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1.0 IntroductionThe United States of America is a country in the continent of north America, sharing borders with Canada to the north and another border with Mexico to the south, with the capital being Washington D.C.Its made up of 50 states in the which 48 states are in the mainlands and Alaska to the north, and Hawaii in the mid pacific. The United States is a federal state with two legislative houses and a house of representatives, it uses the united states dollar as its currency and covers a land mass of 3,671,649 square miles and a population of 325,940,000(2017 Est.

), with the official language being English.Meanwhile, Mexico is the third largest country in latin america ,behind both Argentina and Brazil, the mexican society is extremely lively with different foods and the great festivals, which makes it a great tourist destination. It shares borders with the United States to the north and shares borders with Guatemala and Belize to the south east. Mexico is a federal republic with two legislative houses and a house of Disputes,with Spanish being the official language and Mexico city as it’s capital, and uses the mexican Peso as its currency and has a population of 123,169,000(2017 Est) with a land mass of 1,964,375 square Km. 2.0 Gross Domestic Product (GDP)3.0 Inflation4.

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0 Unemployment What is Unemployment- it Is a situation when people who don’t have a job, currently available for work and have actively looked for work in the past four weeks. Unemployment Rate – is calculated as the percentage of labor force that is unemployment. The labor force –is total number of workers.

Labor Force Statistics is produced by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and it based on “adult population” (16 years or older). BLS divides population into 3 groups:?Employed: paid employees, self-employed, and unpaid workers in a family business.?Unemployed: people not working who have looked for work during previous four weeks.

?Not in the labor force: everyone else.Types of unemployment: ?Frictional unemployment- occurs when workers take time to search for the right jobs that best suits their skills and tastes.?Structural unemployment- occurs where there are fewer jobs than workers and usually it is longer-term.?Cyclical unemployment – happens during recession, caused by a deficiency of aggregate spending. ?Seasonal unemployment – occurs when people become unemployed at particular times during the year when labor force is seasonally lower than usual. Full Employment – the absence of demand deficient unemployment, so it is when the number of job vacancies equals the number of people actively seeking work. COMPARISON OF UNEMPLOYEMENT RATE BETWEEN USA AND MEXICO: The chart above shows the unemployment rate of USA from the last five years. As in the start of 2013, the rate of jobless people was high as compared to the recent unemployed person’s ratio.

It was 8 percent in the 2013 but slowly it reduced with the passage of time. It got decreased to 6.7 percent in the beginning of 2014. As persons of USA find a lot of opportunities in this year. Then, in 2015 it went the same way that the ratio gets down and people find a lot of works and jobs. In this time period, it get reduced to 4.

9 percent in 2016. After 2016, Furthermore, it was slightly lessened, there was no major changes. The unemployment rate was less for a short time period than again increased but no more changed. It only decreased to 4.9 percent to 4.8 percent from 2016 to 2017. But it also changed to 3.

9 percent in 2018. This chart describes the unemployment rate of Mexico from the year 2013 to 2017. As in 2013, the average of unemployed was 5.3 percent.

The rate decreased to 4.5 percent but again increased to 5.2 percent because of jobless people. Accordingly, it’s got downward but again went upward to 5.1 percent in 2014.

After 2014, it slightly dropped but another time went higher up-to 5.5. Moreover, it lessened down with different changes and set off at 4.5 percent in 2015. Additionally it got changed, less for a few time but higher for most of the time. In 2016, the rate of unemployed became 4.2 percent.

Besides all, in 2017, it was changed with the duration of time. It went down and upward with variations. In 2017, It settled down at 3.6 percent. In addition, in 2018, it is 3.5 percent nowadays.

5.0 Conclusion6.0 ReferencesHoward F.Cline,(2018),Mexico,Britannia.Inc.https://www. Nationsonline staff, (2018),Mexico, K.

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