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Last updated: March 26, 2019

1. What is the problem?I’ve always wondered why glow-in-the-dark objects actually glow. Where does the light come from? Will the temperature change the duration of the luminance?2. What do you plan to do to solve the problem?So in my project, I’m going to measure the intensity of light produced by glow sticks and determine how temperature affects the intensity of luminescence.

3. What equipment, apparatus, and/or materials will you need?I will be using photoresistor, digital multimeter, and alligator clip leads for measuring. Other materials include glass jar, drill, three glow sticks, aluminum foil, black electrical tape, liquid measuring cup, heat-resistant cup, tap water (hot and cold), ice cubes, and timer.

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4. What data do you intend to collect?To test how the light intensity of the glow sticks changes over time, every minute for 15 minutes, I’ll record the time and signal strength produced by the light of the glow stick. To test the effect of temperature on the light intensity of the glow sticks: after the 15 minutes, I’ll add cold water into the jar to decrease the temperature for 10 minutes and record the resistance of the glow sticks in cold water. After the 10 minutes are over, I’ll replace the cold water with hot water to increase the temperature for another 10 minutes and record the resistance of the glow sticks in hot water. With new glow sticks and a new cup of cold and hot water this process will be repeated until clear data are shown.

5. What do you plan to do with the data you collect?First, Make a data table with the resistance over time for each trial. Second, I’ll calculate the average resistance, and make a data with the x-axis as time (minute), and y-axis as the average resistance (ohms). Third, create another data table showing the relationship between three different temperatures: room temperature, hot, and cold, with the resistance (ohms).

Lastly, make a bar graph with the x-axis as temperature and the y-axis as resistance. I’m looking for what happened to the resistance when there is a change in temperature, and how did the light intensity change in a hot environment compared to a cold environment? 6. How long will the investigation take?The whole process of my project will take approximately 1 day or less.7. Where do you propose to carry out the investigation? Who will supervise your work?I’ll be carrying out my project in a very dark room, under my moms supervise.

8. What value or importance does your proposed investigation have? My project will explain how temperature affects the intensity of luminescence of the glow sticks.9.

What weakness does your proposed plan have?There will be a slight difference between the position of the glow sticks in the jar, therefore, unwanted variations during the experiment can occur. So I’ll be trying my best to keep the movement to a minimum.


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