1. Harley Davidson has pioneered in the motorcycle segment of touring and cruising with the engines capacity from 601cc’s to 1868cc’s (Annual Report, 2016). Harley Davidson maintains their high brand image as well consumer loyalty by licensing several of products amid the bike enthusiasts in which has hit the revenue of the company $38.1 million in 2016 (Annual Report, 2016). The company also maintains its trusts among their customers by voluntary recalls of any issues that the customers faced and have initiated a 24 recalls in the last three years.

2. Harley Davidson now has business almost in 100 countries with 1400 dealerships across globally (Harley Davidson, 2018). Whereas, most of the manufactures facilities are in the USA, and the company as well operate facilities in the country of Brazil for complete knockdown, India and Australia (Annual Report, 2016). The company have achieved 51.2% in the market share amid of the new registration in the USA, and in the domestic market they have more then 50% consistently. In 2016, Harley Davidson have additional 40 new dealership and the sales international comprised 37.9% compared back in 2015 which is only 2015 (Annual Report, 2016).

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