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Last updated: March 1, 2019

1.1Describe systems and procedures for storing and retrieving informationThere are multiple systems that are used to store and retrieve information. One system which staff use is Agathos. This is a software has several functions, such as customer information, stock display, supplier information, document retrieval etc. This software can be used to create and then store information (input data about a specific job that has been completed), and this information can be later seen, edited, or removed by another member of staff who works for Quest Electrical.

In order to access this information or to add data, you need login details which are given to each employee of Quest Electrical, therefore it is easily accessible to those who work at Quest Electrical. Another system that we use to store and retrieve information at Quest, is paper filing cabinets, which are situated in the office. There are different cabinets and shelves for different types of data. In one of the cabinets is ‘Won Files’ which are ordered numerically, and therefore it is easy to find the document you are looking for. Another system that is used to store and retrieve information is through a software called ACT!, which is used to store information about companies, contacts, groups, etc. Information about a company or a contact can be added or removed at any time by someone who works at Quest Electrical.

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This information is frequently accessed and edited by myself, as I need contact/business details to set up enquiries, etc.1.2Outline legal and organisational requirements for information security and retentionInformation security and retention is the process where private records are retained from unapproved access, destruction, use, disclosure, or modification. Private information about customers and business’ must be kept safe in order to prevent a data breach. Data Protection Act ensures that individuals maintain their rights over their personal data. It is essential that private information regarding customers and business details is kept protected by a password so that no one can access this information unless authorised to do so. It is crucial that you consider the purpose of deciding whether to retain information and how long for, to securely delete data which isn’t needed anymore or if it goes out of date, to update information, to archive information.

Ensuring that you take part in these procedures means that you are abiding by your responsibilities as an employee, and not breaching the Data Protection Act. 1.3Explain how to create filing systems to facilitate information identification and retrieval. Filing systems are used at Quest to store all sorts of different information. One filing system that is in the office is a filing cabinet which stores folders with information about a job that has been won. It is stored alphabetically and numerically so that it is easy to access or store away a document.

Another filing system that we use is SageACT! which is a software on the computers. It is used to store information about companies that we have worked with. It contains a comprehensive address book which can be accessed using a log-in. Information in this software can be created, added to, and deleted by people who work at Quest Electrical and who also have a working log-in. Another way to create a filing system would be to create a new folder on your computer’s desktop. You can then drag and drop different documents into the folder, which can be retrieved at a later date. You can place the new folder into a network which allows it to be accessed by anyone sharing the same network. 1.

4Explain how to use different search techniques to locate and retrieve informationOne search technique that can be used to locate and retrieve information is searching for data using Agathos. This is another system that Quest uses to store information which can later be retrieved. Information on Agathos is accessible to only those who are authorised as it requests log in details. There are multiple functions of Agathos and to retrieve something you must know how to use it.

For example, to retrieve information about a won job, then you must select the correct function, and then enter the file number. As well as Agathos, Quest also use ACT! which is a software downloaded to all computers. Information in ACT! can be created by clicking on new and then selecting from the drop-down menu what it is that you would like to create. Information can be accessed by using the search bar on the left. There is another drop-down menu above the search bar which allows you to select what is it you’re searching for (e.

g. information about a company, contact, business information, industry etc.). Another way to locate information is by searching the computer file library, which is where all documents and information which has either been downloaded to or created on the computer. At the top right of the computers files library, there is a search bar which can be used to search for any type of file which is on the computer. 1.5Describe what to do when problems arise when storing or retrieving informationOne problem that may arise when storing or retrieving information is


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