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Last updated: March 25, 2019

1. INTRODUCTION1.1 Background of StudyEvery industry needs to evolve to stay relevant and meet the market demand. Innovation drives industries forward, and specialist laundry is no exception. Nowadays people are always on the go and one of the tasks that has quickly become stress inducing is handling the laundry.

There are now even services offered that will pick up your laundry and return it washed and folded. This business has been blooming and become trending now in Malaysia due to market demand from working people and also students who only have limited time. Professional laundry operations, whether outsourced or done on location, can be incredibly hectic. The Internet of Things (or IoT), simplifies the process.

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Smart technology cuts through the chaos, providing unparalleled organization and tracking methods. Some companies use a tagging process that connects to the cloud and keeps track of the status of each item as its being washed.Others use smart technology to measure resources, electricity, and chemicals. Smart technology also provides data reports and analysis, making it easier to target and eliminate causes of inefficiency. Smart technology is also impacting machine design itself. Back then, specialist laundry shop are not well aware in Malaysia because people are more prefer to do it by themselves.

As time passed by, people tend to get busy and they are looking for something that is easy and quick for them without wasting their time. 1.2 Problem StatementA problem statement is a description of an issue to be addressed or a condition to be improved upon. It identifies the gap between the current state and desired state of a process. Sutera Pelangi Dobi may focusing on the facts, the problem statement should be designed to address the 5 W’s – who, what, where, when, and why.1.3 Purpose of the StudyThe purpose of this study is to find several and select only one major problem that may occurred during the company operation and we need to come out with the best solution and recommendation to settle the problem. We need to analyses the company and propose relevant business intervention to enhance the performances of Sutera Pelangi Dobi using Businees Model Canvas Model (BMC Model).

The study has found that there are several problems that arise during conducting this study. Sutera Pelangi Dobi may have an excellent service for customer but in terms of management, they are lacking. Besides, they also have some minor problems in terms of marketing strategy and also promotions. By doing this study, we will show more detail regarding the problems, analyses it and suggest the best solution that should be implemented for Sutera Pelangi Dobi in order to them to improve their business in future.

Besides, we also want to look deeper on how their operational strategy works and also how they manage their financial and marketing strategy. We also want to know how they keep their relationship with their customers by 2. COMPANY INFORMATION2.1 BackgroundIn 2015, Sutera Pelangi Dobi was established as a one stop clothing care specialist that offers a full laundry service from professional to dry cleaning of special fabrics cleaning treatments. Sutera Pelangi Dobi is determined to offer a whole new experience in laundry services, changing the public perception of conventional ‘dobi’ stores to a laundry care center of modern lifestyle. Even though Sutera Pelangi Dobi is still new in the market, but their experience is something we should look for. One of the staff has 10 years’ experience in laundry industry and we can say that this business is already huge at the first place.

Sutera Pelangi Dobi are a crazy & passionate group of individuals who love everything that is clean & good smelling. Clothes, towels, linen, curtains & carpets and others.Sutera Pelangi Dobi is located in Bandar Bukit Mahkota, Kajang Malaysia. They offered washing for many kind of cloth materials and also dry-cleaning for the customers.

Sutera Pelangi Dobi is a premium, on-demand laundry service and providing the society a quality service at the cheapest price. The shop operates throughout the year for the convenience of residents around Kajang and Bangi. Sutera Pelangi Dobi working hours from 8am to 8pm. Total of 4 people who are currently working at Sutera Pelangi Dobi and in future, they want to recruit more people that can handle the business well. Sutera Pelangi Dobi intention is to help the residents and act as a helpers for the people who does not have time to do their laundry by lessen their work and at the same time their cloths are clean in return. To give the best services and also great satisfaction towards their customers is what they are holding for.

In addition, Sutera Pelangi Dobi wanted to expand their business by offering pickup and delivery. Sutera Pelangi Dobi needed a single system to handle both its in store and pick up & delivery business.2.2 Organizational Structure


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