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Last updated: April 13, 2019


6 Operationalization of VariablesIn the literature review, relevant relationships among various factors has been identified. The Irritation and Invasiveness are the factors that were found affecting attitudes towards high frequent targeted online retargeting. The Irritation is based on previous studies of consumer attitudes towards frequent advertising; while the Invasiveness is based on previous studies on consumers’ attitudes towards targeted advertising. Variables will be operationalized by testing customers’ perception of each of the independent, and dependent variables. Likertscale will be used in all these items to ensure consistency of our questionnaire.1.

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7 Time HorizonSekaran and Bougie (2013) identifies two different types of time horizons: cross-sectional and longitudinal. The selection of the method depends on which research strategy is being used.Longitudinal studies measure the independent variable more than once over a given period of time, which makes it possible to study the changes in the variable. By contrast, cross-sectional studies only measure the independent variable once.Since the research is not examining how attitudes have changed over time towards the online retargeting, a cross-sectional study is more suitable choice.

All things considered, it will be a cross-sectional non-contrived field study, which will be conducted through a survey and depend on primary data.1.8 Data AnalysisFor the research SPSS statistics software will be used for the entire data analytical analysis and reporting of the results. Regression analysis, correlation analysis and descriptive statistics is to be used to analyze the relationships among variables.

1.9 LimitationsSince this study is focusing only on Egyptian online consumers, and using convenience sample for sampling. The results cannot be generalized; accordingly this study will help only to give some applicable insight on the Egyptian programmatic market.


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