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Last updated: March 10, 2019

1.2 Objective of the Study To explore the role of education and asset ownership in women autonomy.Research Question 01: What are the influencing factors that ensure women autonomy? This question mainly finds out the direct influencing factors that enhance women autonomy. It also calculates the dominating factors among them.

Research Question 02: How these factors work for women autonomy? Author estimates these factors influence through analyzing women participation level in decision making in family affairs and other important matters. Here women education and asset ownership are considered as the key factors. Then assisting factors like NGO or Govt. aid is also be analyzed.Research Question 03: Which are the organizational supports to ensure women autonomy? Government as well as different organization work for women empowerment. This question estimates the fruitfulness of organizational activities to ensure women autonomy in the society.1.

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3 Rationale of the Study In developing countries violence by intimate partner is a familiar matter. In India this affects one in four married women. In Bangladesh it is also evident.

But from the previous decade it is declining. To welcome this declining rate women economic empowerment is very important. Women education and asset ownership enhances women economic empowerment (Raj et. al.

, 2017). Now women are contributing in labor market. According to labor force survey (2010) the women labor force participation in the market is 36%.Bangladesh is getting digitalized in every sector of the country.

It has entered into the world of information superhighway. Women possess the half of the total population. So the participation of women in the digital circumstances is very important. This can be facilitated by ensuring women education.

And educated women contribute to the GDP of


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