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1. Mission & Vision Statement:PDS & CE Authority is totally devoted an entire occupied for accomplishing the subsequent strategic goals set forth through the idealistic initiative of Chief Minister Punjab M.

M Shahbaz Sharif :-• To establish that all kids can exceed expectations, if equal opportunity is given them.• To regenerate desire among the deprived people.• To build up moral, esteem driven future pioneers.• To battle social imbalance and ease destitution • To contain fanaticism by instilling resistance, human pride and agreement.The impression of Daanish Schools (DS) is the belief of this imaginative and prescient.

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The prominent functions are:-• To permit the poorest sectors of the society to have get entry to first-class education atmosphere and facilitating infrastructure system.• Daanish Schools (DS) are being recognized with an goal to provide excellence learning to all youngsters, belonging to poorest society like emergent areas of Punjab.• These residential Daanish schools (DS) will arrange for the most neglected sections of population in Punjab’s poor regions, imparting children with free, excessive great and first-class education of the kind which make differ from other private schools.2.

Introduction about Daanish School Syatem:Daanish Schools (DS) education System was commencing with the goal of improving education and enhancing poverty by the administration of Punjab government. On February, 2010, an Authority Act-2010 was passed by the provincial assembly of Punjab with the name referred to as daanish schools (DS) and Center of Excellence (COE’s) Authority. Precise the guarantee of the government, the authority is managed by the chief minister (CM) of the province himself. The body consists on parliamentary members, related administration, members of international society and well known educationists.

According to the Daanish Schools (DS), the word” daanish” is a Persian language phrase, carried out in Urdu. In perspective of that Daanish Schools (DS) are being with a clear concept to battle poverty through educating the exceptional children of the deprived families. In Punjab Province Daanish Schools (DS) are providing level of poor childrens on stage field in the society and culture.These schools show the positive action for the ignored community of the poorest people of Pakistan. The Daanish schools (DS) are implied just for boys and girls students of poor society and deprived community who required special concentration by the government. In any case, an additionally 10% quota has been reserved for self-finance students who bear expenses.3.

Aims & Objective of Daanish Schools:An initiative scheme has been taken by the chief minister (CM) and his government to recognize poverty through providing attain to free education of deprived and poor families of society and empowering the human resources. The CM Punjab has made different impedances to improve the poverty, which is first priority of government.The chief minister (CM) is truly examining initiatives on following all factors of education in the education sector:-? Core content of quality? Attendance of teacher? Training of teachers? Ability to teach? Up gradation and standardization of curriculumThe Daanish Schools (DS) will pursue their personal curriculum, designed specially to enhance creative through skills and effect civic & social values. Our major strategic aim to use education as a core focus to battle poverty and organize a culture based. The Daanish School (DS) would give overall improvement of underestimated students with the importance of sports, academics, physical training combined with community responsibility and social activities.b) Head office addressPunjab Daanish Schools and Centers of Excellence Authority (PDS & CEA)Near Punjab university new campus, Research station, Japanese cell building , canal bank Lahore, Pakistan.

Email Address:[email protected].

.Contact No. : 042-99230633, 042-99232065, 04299231737-40Fax No.: 042-99231739c) Product lines PDS &CE Authority have following two components in School category. The one of most important Governing Body (GB Members) conveyer by the local Distrci Coordination Officer (DCO) or Deputy Commissioner (DC), has a supervision of each school is running by.

i. Daanish Schools (DS)ii. Centers of Excellence (COE)i.

Daanish Schools:In First component of Daanish schools category, Currently 14 Daanish Schools (Boys and Girls) are functioning at seven different locations in Punjab; one for the girls and the other for boys. i.e. • Daanish School (DS RYK) Rahim Yar Khan • Daanish School (DS HSPR) Hasilpur • Daanish School (DS CHSTN) Chishtian • Daanish School (DS HRNL) Harnoli (Mianwali) • Daanish School (DS JND) Jand (Attock) • Daanish School (DS DGK) Dera Ghazi Khan • Daanish School (DS FZPR) Fazilpur (Rajanpur)ii. Center of Excellence:In the second component, 10 well-known Govt. High Schools (H/S) have been confirmed as Centers of Excellence (COE).

It was an additional commence is to exchange Government high schools of selected areas to promote into COE’s). The following Govt. high schools have been transformed into Center of Excellence (COE’s) and are operation beneath the territory of PDS & CE Authority:• Center of Excellence, Govt. High School No.01 (Boys) Dera Ghazi Khan• Center of Excellence, Govt. Central Model High School (Girls) Dera Ghazi Khan• Center of Excellence, Govt. High School (Boys) Muzaffargarh• Center of Excellence, Govt.

Normal High School (Girls), Muzaffargarh• Center of Excellence, Govt. High School (Boys) Jaranwala• Center of Excellence, Govt. High School No.01 (Girls) Hafizabad• Center of Excellence, Govt. Boys Pilot Secondary School Sialkot• Center of Excellence, Govt.

Girls Lady Anderson Higher Secondary School Sialkot• Center of Excellence, Govt. Boys High School Rojhan, Distt Rajanpur• Center of Excellence, Govt. Girls High School Rojhan, Distt Rajanpurd) Competitors:There is not any significant competitor in Punjab Province with Punjab Daanish Schools, but some schools have to promote education like:• Punjab Education Foundation schools Muzaffargarh• Tayyab Erdigon School Basira• Sardar Korey Khan School Muzaffargarh


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