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Last updated: January 2, 2020

1) Describe how to challenge discrimination in a way that promotes change.
In a care setting it is important that any discrimination is quickly dealt with. It might be the case that the staff member didn’t realise how they were working was discriminating against the clients.
I can promote change by supporting staff to understand about discrimination. I could help them to work in a person-centred approach. For example If I saw that they were asking the verbal clients what they wanted for lunch and assuming what non-verbal clients wanted, I could suggest to them the following.
-To show the client items of food for example, bread or pasta. Then once they have chosen, a filling or topping etc.
-To get that staff member to support the client to make their lunch, maybe using hand-on hand-on-hand technique for example.
-Promote the staff to think about how they can support the clients to make their own choices and be involved in things more.
If we only help the clients with things that they have no capacity to understand (medication etc) and supporting the client to make their own food/ wash their own laundry, we are allowing them to live as independently as possible. They will have a good self-esteem.
If discriminatory practises continued I would follow the complaints procedure.


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