1) Firstly, you should rinse and clean the flask with a small portion of distilled water from the wash bottle as well as all your other glass equipment, including the burette pipette etc.
2) Then set up your burette by place the iron stand on the table place the clamp on to the iron stand so that it is above the sink then attach the buret to the burette clamp make sure it is secure and ensure the burette is vertical. While making sure the burette tap at the bottom is closed by turning horizontally and assuring that the burette is at eye level.
3) Once you have done this you then should transfer HCL solution into a glass beaker. Use this this glass beaker containing the HCL solution to complete a controlled pouring of the solution filling the burette till it reaches 0 cm.
4) Now you must move the iron stand holding the burette filled with HCL solution away from the sink a place a white tile beneath the buret in order to see the colour change and effects of the indicator.
5) After you have completed that step, attach the pipette filler to the top of the pipet and place it into previously prepared NaOH solution in the labelled volumetric flask. Using the pipette filler to draw up the NaOH solution in to the pipette till is reaches 25 cm3 transfer that solution into a conical flask by dethatching the pipette filler from the glass pipette.
6) Then add 2-4 drops of phenolphthalein indicator into the conical flask containing NaOH using a pipette plastic and quickly place it on to the white tile underneath base filled burette.
7) After this you have done this step you should open the burette tap by turning it vertically, slowly adding HCL from the base burette into the flask with a constant swirling motion. Keep adding HCL acid till a very faint pale pink remains. If the the colour is too bright pink add a few more drops of the acid but not too much so it does not become colourless.
8) Lastly repeat this experiment several times until a faint pink end-point is reached. Each time you repeat this experiment you need to clean all the equipment with distilled water. As well as recording the volume of the base in the burette and not adding more HCL acid unless you have used up all the HCL.


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