1. Project description
In the previous paper, I had proposed to the company a project that would help it in achieving its set goals. The company initially had put forward some new strategies that they were to be implement so that the company’s productivity and would be improved. The strategies included; introducing warehousing services to the company so that they could help the local customers in the region who wanted to reduce the delivery time and pick their products whenever they wanted as well as provide pick-ups, secondly the company had aspired to improve loaded mile percentage in their transportation fleet so as to contribute in the reduction of costs through pick-up and delivery coordination of freight (Connolly, ; Begg, 2005) and simultaneously in the same geographic locations and their third strategy was that the company wanted to improve the customer services by tracking for them their freight right from the time it reaches their terminals and through the transportation by their truck fleets thus giving their customers real-time information on that. Due to these strategies imposed I thought it was better and advantageous to the company if they will adopt the using of the warehousing management systems. This system will provide warehousing management as well as keep record of the inventory in the warehousing. It will be able to give details of goods leaving the warehouse and through which truck so that the customer can be updated on the whereabouts of their products.
2. Strategic alignment
He Company introduced new strategies that were to be adopted and were open to any ideas on new systems that would be used in the company that would enable the achieving of the goals and objectives. The strategies were aimed at improving customer services and satisfaction as well as the reduction of costs and therefore the warehousing management systems are a perfect system that the company should adopt and use in the business. This is because not only does it align with the set strategies of the company but also it provides an integrative system (Bowersox, Closs, ; Cooper, 2002) that comprises of many components or rather subsystems that will prove advantageous to the company. They also are easy to use and thus won’t require much of training. The warehousing management systems are capable of providing tracking of goods that are to enter the warehouse and those that leave which will align with the strategy of tracking the freight of customers from the terminals to when it would meet them and also they will provide storage of the freight and customers who want to acquire their products without being delayed by the delivery system of the company could go to the warehouse and b providing the right documents then they will get their products when they want them. And by providing the tracking services, truck drivers can simplify the delivery and pick-up procedures they were using making it efficient for them to deliver and pick-up freight to and from customers respectively (Bowersox, Closs, & Cooper, 2002).

3. IT portfolio Alignment
The proposed project (Warehousing management system) will also be able to perform some accounting functions that will provide financial statements of how the warehousing services are doing. The warehousing management systems can integrate the Accurate Financial Management system, an IT strategy that the CIO had come up with to replace the old financial systems in place and provide better financial operations. Also the financial reports from the warehouse management system can be used by the Management Reporting system (Connolly, & Begg, 2005) which is used by the executives of the company to track the daily financial performance of the company. Therefore the warehousing management systems would be aligning to some of the IT strategies of the company putting the company at a greater strategic and competitive position. Looking at the strategic and operational importance of this system I would recommend that it be included in the first phase of the development plan, if possible during the implementation of the Accurate Financial Management Systems, Management Reporting systems (Connolly, & Begg, 2005).
4. IT architecture
The system will be integrated with the other system making it one big system with subsystems. The system also designed in a way that will be interactive to the customer and the comparisons with other companies will be clear and self-understandable (Connolly, & Begg, 2005).

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5. Benefits

The warehousing management systems will be beneficial to the FWDC Company in several ways. The fact that it will integrate the delivery and pick-ups of freight from customers who are in the same geographical area by the driver of the FWDC fleet will reduce on the costs that were incurred during the use of the routing system (Connolly, & Begg, 2005). Also the time take for delivery and making pick-ups will be reduced making operations more efficient. By using the warehouse systems in the proposed warehouse, then it will become easier for the company to be able to keep track of how inventory enter and leaves the company. The system will reduce the cumbersome and tiring work the book keepers have in record keeping of the freight that enters the terminal and coordinating for it to be transported as once freight is cleared on the terminals then it will be registered in the warehouse management systems and thus making it easier for them. The mobile marketing app was to include the services offered by the company including a photo gallery for their flee (Bowersox, Closs, & Cooper, 2002) t so that the customers could view the whole package that FWDC was offering and since the warehousing management system acts as an integrative systems for all the systems in the company, they can use the information on the website in designing the mobile which will give the customers the access to the website and look at the services offered. Another benefit that the warehousing management system will provide is the ability of customers to be able to track the whereabouts of their products.
Benefit Alignment to IT strategy Alignment to business strategy
Reduced costs Need for an integrative system Efficiency in delivery and pick-up procedures
Customer satisfaction Mobile marketing app Customers able to track their products
Warehousing services Warehousing systems Providing warehouses for customers who were inconvenienced by the delivery and pick-up systems
Fast delivery Freight tracking systems Cost reduction on loaded mileage

6. Requirements
The organization is in need of a system that will integrate all other systems and also a way to come up with a marketing app which the customers will use in showing the services offered by FWDC Company and be able to track their products on their whereabouts. The business requires this system to be able to monitor the tracking systems (Connolly, & Begg, 2005) and also enable the customers to track on the whereabouts of the freight. The IT requirements are that the system protected by firewalls so that the information cannot be used maliciously. Also they expect the system to record the incoming and outgoing freight from terminals and to the customers respectively, be able to provide financial statements for the operations of the business on a daily basis, provide tracking systems and logistics (Bowersox, Closs, & Cooper, 2002) analysis, the system is also expected to provide labor management features and back up and integration features. The system itself is expected to be automated and fully computerized.
Requirement Business/ IT/ system requirements
Automated and computerized System requirement
Tracking analysis features IT requirement
Labor management Business and IT requirement
Logistics features IT requirement
Back up and integration IT requirement
Customer satisfaction Business requirement
Data protection System and IT requirement

7. Cost estimation

Assessment of project size and complexity
Size/ complexity small medium Very large
Complex $2000 $3500 $5000
Moderately complex $1100 $1200 $2500
straightforward $800 $1200 $1500
In the table above, the colored row is the cost estimation for the project which includes buying of the software and another related instruments needed to make it working efficiently
8. Performance measures
Benefit to business Measure
Customer satisfaction Number of app downloads
Reduced costs Loaded miles costs
Improved efficiency Truck drivers delivery and pick-up patterns

9. System development
This section will describe how the system will be developed which is done through the five stages below;
The funds for the purchase of the systems will be acquired and the system will be bought from a vendor off the shelf supplier
Then the program will be taken to our programmers, tow of the nine to design the program to meet our specific company requirements and put up special coding and firewalls for data protection.
The program the will be build according to the specified requirements.
The system will be checked for errors before it is used and if any errors are found they are to be corrected before the company start using the system.
When the programmers and their team are satisfied that the system is bug proof then it is launched for the company to start using

1.1 Summarise the policies and procedures of the setting relevant to promoting children and young people’s positive behaviour.
Attendance policy
In my school, they expect good attendance from all the children who attend the school. The school aims to encourage achievement for all children in the school. The school also aims to promote good attendance and decrease the number of absences. The school aims to make sure children have access to the full-time education to which they are entitled. The school aims to encourage the children’s parents to perform their legal duty, which is to ensure their child attends school all the time.
Behaviour policy
The staff promote positive by encouraging children to be ‘good citizens’ at school, out of school and throughout their lives. The staff Promote positive behaviour to encourage the children to always treat others with respect, kindness and consideration, as it is a very good thing to do an it reflects positive behaviour. They also encourage children to always take responsibility for their own actions and also encourage them to be aware of the consequences of their actions. Another important aim the staff promote children to do is to treat the school belongings and other children’s belongings with respect.
Anti-bullying policy
In my school, they are committed to the value of tolerance and respect for others an they are against all forms o bullying. In my school, everyone including the staff, pupils and parents have a very important role to play in promoting an environment where bullying is not allowed and to ensure that every individual is valued and cared for.

1.2 Evaluate how the policies and procedures of the setting support children and young people to:

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Feel safe:
In my school, the staff make sure that every individual who attends the school is always felt safe and protected. They ensure that every child is protected from any forms of bullying and discrimination. If a child has a problem or they feel like they need to talk about something, the staff always encourage them to talk to a staff member they trust. In my school, every staff are trained to make sure the staffs are aware of the policies and procedures when it comes to safeguarding children, as there is a safeguarding policy, which all schools should follow to help safeguard children. In my school, they aim to provide a safe environment, they encourage children to have good behaviour and always follow instructions.

Make a positive contribution:
In my school, the staff takes into account the views of every individual who attends the school and when the staff do their teaching and planning, they reflect what they have seen the child be able to/ not able to do and put that in their planning, to help the child. My school also involves the parents by encouraging them to help their child and encourage their children to develop positive behaviour and encouraging them and help build their confidence. In my school, when a child has done/ shown positive behaviour, they are given stickers and dojo points and everyday a child gets a chance to be the Paths child and at the end of the day they all the children and the class teacher give compliments to the child.

Develop social and emotional skills:
In my school, the school ensures that every individual child’s social an emotional skills are developed and teach them at a earlier stage. This is to ensure they are given a good chance of developing an emotion, social and healthy lifestyle. The staff teach children different things to build and develop their social and emotional skills. This is by teaching them social skills – by always working as a team, gaining their confidence and always taking turns and sharing. In my school, the staff do a lesson on Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) twice a week in the afternoon. The staff encourage children to develop their abilities and skills and encourage them to achieve and try their best at everything they do.
Understand expectations and limits:
In my school, the staff ensures and encourage good behaviour from all individuals. In my school, it is important that every child follows the rules and understands the expectations and limits. This is important and encouraged in my school to help every child achieve and do their best in life. In my school, there are class rules set in each class and some of the rules are displayed in the class.

1. Should Lloyd fire Steve? Why or why not? If he shouldn’t fire Steve, what disciplinary action should he take?
Answer. I think Steve should be fired. The most obvious reason why that is Steve was the one who started the fight. As described from the case, Steve “lunged across the countertop” and “clutching at Roberto”, “grabbed him and hurled him”, along with “moving in to throw a punch”. Unlike Roberto, Steve has always had an excellent record, not only in his work performance but also his attitude. In fact, he had been working at the club for three years. Out of all people, he should have known better about the club standard and the discipline for his actions. If Lloyd somehow happened to keep Steve after his activities here, there is a chance that Roberto can sue Steve for being assaulted at work and it is exceptionally conceivable to happen.
Not only to mention that what leads to this big mess seems to be Steve’ fault, for not performing his task as what he’s supposed to do. He did not tell Roberto in the first place about an item was sold out. As a server myself, I have to stand with Roberto in this part of the story. Whenever something goes wrong in the restaurant, whether it’s the food or the atmosphere or anything, the server is always the one getting blamed. Though most of the times, it’s not even something the server has control over. And I have always thought that if only everybody just keeps doing their tasks right, even during peak hours, we could save so many unwanted issues. In Steve case, I thought if only he simply did what he was supposed to do, which is warning the servers about the sold-out item, there would not be such exploded incident.
It’s a bummer to have let go of such good worker, according to Steve’s prior accomplishments and excellent performance. But good worker is not rare, and what’s wrong is wrong. It’s unfair to get special treatment for the fault you did just because you had a better perfect record. If we tolerate it once, other employees will think it is ok to behave that way in the workplace, and very likely, a similar incident will occur in the future.
2. Should Lloyd fire Roberto? Why or why not? If he shouldn’t fire Roberto, what disciplinary action should he take?
Answer. I think Lloyd should fire Roberto as well. Though Roberto does not have as much responsibility in this incident as Steve does, but this is a great opportunity to release an employee that doesn’t perform. Looking back at his records, Roberto attitude has always been a trouble for the restaurant. His work ethic is terrible. He’s been late for work habitually and is rude to almost all his co-workers. Warning and disciplines does not seem to work on him as well. He’s been given multiple “one-last-chance”, and his disciplinary wasn’t holding up as well. Moreover, he’s also setting a bad example for other employees. With Roberto’s previous record, and the problems he causes make it a reasonable time to terminate his payroll at Sandstone.


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