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Last updated: March 30, 2019


1. Explain person-centred practice. Person-centred practice can also be referred to as resident centred or client centred. Person-centred is when the person will be involved in all discussions and decisions in relation to their care they will receive now and at the end of their life.Care plan The care plan is a written document (either electronic or paper-based) that is used and changed constantly. The care plan covers some very simple essentials of care needs, communication, nutrition, mobility, sleeping, oral care, medications, personal hygiene, falls prevention, psychological needs, recording of clinical signs, and sexuality.? The care plan tells us about the person’s needs and how they want staff to meet their needs.? Staff will give the person and those close to them time and opportunity to ask questions about the care they are receiving and the care they can expect in the future.? The care plan will be reviewed with them or their nominated representative on a regular basis.? If their care plan needs to change, staff will discuss this with you and/ or the person they have nominated to act on their behalf before these changes are made.The person can nominate a family member or friend to support them or represent them with decisions about their care.If there have difficulty making choices and decisions about the care, staff can consult with the people they have nominated to act on their behalf.

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