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Last updated: April 18, 2019

1.Overview of The IndustryAs for Arthur P, the industry he is about enter is car wash and auto detailing. The operations of the industry including not only clean and wash all kinds of vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks but also polish vehicles to make them be more smooth than normal through professional machines and detergents. In U.S., it consists of four different kinds of washing facilities like full-service washes, exterior conveyor washes, self-service car washes and automatic clean in the bay (Car wash industry statistics and trends, 2017).

The development of car wash & detailing has gone through long history and experienced steady climb over the 5 years to current year. According to the data from United States Census Bureau (2018), more than 100,000 car wash machines used in the United States with approximately 6 billion dollars spent by US residents a year in car washing activities. According to industry analysis, we can pay attention to the economic condition of this company and its future condition.

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2. Forecast(Car washes revenue in the U.S.2010-2022(n.d.

). Retrieved from

)According to the statistics from professional institution, we can see that the industry experienced gradual increase over the past years and already reached approximately 10 billion dollars revenue in current year. Therefore, we can see a good prospect for development in the future.2.

Factors AnalysisAs for the competitors, we already know that this industry has no absolute control by one or more big companies. Moreover, the potential entry of new competitors would be an essential force, because the spend of professional washing machines would be so high that make the start-up cost not affordable for some new entries. Additionally, the industry is facing with not only critical threats but also opportunities that influence the business. The continually rising prices of gas in recent years make consumers more likely use public transportations rather than frequently drive own cars, which will reduce the demand for car washing and auto detailing. However, the rising disposal income of American residents shows good opportunity for the industry, because it means consumers have more disposal money to spend on these services.4.Summarization.In summary, the industry has overall good benefits for Arthur P to invest although it also confronts with some threats and obstacles.


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