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Last updated: February 7, 2019

1.7 CHAPTER LAYOUT The collections of the research contain of five chapters as following: In Chapter 1, it demonstrates the research results which represent as the summary of Chapter 2, 3, 4, and 5.

The opening introduction of the research project in relation which the purchase intention in residential property is comprise. Besides that, the research background in the problem statement and the research objectives, research questionnaire and significant of the study are further review. In Chapter 2, the introduction and review of the suitable literature about the element will be review. Moreover, the review of the suitable theoretical approach is needed and the conceptual framework is urged for further study. Therefore, suitable hypotheses will be arising and finally conclusion of Chapter 2 will be drawn. In Chapter 3, the research design will be more details. In addition, the data collection methods will be discussed.

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Subsequently, sampling design and construct measurement will be securitized. Besides that, data preparation process will be illustrated and data analysis that express the program used to interpret the data is discussed. Ultimately, there will be the conclusion for Chapter 3 by providing a synopsis of the main themes addressed in the chapter. In Chapter 4, it will demonstrate about descriptive analyses which deeply discuss the respondent’s demographic characteristic and central of tendencies measurement of constructs. Nevertheless, inferential analyses are involved as it is important for explore the individual element and its relationship with another element. Finally, conclusion of Chapter 4 will present the connection for next chapter. In the Chapter 5, it will contain about the introduction as a connection to the main themes of the previous chapter and outline of the aim and organization of the Chapter 5. This chapter will present the outline of the statistical analyses of the whole descriptive and inferential analyses.

Besides that, it also added the discussions of the major findings to justify the research objectives and hypotheses. The implications of study which also been added the managerial implications create the practical implications for policy makers and practitioners. Last but not less, the limitation of the study will be talk about. 1.8 CONCLUSION In research background, the writer has explained about the evolution and current style of property offered by developer and buyer buying purpose specifically in Perak.

Problem statements were explained in the upcoming section about the issue or weakness of the past studies in residential property particularly. Next, the author wants to brief about the research objectives. It shows one broad objective, and three specific objectives in these studies. Three research questions and four hypotheses have been explained. Finally, this fact-finding will discuss the important or in other words the significant of this study.

This research is important for manager, employees, customers, and further researchers to enhance the residential property in Perak and Malaysia particularly because when the property developer want to launch a new development, this research can become a guide to them.


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