passport copies, employment contracts, medical history, family details, wages payment and leave details.

For example to register company wages payment through WPS (Wages Protection System) in order to make sure that each employee is paid on time and evidence of it is recorded in WPS. This will make sure that employees cannot make any problem for the organization related to salary payments.


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