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Last updated: April 29, 2019

1.1 Background of the Study
Women autonomy is the process of building women’s store of resources of physical, social, economic and psychological demand. According to Gandhi’s view women are needed not only for equality framework but also for building a stronger and unified state (Upadhyay, 2010). Women’s autonomy is crucially dependent on various influencing factors like education, age, social status, geographical location, decision making power. Among these factors women education and asset ownership dominates their autonomy.
Both women and men are very important for the decision making process by both men and women participation causes a fruitful result in the household. The participation of women in the household decision making is one of the ways of women autonomy (Ansari et al., 2014). Deb, (2015) concluded that the main scenery of here is that women are dominated by men in family decision making mostly in child bearing, son preferences. In some cases they have to face domestic violence for this cause. The household decision rather than individual creates more knowledgeable solution. Women decision making in family matters like financial, agricultural, relocation, education, fertility helps to make wise and peaceful solution.
After the “UN Declaration of the Decade of Women” in 1975, importance on women education has emphasized. And it captures the focus of govt. agencies and international donor agencies. According to the “World Conference on Women”, held in Beijing in 1995, and meant that for improving women education institutional participation is mostly needed. The educated women added value in family decision making (Bochynek, 1995).
In the national GDP women have a major influence. According to “The Asian Age” (2017) it is 34%. Now a day’s women are participating in the financial sector of household as well as for the nation. According to Baliyan, (2014) in the rural area the participation of women in decision making for financial matters is very negligible. This creates a gap between rural and urban area women autonomy. Govt. policies have implemented to remove this gap but these are not well applicable for all the remote area. For this reason measurement of women autonomy in rural area is very important.

1.2 Objective of the Study

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